KAIRA yrkkh (chap 33)

So here u go with chapter 33:
The episode starts with kaira being shocked seeing the girl. The girl turned and she was too shocked seeing kaira.
N: RIYAA… What r u doing here.
RI: What are u both doing here Kartik and Naira. N I came to meet my bff and his friends
N: Means u r Rishis bff
RISHI: Yes.. U know each other?
N: Yes… very well… kartik I think we shall leave now
K: Yes
Ri: no wait guys.. plz clear my confusions!
N: What???
RI: Please tell me first of all wht r u doing here and how do u guys know Rishi?
K: Riya! We shifted here, we r getting remarried and rishi is naira’s childhood friend, now happy
RI: Oh k. I think we have some link as where u go I follow u, or u guys follow me everywhere!
N: No I don’t think so, right Kartik!

Kartik knew naira would get jealous and acted of staring Riya.
K: Yes Jaan, u r right? BTW Riya u again tied your hairs
Naira was shocked seeing his action while Riya was happy
RI: I didn’t knew I will meet u today so I tied my hairs Kartik! If u want u can un tie them.
Naira was fuming
N: No need Riya, and if u want to un tie your hair do it yourself, right Kartik?
K: Yes, but..
N: No but, lets leave and everyone tomorrow is our sangeet so please come!
K: N riya u please open your hairs as I love seeing girls with straight hairs.
R: Sure Kartik!!!
Later everyone went home. In Kaira’s car:
N: KARTIK!!! I..
K: I love u right Jaan, I know!
N: NO, I hate u
K: Why???
N: I love your sstraight hairs, yaar its enough why r u always adoring her
K: no, I actually like her hairs
N: Just shut up or else
K: Else wht
N: neither I would talk to u nor would do dance with u in Sangeet!
K: SO, I’ll dance with RIYA
N: shut up!
K: Okay, m sorry, I just wanted to tease u and lighten up your mood after what happened in that Adityas case.
N: Its okay, (teasingly) if u want to dance with Riya then okay, I will to dance with Rohan
K: Come on, I will only dance with my ladylove, u
N: Hahaha, okay I reached home!
K: Ohh yes, bye, love u, see u only tomorrow, not at night
N: Haha, hmm, bye see u only tomorrow.

Naira went inside while Kartik went to his home. Everyone had little chitchat and later slept. Next day everyone wokeup and was busy in preparation. Naira was in her room.
N: today I will straighten my hairs. I will look prettier than that blo*dy Riya. As my Kartik like straight hairs.
She was thinking just then Natik entered. (As we know he is jealous of Kaira’a bond and wants naira to be more close to him then to Kartik, which is impossible but he will try).
N: arrey papa aap!
NA: haan, princess! Today me and my princess will spend a lot of time together.
N: But papa! Today is my Sangeet! N I have to get ready!
NA: But not now! U have to get ready in the evening and it is morning now. N see I made your favorite breakfast!
N: Aww! Thanks Papa! Lets enjoy
Naira served Natik and had some in her plate. She was about to eat it, when her phone ranged. Although it was on charge but she could sense its of Kartik.
N: See papa! We were about to eat something and my bukhar Mendhak called.
NA: but princess are u sure its kartiks call!
N: Yes papa, I can sense its my Mendhak!
Naira attended the call.

K: Hi Jaan! How r u? No call from morning! Where r u? For the first time u didn’t called me after awaking! I miss u!
N: Hello! I am fine. n yes I was about to call u when papa came with my favorite breakfast in morning so we were enjoying it and I forgot it. I too miss u!
K: hay! U enjoying breakfast n me… I have to make it and then eat!
N: Awww! U can come, I will come n make for u!
K: No, aur dant nahi khani!
Naira giggled. NA: Princess, come on! Hurry up
Naira gave him a look of 1 minute.
K: Acha! Leave everything, I love u
N: Same here
K: What same here! Say I love u
N: yes, it’s the same
K: Oh! Uncle is there, I am sorry, bye, love u, muah
N: Hmm bye!

later Natik again felt a little neglected. Natik and Naira enjoyed the breakfast and natik started chatting when Gayu came.
G: Arrey Naira, Mama ji, aap log abhi tak ready nahi hua. Its 3 30 and function have to start after 2 to 3 hours and Naira u r bride so it will take time.
NA: Okay, princess I am going to get ready, princess u and Gayu u both also get ready.
natik left. Gayu was also leaving when Naira stopped her.
N: Di! Do u have hair straightener. I need it
G: Yes but why Naira? Your hairs are very nice then.
N: No di, I just wanna change my look.
G: Okay okay, I will give it to u.

later Gayu gave Naira her straighter and everyone started to get ready.
hope so u liked it. will post next soon. sorry for late update

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