Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 9)


“That was close! What did you tell?” Karthik released his breath. “She knew someone is here, didn’t know it was you.” Naira informed. “Hmm. Let’s deal with that later. For now relax. Come here.” Karthik says patting near him. “I’m sorry. I have no idea why I react like that when anything about my past is involved. I’m not ready to talk about anything right now. You understand na?” Karthik confesses. “I understand. Even I was angry with my family for a few years. I know what it is like. I hope whatever the problem is it gets sorted soon.” Naira replies and snuggles closer to Karthik. They watched the movie had some sweet talks and enjoyed their time.

Kaira are sleeping cuddled up together when Karthik’s alarm rings. The sudden sound wakes both of them up and Karthik ends up pushing Naira to the floor. “Aaah! Kyon kiya aisa?” She asks trying to sit up. “I was scared, someone soo close cuddled up with me is new okay. It was reflex action.” Karthik said. “Get used to it.” Naira scolds and Karthik helps Naira on to the bed and leaves after kissing her forehead. Naira gets off the bed and goes down for breakfast but it is visible that she has hurt herself. “Kya hua princess? You fell down somewhere or what?” Naitik asks. “Haan pappa, I fell of the bed.” She says and settles herself on the chair with difficulty. “How did you manage that Naira? Someone pushed you?” Gayu teases. “What?!” Naitik shouts. “Kya Gayu dhi aap bhi. I rolled off the bed. Kuch nahi hua hai. I’ll be okay in sometime.” Naira manages. “What happened?” Vivaan asks as he enters. “Naira fell of her bed and hurt herself. What are you doing here so early?”

Naksh asks. “Preeti dhi said she was to come here in the morning and Karthik was sleeping so I came to drop her and he woke up and tagged along.” Vivaan says and sends a wink towards Naira which Gayu again notices and feels really jealous. Last night after lot of thinking she understood that she really really loves Vivaan and Karthik was a crush she had. ‘Was the person I heard last night Vivaan?’ She thought to herself. “Earth to Gayu!” Vivaan ways his hand in front of her face. “Uh-huh” she gave an intelligent reply. “I was asking if you have got the designs ready. We will have to go to Jaipur tomorrow for the same. Naira, Karthik was telling you have some work there regarding your academy. All of us will go?” Vivaan says. “Yaaay! I’m really excited.” Naira shouts and tries to get up and jump when a hand holds her still. “If you want to go tomorrow then you will have to get alright first.

Sit down or you’ll hurt yourself.” That person says. Naira looks up and sees Karthik and gives him a sheepish smile. Vivaan cleared his throat to bring them back from their Lala Land which Gayu thinks is because he is jealous. “Yes Naira, I’ll allow you only if you get alright. I still don’t understand how you rolled off your bed.” Akshara says. “Rolled off?” Karthik repeats. “Ya. Wait, how did you know she hurt herself? You weren’t there na that time.” Vivaan asks. “That…. that.” He stammers. “That?” Naitik asks and raises an eyebrow and Akshara elbows him. “Naira was sitting still and when she tried to jump it looked like she was in pain. She never sits still. All that together I thought she hurt herself, didn’t know how.” Karthik finishes in one breath. “I didn’t know you notice soo much mere bhai!”

Vivaan teases. Naksh and Preeti leave for Krishna and Naitik and Naman leave for office, Gayu goes to talk to Akshara. “Mami, aap se kuch kehna tha. Woh.. woh” Gayu starts when Vivaan comes there and interrupts what she was saying. “Gayu tum yahan ho. Come we’ll finish the designs fatafat and go somewhere.” Gayu smiles at that, “all four of us.” He smiles and her smile drops at the last sentence. Gayu nods at Akshara and leaves with Vivaan. Gayu decides she can talk about this to Kathik. After they finish their work they go to the near by park. Vivaan takes Naira away saying he needs to talk something important leaving a lovesick Karthik and a jealous Gayu behind.
Karthik – Gayu Convo

“Karthik, I wanted to ask you something. I.. you.. ughh! What do you think about love?” She asks. “What?! About love?” Karthik asks awkwardly. “Chuck. My friend was asking me something and I was thinking something.” She trails. “According to me love is the best feeling. Everything around me is changed but still the same. A new hope.” Karthik smiles. “Present tense. Who is your dream girl?” Gayu teases. “Ummm…” He blushes. “Tell me. I’m your friend na. Do I know her?” Gayu asks. “You know her. You actually know her more than me. I.. I love yo..” “Kya?! I’m sorry Karthik. You are a very close friend but I don’t love you.” “Not you! Your sister, Naira. Gods! Must allow me to complete na.” Karthik clarifies. “Naira? But, she loves Vivaan na. He keeps winking at her and she keeps blushing. Now also look, he took her away somewhere. I wanted to talk to you about this. I’m feeling really jealous when Vi winks and she blushes. I love Vivaan, but they like each other. Last night also I knew someone was there with Naira. It must be him. I have no idea what to do.”

Gayu cries. “Gayu, Gayu, calm down. Aisa kuch nahi hai. Naira loves me, we got together in the flight. Sir aur Ma’am ko bhi malum hai. I was with her last night, and I pushed her off her bed in my sleep.” Karthik says rubbing the back of his neck. “But Vi, he must like her na?” Dhe asks. “I don’t think so. Anyway I’m shipping Viyu. I’ll be in this with you. Okay?” Karthik asks holding her hands. “Okay.” She says and both of them share a friendly hug. “What is happening here?” Someone asks and they turn towards that voice.

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