KAIRA yrkkh (chap 36)

So here is chp 35:
the episode starts with a peaceful morning. Naira woke up, called kartik and both had a romantic chat.
N: Kartik! See the time passed and after 2 days we are going to get married again.
K: Yes and it will be our first wedding anniversary and we will be together forever.
N: Hmm, I am so happy!
K: Jaan, today is our mehndi and…
N: We will enjoy a lot.
K: But…

N: What???
K: Our plan to invite our favorite S.R.K, wht will we do?
N: Ohh yes! He is your most favorite! We have to call him but how?
K: Hmm! I have no idea!
N: I will request papa, by saying he is my favorite and its my dream, I am sure he will call him today
K: But u will lie to him

N: Yes If I will say that its your dream he won’t take it as serious as he would take mine dream
K: Its okay but he will feel bad if he gets to know the truth
N: No he won’t, he knows how much I love u and I am sure that he will understand us
K: Thanks a lot Jaan!
N: Anything for u love

K: Itna pyaar karti ho mug seh
N: ko shak
K: Okay then go and ask him
N: Yes, okay bye, love u
K: Love u too
They both ended the call and naira went to Natik
N: Papa, I have a request
NA: Say princess

N: Papa I want that SRK should attend my Mehndi. Its my dream and wish
NA: But princess

N: Papa no one can do it except u!
Natik thought it’s the time he can get get closer to Naira more than Kartik, so he agreed. As mehndi was tonight Natik tried his best to call S.R.K, but was of no use. Later he told Naira the duplicate can come but not the original one. She said okay, but was a little disheartened. She went to her room, called Kartik and told him.
K: Its okay, no problem , if its not original then what, he will be like him, we can see him and enjoy, don’t be sad
n: means u r happy
K: actually I was disheartened a little at first, but then I thought that it will be good, we can even see him and enjoy thinking real
N: U r the best my frog prince
K: Thanks Jaan, now see u tonight

N: hmm bye
Later everyone got ready. Kaira were looking ravishing in their dresses (same as in show they wore in their Mehndi). Kartik and family soon reached the singhania sadan. Kaira were mesmerized seeing each other. Kartik hugged naira tightly and naira too responded with same love. Just then duplicate S.R.K entered.

SRK: I think no one needs me here as everyone is focused on them.
Hearing his voice kaira turned. He was very much like SRK. Later kaira and everyone met and welcomed him. Kartik was on cloud nine seeing him and naira was very happy seeing her love happy. then the function started as the chief guest was there. Kartik took naira aside. Natik again followed.
K; thanks Jaan! Thanks a lot for fulfilling my dream of meeting SRK.
N: U r welcome. You always take care of me and love me. Thank you so much!
K: I love u.
N: I love u too

Later kaira hugged each other and naira was about to leave when Kartik pulled her back and kissed her on neck and then had a lip lock and later left. Natik felt very much hurt. He thought that he filled his princess’s dream but was sad as it was of her Kartik.
Then everyone enjoyed the ceremony and had dance. There was a lot of fun. Later as the function ended, the youngsters sat together and discussed the bachelors party.
N: I am telling u hamari hens party best hogi

K: What do u mean by hamari, we will have only 1 party together
G: oh no kartik! We will have separate one, for boys and girls, so we girls are leaving u plan your party here. And yes the girls will have party here in Singhania house, while u boys can have party in Goenka Villa.
N: Oh no di, not there, already Kartik and Rahul have kept Goenka Villa very much neat and clean, I don’t want them to make it more clean, u guys do your party at nanis home.
K: But…
R: No but, okay girls

N: arrey wah! For first time Rahul is saying something good
R: I m always saying good! U cant see it jb
R WHISPERS IN K EARS: Don’t worry bhai we will fix cameras in the house and enjoy their party too.
K SADLY: okay, but when is the party?

N: Tomorrow!
KARISMA: Sorry! But we elders cant attend your party as we have to go to a puja
N: Okay!!!
Later girls went to there room
NAK: SO what do we have to do on your party Kartik
K: I m not a bachelor, I am alreay married so no party, karna kya hai, apni apni biwi ko dekhna
NAK: Oeey hoay! But how?
K: we will fix cameras in whole house!
NAK: Really!!!

R: Yes bro!

hope so u liked it. please comment. i am so sorry guys for updating late, actually i am updating late because of internet and some persnol issues. Guys i just got to know that a side named as we brands is posting my ff, so please tell me what should i do! plz comment on this one

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