KAIRA yrkkh (chap 35)

So guys this is chp 36:
The episode starts in naira’s room where every girl is discussing the hens party theme.
N: Girls! What say about goa theme
T: Perfect!

The in the hall are boys.
K: What the hell theme we have to decide. We will place cameras and see our beautiful wives.
NAK: Yes!
so the boys fixed cameras first. They bought some stuff to show girls that they are also celebrating the party. Later they went to maheshwari house while the girls were at the singhania sadan. The girls decorated the hall. The boys open the lap top. They were impressed by the décor. Then came girls. Kartik was mesmerized seeing his wife.
K(murmurs): Bas meh ho toh abhi jaa kar hug kar loon tumhe Naira
NAK: Kuch kaha

K: No
N: Okay so girls! Today we are having three main activities. 1 is the game, 2nd is is the modeling, 3rd is the truth or dare. Then talks and fun. So lets start!
G: What is the game
T: U have to tell one secret of your husband
A: Bedroom secret

K: Close it guys, we shouldn’t watch it
R: No bhai, we will enjoy!
n: Okay so starting from Tara bhabi
T: As u all know Naksh loves football so while sleeping he daily plays a match
Everyone laughed. Naksh was embarresed. Later different girls told about their husbands and every one enjoyed now it was naira’s turn. Both were worried. Kartik hoped naira would handle.
N: How can I tell secret, I have to get married
G: Oh shutup Naira and tell us
N: Okay!!
Naira was blushing from inside.N(thinking): Now what to tell my Mendhak doesn’t know anything except romance. Chal ab bana koi bahana Naira Goenka.
N: who kartik ka secret yeh hain kay…kay who root ko doodh piay baghair nahi sota. Yes he..he loves milk

G: Yeh kya! Yeh toh sab hi pitay hai
R: Yeh kaisa secret bataya is J.B nay!
K: I.. I love milk!
later the all the girls told there secrets. Then it was modeling turn.
K: Arey guys! I have to call naira.
NAK: Why? Are u not being able to live without my sister?
K: yes, but there is another reason, she is our 007, if I didn’t called her she would surely come to know we are somehow watching them and will then become sherni, so its better to call her
NAK: You call her 007
R: not bhai, its my duty to give her names Naksh bhai, so whenever she asks many questions I call her 007
nAK: Okay u can call her, but only if u sit her don’t go on side.
K: Okay
Kartik called naira. Seeing kartiks name on phone she went aside.
N: yes speak my dear husband, aren’t u being able to live without me
K: Yes! N why do we have bachelors party when we are married
N: I too am thinking the same, infact I am missing u and others are enjoying instead of me
NAK: Kya hua?
V; Kya hua?
Kartik even didn’t noticed them.
K: Jaan janti ho, everyone is laughing here and enjying but I.. i am missing u!
N: so sweet of u! Come here na
K: How???

N: You can….(muted convo)
K: Done!!
N: Then after an hour we will be together
K:Yes! Love u, bye
N: love u too, bye
NAK: wht was she saying that u were shocked?
K: Who she was talking me about the game which we saw right now
R: Okay!!
Later they continued watching the screen and girls kept enjoying
N: do someone want coffee, I am going to make for me.

G: Make for all
Naira went to make coffee
K: Naira took name of coffee and I am too willing to have it. Do anyone else wants
R:bhai make for all
K: Okay
Kartik went to make coffee and called naira and both had a convo. Kartik felt someone hearing them and he turned but found no one. Later the two brought coffee for family and everyone enjoyed that. After ten mins everyone was sleepy except kaira.
R: Bhai, m soo sleepy
V: me too
NAK: Same here

AN: Naira, I am feeling sleepy, don’t know why?
G: Same here di I to want to sleep
T: me too
After 5 mins everyone slept.
N: arrey wah! Sab itni jaldi so gaey, now let me go and ready the terrace. Me and my Mendhak will have fun
K: sorry guys but u enjoy sleep and I will enjoy a lot of romance with my pretty wife. Meh toh chala, bub bye.
N: Sorry girls but u know na everything is fair in love
kartik entered. Naira hugged him.
N: Lets go to terrace and enjoy coffee
K: Without sleeping pills
N: Yes!!!

They both went to terrace and naira brought coffee. They sat on bed arranged by naira. They were about to sip coffee when….
hope so u liked it. guess what had happened! plz comment and tell. and yes i was late so as a sorry to chapter. plz comment and give me idea what to do with that we brands who are posting my ff

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