Kaira: Yeh Ishqpan.. By Khushi (Episode 2)

The next morning

Naira comes to the ghat. She sees Kartik and fumes.
Naira: Why I have to see his face everyday.
Kartik: May be this is what our destiny wants…
He sees her. She glares at him and walks across him
Kartik: O come on..dont try to ignore me..
Naira stops. She turns to face him. He smiles seeing her angry face.She charges at him
Naira: Listen you
Gayu: Tina..
Naira turns. Her expression softens
Naira: Mam..
Gayu: Can we start?
Naira: Yeah, why not mam
Naira gives Kartik a hard look
Kartik: Gayu listen, iski baar mat mano yeh
Gayu: Kartik dekho, job hi he, ye apna kaam kar rahi he na..
Naira gets shocked
Naira: Gayu..?
Gayu turns to her

Gayu: O sorry..I forgot to introduce. My name is Gayatri. Gayatri Naitik Singhania. You can call me Gayu..(putting her hand forward)
Naira gets shocked. She starts breathing heavily. She looks at the hand and then at Gayu. Gayu gets surprised seeing her. Naira doesn’t respond.
Kartik: Dekha Gayu..
Naira: Gayu dii..
Kartik and Gayu get shocked
Naira gets back in her senses but still she was shocked. She shakes hands.Gayu just smiles
Naira: Vo…I’m sorry
Gayu: Okay so can we start with the temple
Naira just nods. Gayu, still surprised, walks away. Kartik too goes. Naira looks at her hand
Naira: Gayu dii.. who gayu dii hai..par unhone mujhe pehchana tak nahi..unhe pata hi nahi hai ki main unki Naira hun..Gayu dii..

She realizes what she was saying

Naira: No Naira..it’s good that they didn’t recognise you.. now you’re Tina, not Naira.

She wipes off her tears and goes to the temple.She goes to Gayu and starts explaining the history..
Suddenly Gayu gets a call
Gayu: Excuse me..
She picks the call
Gayu: Haan Bhai..
Naira gets shocked
Gayu: Ji bhai, main thik hun…
She continues the call while Naira just stares at her..
Gayu ends the call
Gayu:Okay so we can continue
Naira: Wo apke bhai the?
Gayu: Haan, Naksh
Naira gets nervous
Naira: Do you have any sister?
Gayu: Yes..Mishti aur..

She stops remembering Naira. Naira looks at her thinking to hear her name..
Gayu: And Ananya dii, Kuhu..
Naira: And no one else..?
Gayu wipes away her tears.
Gayu: No..
Naira gets shocked. She turns away
Gayu: What happened..
Naira realizes and wipes her tears..
Naira: No..nothing..
Gayu: You can tell me..

Naira: Nothing.. just sometimes I feel that I had a family too..
Gayu: Don’t worry, wherever your family is, will be well..aur I’m sur who tumse bohot pyaar karte hoge..
Naira: But I don’t have a family..
Gayu:I know, but I feel you belong from a good family.
She smiles and goes to the other side..
Naira: I am your sister Gayu dii..I belong from your family only..

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  3. Loved it again Khushi
    The plot is very good and so are the words you use
    Post the next one soon

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