KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 15)

So chp 15 goes here:

The episode starts with kaira sitting on sofa worried. Just then Goenka and all of the Singhania family gathered in the hall. Everyone questions kaira and then natik, akshara, gayu and naksh.
NA: what will they say, I will tell u the truth, I know it from the day kartik came here.
AK: What??? Then why didn’t u told me or any one else.
NA: because I didn’t have any proof, but know we have, write Naksh
NAK: Yes papa, and I didn’t expected this from u naira
N: Wht have I done mama, papa, bhai.??
NA: u have gone out of the rules of our family and u hide it from us too. How can u do this princess.
N: wht have I done papa( crying )
Kartik consoled her K: bus Jaan bus,
NA: u stay away from her. N how can u LOVE and MARRY this Kartik
MA: What???
NAK: Ji uncle, look at the video, in this they are claiming that they r husband and wife.

Everyone looks at the video and were shocked. Later everyone conforts kaira but only Rahul supported them.
NA: So now u claim u r married?
N,K: yes! N we are sorry, but we love each other a lot and are married.
N: Papa I hated u all at that time so, I had no family and married to kartik happily, n I have no guilt on it.
MA: and u too had no relation with your family kartik???
K: I am sorry papa, very sorry but I know that for u your respect and status is more important then feelings and I know u would never except Naira. N Rahul knows it and is with us.
R: Yes I with bhai and naira
MA: So if u have accepted it, tell us how u met and got married.
N: sure uncle, we will tell.
6 years ago
A beautiful, and cute girl is shown running
G: OMG NAIRA! Hurry up, u have to go to ghat and then to college too. Hurry up.
So the girl is Naira. She was wearing a blue dress, running towards the Ganga ghat. She lives in the Ashram, where everyone is responsible for own. She did part time job of guide and collected money for her fee. Food and shelter was provided by her ashrams owner.

She reached the ghat and is shocked. For the first there is someone is standing at Ganga ghat before her. She went down and started praying and her morning as usual. Later she again looked at boy who too opened his eyes on the same time. She was feeling very nice seeing him. It was love at first site. Same was the case with boy. Later naira looked the time and was about to run when she slipped and the boy catched her and they both had an eye look. There first lovely eye look.
N: Thank you soo much. I am Naira
K: My pleasure! I am Kartik
Both shaked hand and were lost in each other when a voice came BHAIII
Yes it was Rahul.
R: Bhai where were u? u said u are coming in 10 minutes and see half an hour has passed. And who is this jungli type girl.
N: Ohh hello Mr idiot! How do call me jungli, don’t u have manners to talk to others.
R: Oohh hello miss jungli billi, stop showing me your meow meow and get lost.
N: Just shut up! N kartik u r so well-mannered plz teach some of them to your idiot brother.
Kartik was lost in her, suddenly replied: y..you are rright naira. Say sorry, hurry up
] Rahul forcefully said sorry, and later naira and Rahul became besties. And pulled each other’s leg a lot. Later days passed and love between kaira increased. Later the day came and kartik propped naira on the same time at ghat.
K: Naira! I wat to say you some thing.
Kartik bended on his knees.
K: I love you naira I love u from the first time I saw you. I love you. U r my life, my JAAN.
Naira happily agreed.N: I Love u too alottt.
Kartik open a box with extremely beautiful and elegant ring.
K: will u marry me?
N: YES!!!

Kartik made naira wear the ring, and locked naira into a sweet, long and romantic lip lock. Kaira’s face was as red as a tomato and both hugged each other tightly. Then they continued there romance, meanwhile naira told about her past to kartik and Rahul. Later after 2 months kaira left for Delhi for kartik’s office work. 5 and half years later, 5 months of before naira coming back kaira came back to risikaish and married each other in court and Rahul performed their other wedding rituals including the grahparvaish of them. Later kaira lived happily married life.
Then akshara came and requested naira to come with her. Naira refused, but kartik and Rahul were the one who made her agree to go with akshara and they will come to her as soon as possible. Rahul was like a lovely brother to naira and never let her miss Naksh but they two pulled each others leg and fighted a lot.
Flash back ends.

Hope so u liked it. Will post next soon. Keep commenting. N today whole past opened. So how was it. Now tell me do u guys want me to endit or not. give your suggestions and requests for next/future story. i will consider them whole happily

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