KAIRA yrkkh (chap 32)

So here u go with chap 32:
The episode starts with Naira calling Kartik
N: U idiot, duffer, bulhakar, mad, shokay Mendhak! What the hell is problem with u. Can’t u remember your meetings. You spoiled my plan.
K: Sorry Jaan, but u go and enjoy.
N: u go n enjoy… what will my friends say, I told them that my husband/boyfriend is very loving and caring. And I am the most important thing in his life. N when I will go alone they will think I was lying n u don’t care for me.
K: okay wait, I will try my best to get free and come there. N don’t worry as soon as I come they will know how much caring I am. N I am going for meeting now, and will be free in an hour, while u will go after about half hour and will be free late in evening right? So I will join u
N: Okay!
K; Now I am ending the call, as I have reached office, u get ready n leave. Okay bye, love u
N: By, love u too.
Then kartik went to office and Naira to got ready and went to xyz café to meet her friends.
N: Hi Jiya, Mihka, Keerti, Aksha, Preeti, Sahil, Romit, Rishi and all
JJIYA: hey Naira! U r so changed now?
AKSHA: N naira u were telling about ur bf, that he is so hot, caring and loves u a lot. Where is he? Meet my bf Aditya.
Everyone asked Naira about her Bf and showed her theirs. Just Rishi didn’t had a Gf, instead he had a bff for whom he never felt love but was good friend. She was coming but after hour
N: Actually, Kartik had a very important meeting so he’ll be joining us after some time.
Naira met with everybody’s bf but felt a little uncomfortable seeing Aditya.
ROMIT: Oho, so your bf has meetings important then u?
Kartik’s meeting was finished and he quickly reached café and entered
K: Not at all, for me no meeting is as important as my Jaan.
N: Kartik!
Naira ran and hugged him. Each and every girl was looking at kartik. They were looking that he is so hot, and non of their bf is as hot as Kartik. Keerti was looking at Kartik and she remembered something. Meanwhile Kartik said hi to every one. Keerti ran and hugged him. Every one ws shocked.
KEERTI: Kaisa hai tu, meray Kittu Mendhak?
Naira was very much shocked.
K: Keerti tu? How r u? I missed u so much.
They broke the hug
K: Jaan, Keerti is my childhood bestie. We went in same school.
N: N me and Keerti were friends in cape town, we became friends, 1 year before we came to India but were very good one. Okay so let me introduce u Kartik, he is my bf and son of Mr Manish Goenka, Kartik Goenka.
SAHIL: You are huge business tycoon Kartik Genka?
K: yes
SAHIL: I cant believe, I am meeting u sir,
K: Come on buddy, don’t say like that.
N: Yes Sahil, pehley bataty toh kab ka mila deti meh tumay is say.
later everyone sat on the table and started chitchatting. Kartik and Naira were sitting together. Keerti was sitting next to kartik, and Aditya was sitting next to Naira. Later everyone was chatting. Kartik to felt a little strange for Aditya. Later Aditya threw his phone on floor. He went down to pick it up and and touched naira’s leg a little. Naira felt uncomfortable but stayed quite as she didn’t wanted to spoil the day. Later aditya sent a message to one of his servent to call him exact after 5 mins. As soon aevs food came. Aditya threw water on naira’s clothes.
ADI: I am so sorry naira
N: Its okay I will clean it.
As soon as naira went for cleaning, Aditya got the call and went out. He followed Naira. Kartik felt something fishy. He to went behind. As he went, he heard naira’s shout and saw aditya holding her.
ADI: Leave that kartik and come with me. You r soo hot dear,
N:Shut up! Leave me. Kartik! Help me!
Kartik called police and went to naira. He kicked Aditya. He beated hi black blue. Till that time police came and arrested him. They told other other friends about him. Naira hugged Kartik and then everyone started chatting. Kartik was continuously talking to Keerti which made naira jealous. Kartik noticed that. Just then Keerti kept hand on kartik’s shoulder which left naira fuming but later she saw their brother sisters relationship and was happy. Just then a girl entered. She hugged Rishi. Kaira were shocked seeing her.
N: ab yeh churail yahan kya kar rahi hai?
K: you go and ask
N: no she is ur friend u ask!
K: Jaan!!!
hope so u liked it.please comment. will post next soon. and guys this ff is going to end. only 7-8 chappys more and then it will end.

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