Kaira And Viyu A Different Story

“Can someone just explain what happened here?” Mishti asked breaking everyone’s trance. “Karthik first calm down. Here drink this water.” Naira hands him a glass of water and he mumbles a thank you to her. “Karthik look at me. You are not like him. You did not and will never misuse your position. What you did now was to protect a very good family. A family which treats us as humans. Calm down. Please.” Preeti told him holding his face between her palms. After sometime he let out a deep breath. “Calm now?” He nodded. “Thats like my Jai. Now properly tell us what happened. My no our respect and love for you is not going to get any less. Don’t worry about what we’ll think.

I promise we won’t judge you. Now start from the first. What happened now?” Naira spoke. Naitik and Akshara gave each other a look which exchanged unsaid words. There is more than friendship between Kaira. Gayu felt the same but tried to keep that thought away for now. “Vikram Rajput is Preeti’s husband. She is going to divorce him for abuse. Preeti was married to him against both our wishes. Mr. Sakhadia listening to his second wife did this so that the family properties don’t go outside the family. Both of us tried to tell him that his second wife is just there for his money but he wouldn’t listen. My mom died because of her, because of them. She found out about their relationship and committed suicide. He closed the case by using his power. After dhi got married she couldn’t do anything but I left. I only talked to dhi whenever possible but I hadn’t met her for almost 5 years now.” Karthik finished. “This Sakhadia is the same one as the Jewellers? Is that why Naman chachu was blackmailed?” Gayu asked to which he nodded. “I don’t know why Naman sir was blackmailed. It must be either for the deal or for me. If has found that I work here he would have wanted me. Dhi and I are the owners even if don’t have any say in what happens there. It was mom’s company. As much as I want to take care of mom’s dream the thought of living with her murderers irk me.” Karthik says “I’m really sorry for what happened. I shouldn’t have lost control like that.” “No Karthik, it is sometimes good to take it out. Having it inside us will just increase the intensity.” Babhimaa says holding his face and wipping his tears. “And from now on never ever say you don’t have a family. We will always be with you ok beta? Now come lets eat something sweet. Our sons returned today and we got two more grandchildren and one great grandchild which is on the way.” She says and distributes the sweet.

“Karthik, Naira I want to talk to both of you.” Naitik and Akshara say and take them to their room. “What’s going on?” Naitik asks. “Kya papa?” “Tum done ke beech.” He says. “I don’t understand sir.” Karthik says genuinely confused. “Ok let me ask it clearly. What is the relationship you both share. Don’t say Jai – Veeru, we know better. How long has it been going on?” Akshara asks and Kaira don’t know how to react. “Aap ko kaisse pata chala?” Karthik spoke barely in a whisper. “Matlab kuch toh hai.” Naitik says lifting his eyebrows. “Did I just say it out? It’s been only a day and they came to know. How did they know?” Karthik thought aloud again. “Chii. You couldn’t hide it even for a day? This is not what I expected from you both.” Akshara said disappointed. “Shit! They can read my thoughts.” Karthik said. “They can’t read minds but can surely hear. You have been thinking aloud. If not for that we could have romanced chup chup ke atleast for a month before we told anyone.” Naira told Karthik. “Mishti and Kuhu already know. That doesn’t count as no one and I think dhi also found out.” Karthik told her. “When did those two get to know? I didn’t see you talking to them at all.” Naira asked. “Before you. They have been my love gurus and cupids for almost 3 months now.” “That’s even before you became Jai? How..” “Stop. Do you realize we are still here?” Naitik asks. “Akshara you were right. These two fight a lot. And only god can stop their talks.” He sighed. “Ok both of you. You have one month of your chup chup ke romance. Then we are telling everyone. Naitik after a long time we are going to help lovers. Last time was dada. Yash – Rose was for marriage. This different. Now both of you go. Others will be searching. And Karthik, you and Preeti are loved. All of us love you. Don’t worry.” Akshara says and Kaira leave the room. “Was that a dream?” Kaira spoke at the same time looking at each other. “What was a dream? Want a pinch to wake up?” Gayu offered

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  1. Oo lasts scene was so cute love it and that chup chup ke romance??

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    Gr8 going dear!!

  3. It was really nice and the phrase like chup chup ke romance just nailed it ishram

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    You are writting awsome

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  6. you are really amazing writer
    last one was perfect
    akshara helping was superb
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  7. But plzzz don’t put gayu in the story….she is………

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    Thank you guys. It means a lot that you like it. @Smit No Gayu will be different here.

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