KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 14)

So this is chp 14:

The episode starts with naira and naksh chatting with other.
N: I missed u so much in these years; I want to share each and every big chnge in my life with you bhai, I didn’t told to mama, papa, gayu di not to anyone. I hope u will understand me and support me too.
Gayu was hearing them
NAK: Speak, I am always with u.
N: Bhai…me and kartik are…
Naira was about to speak when suddenly gayu entered
G: whats going on? May I too join u guys.
NAK: Sure gayu
N: No bhai, I want to tell u something secret, dil plz csn u come after 20 mins
G acts a bit hurt: Its ok Naira! I will come later.
NAK: Naira u can tell me your thing later. We three can have chat first.
N sadly agrees. Gayu starts telling them about their fashion designing, in which naira was least interested. Later gayu told Naksh about tonights party and he agreed for going there.

Later it was 11 pm kaira were in same dress. Kartik called naira and asked her too come soon. Naira told family that her friends are waiting outside and she left. Later kaira went in kartiks shining Audi 07 car. After kaira, Gayu Naksh, Natik and akshara also left. Gayu was ready with her plan.
NA: Gayu beta, is this the same party as naira
G: I don’t know mama ji. Actually my friend gave me voucher and I tought of us going to party.
AK: Ohh k
G: look that car, Naksh bhaiya, its Audi 07 and its very nice.
NAK: Wait, let me speed up the car so I can see who is in it.
G: Hmmm
Naksh increased the speed of car, soon car of singhania was next to that Audi 07. It was signal. Gayu, Natik and Akshara were not being able to see person in the cr. But naksh was shocked seeing kaira inside. Naira was side hugging kartik in the car. Naksh was stunned seeing it.
NA: who’s car is this nksh?
AK: Yes tell duggu
NAK: I don’t know papa who’s car is this
Later naksh and family and kaira reached the party. Kaira were walking hands in hands, side hugging eachother.
K: Today u will see jaan, I will surely impress u
N: okay, will see.

Later every one sat on their respective seats. Kaira’s seat was in start, while gayu and all had seat in mid. Soon the hall was full and the host welcomed everyone and started the game. First game was how much the couples know each other. Kaira went for it. Naksh and Family weren’t being able to see because of, so they heard the voices.
Their were kaira and 5 other couples. There were 2 rounds; in first round the wifes were blindfolded. They were told that every man will come to single lady and say her I love you jaan. She will guess which one is her husbands voice. Naira was pretty much confident. Later turn by turn 4 girls lost it and naira was the last one. She heard four man but said no. The last time was kartik. As he said I love naira quickly said yes and every one clapped. The same happened in mans round and Kartik won it.
HOST: So the winner of this competition are Mr and Mrs KARTIK GOENKA.

The host gave them a boquet. The family was shocked hearing but then they tought it might be any other Kartik Goenka. In next game, husbands have to say good things for their wife. In this game kartik went on stage and said a very romantic and impressive speech on which everyone including family clapped a lot. And Naira who couldn’t control her self ran on stage and hugged kartik. While hugging her, Kartik ended saying, I Love u Jaan, I love you Naira. Naira too replied him saying I love u too kartik, I love you too. This was a shock for the entire family.
Gayu started crying saying how can u do it to me Naira? But naksh requested them to keep quite and that we will solve this matter at home. Later kaira danced romantically on Yahan Wahan hai tu. After that party was over and everyone left for their respective houses. Naksh and family reached before Kaira and stood on gate. Kaira were shocked seeing them as they reached. Kartik was about to leave when Naksh stopped.
NAK: How can u both do it? How can u naira
Kaira were stunned. Later natik called Goenka family to singhania sadan right now and asked kaira to sit inside angrily. Naira was crying and she hugged kartik tightly.

Hello everyone! Remember me. I am so sorry I had my exams and was busy there. Now they are finished so daily updates from today. Promise and very sorry. N yes I will try my best to post an other chapter by today. Plz support and comment. I am again sorry. And hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell.
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