KAIRA yrkkh (chap 31)

Here u go with chapter 31:
Baisa opened the door and everyone except was shocked to core seeing kaira in such position and rooms condition. They were sleeping hugging each other. Naira was still wearing that nighty while kartik had open buttoned shirt. Bua daidi shouted but her shout didn’t disturb them as they slept half an hour ago.
MI: what is di wearing? And bhaiyu too have open shirt. I have seen in films that girl wears such dress and boy too haveopen button shirt with six packs and girls face is hidden in boys six packs. Naira di and bhaiyu too are like this and are they too doing romance???
NA: Gayu take Mishti to her room

Gayu took mishti with her and baisa again shouted and this time her shout disturbed kartik, he thought its alarm and closed it. The third shout of Bua dadi, disturbed Naira. She thought its maid.
N: Hey! Please go and let us sleep. Me and your sir will get up after some time. Just get ready our breakfast after an hour.
AK: Naira my dear, its your mom and family, not maid, and please be in your senses and get up.
naira was yet sleepy, N: Mendhak! I wanna sleep! Ask them to go, plzz
K: Haan plz leave! Don’t disturb me and wifey!
NA: Go Tara beta, bring cold water.
T: Okay papa
Tara brought water and Natik splashed it on Kaira. Kaira got in their senses after it.
T: Good Morning Naira and Kartik ji
NA: Good Morning Bachon

Kaira first realized their position and parted away. Then they saw their clothes and were totally ashamed. Kartik quickly buttoned his shirt while naira ran to washroom and changed clothes and came back.
BAISA: What the hell is this? What were u guys doing?
NA: Princess! I never expected this from u?
AK: how can u do such things before your marriage?
N: We are married, mama
NA: Shut up! It doesn’t matter u r married or not, u are doing such things?
AK: N kartik beta! we stopped u yesterday also and u guys went a step ahead today
K: Sorry Aunty! I arranged it to celebrate our engagement day.
AK: But like this? There are many other ways of celebrating? U should be in your limits!
NAK to spice: N Naira when I came yesterday, this was the reason u didn’t let me come in
N: Bhai!!!
NA: Naksh u knew about them??
NAK: Yes papa!
NA: Then why didn’t u told us??
NAK: Sorry Papa
N: Sorry my dear papa
Natik first melted seeing Naira, but when kartik said he again got angry, Natik felt very much jealous of Kartik as he is very much more close to Naira then him. Natik want his and Naira’s bond to be stronger, but don’t know how.
K: Sorry uncle! Its all my mistake, naira didn’t did anything, I just…
NA: I know my princess can never even do such things
N: But papa!Kartik did it only for our both happiness, I am to sorry from mine and Kartik’s side.
NA: Its okay, but now be in your limits and come down for breakfast.
Natik and everyone went down and Kaira were still in room
N: Dekha garbar ho gayi,
K:Haan Jaan
N: sub tumhari waja sey
K: ACha aur tum toh jassey mujhay manah kar rahi thi na??? u too were enjoying very much
N: hmm, chalo ab nechay, or else…
They both went down and everyone having breakfast. Kartik got a call from office

K: Yes Manager! What happened?
MANAGER: Sir u have to come to office right now, in one hour! As today you have to sign the papers of combining Malhotra and Goenka business and name them as Goenkas.
K:Oh k I am coming
N: what happened?
K: I have to go for an important meeting, so u can please to meet your friends on your own. I am sorry.
Natik thought that now Naira will get angry.
N: Oho, come on, stop being sorry, I completely understand my bulhakar husband. Its okay, I knowu forgot about the meeting as usual and manager called u. and u had now promised of going with me to visit my friends, and now u r sorry. Come on Kartik u know I am habitual of it. I will go to meet my friends and u go for meeting or else u will get late.
naira was smiling but was sad from inside. Kartik was shocked at her behavior as it if it would be their home, she would surely create a huge drama but was acting so calm and understanding.
K: u okay na! I mean u r not sad
N: Yes, of course not dear.
Naira hugged him. While hugging she whispered
N: Room meh jaa kar tumhe call kar ke batati hun Mendhak, zyada kush maat ho.

Later Kartik left and Naira went to her room and called Kartik.
so guys! How is this? Please comment! N yes i will post two chappy today as my bro came from US after a year ad i am soooo happy. so will post 2 chappys

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