KAIRA yrkkh (chap 34)

So it is chp 34:
The episode starts in kartiks room.
K (to himself): I am sure today Jaan will look awesome. Her curly hair suits her a lot and will especially look great in her todays dress. I just cant wait more. Waisay bhi I am to ready.
N: Now I too have dead straight hairs. Will see Mr. Goenka, u will like mine hairs or Riyas.
Later she went down. She was looking too pretty but everyone was shocked seeing her in straight hairs. Riya and her other friends also came. Naira thought that now my hairs are better than Riyas. Just then Kartik and family came. Kartik too was shocked seeing Naira in straight hairs as in past 10 years he never saw her in straight hairs.
Naira went and hugged him. Kartik too hugged her. Then he remembered what he said, that I I love to see grls in straight hairs, so that’s why Naira did them. Naira was continuously showing him his hairs.
K: Aap meri Jaan ki hamshakal hain, who kahan hai, plz bata dijyay
N: I am your Jaan, Naira
K: No u look like her, but u aren’t my Jaan
N: Why, I am not your Jaan
K: Because she never change herself for others.
Naira face got sad.
K: U come with me.
Kartik took naira to her room. Naksh and Gayu were looking.
NAK: Zuroor romance karney gaey hain
G: yes bro, let them come, we will see them.

In naira’s room
K: Jaan, u know although u r looking stunning in these hairs, but I am very much upset because I never want my naira to change for any one.
N saying cutely: but u said that u like girls with straight hairs soo I did
K: I just said to jealous u. I m sorry, I will never do it again. N yes I just love to see u. n that witch Riya, she is very ugly trust me.
Naira laughed. Later with help of Kartik she changed her hairstyle, which made her look prettier then before.
K: Yeh toh ho gaya, now lets…
N: NO! not today, phir se nahi pakre jana
K: But we can’t go like this, I kiss is must
N: But..
Naira was about to speak when Kartik locked her in a lip lock and both enjoyed that. After that they were about to go
N: Neechay sab phir se cirhay gai
K: Idea

He whispers some thing in her ear and both went down. They went down separately. Kartik went first and then naira. Kartik was angry while naira was saying, plz Kartik, listen, I am sorry, plz. Then they both went to a corner. Naksh and Gayu followed them. Kaira saw them and continued acting.
N: Kartik sorry, please try and understand, I never meant that I am sorry.
K: No Jaan, not today, how can u hurt me like this!

Naksh felt something serious and send Gayu to call Natik. She was tensed and called Natik. Natik after hearing was to a lttle happy as this was opportunity for him to get close to princess. Later the two went to Naksh. There Kaira were acting.
N: Plz Kartik m sorry
K: Not today Naira, mainay manga hi kiya tha, tum de deti toh itna drama nah hota
N: Sorry, but meh tumhay woh haar rooz toh deti hum.
K: But aaj kyun nahi
N: Kyu kay aaj tum Riya se le lo
K: Ab woh kahan se agayi beech main
Natik and Naksh were now fed up so they interrupted
NA: Kartik, princess what is this?
NAK: Why r u fighting like tom and jerry
K: I am asking her to give me some thing but she isn’t giving me
N: Papa, I daily give him, but I wont give today
N,K: Woh….woh… a..
N: Nothing papa, bhai, di, u guys go, I will give give him what he wants
K: Promise!!!
N: OKAY!!!
The three went. They didn’t left, just got aside to see what were they fighting for.
K: Now give me
N: Okay!
Later naira kissed Kartik on lips which turned to be a long, passionate lip lock and was enjoyed a lot by both. The other three were shocked seeing that.
N: now happy?
K: Yes!
Then kaira sat on their given seats while, everyone did their perfomances. Kaira too danced beautifully on zeehnaseeb song.
hope so u liked it! i know its a little short but i wanted to update today, so enjoy it and please comment!

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