Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 7)

Karthik reaches the Singhania house and finds no one in the hall. He searches for Naitik when he see Naira is still sleeping and he goes inside her room. “Kitna cute lag the ho soote samay. Baki time full bak bak bak. That’s what made me fall for you didn’t it?” He talks pampering her in her sleep. “How come you haven’t woken up yet? Did I disturb your sleep last night? I’m sorry.” He says holding his ears. “You better be.” A voice came from the door. “Sir… aaa..aap. I was searching for you.” He stammers seeing Naitik. “This is what I wanted to talk to you about. Talking late in the night is not good. My princess also thought I was you when I went to wake her up.” He complains to Karthik who tries his best to control his laughter and they hear laughter from the door. “Akshara, why are you laughing? What’s so funny?” Naitik asks keeping a straight face. “You are being an overprotective dad. Calm down.” Akshara laughs and Karthik tried his best not to laugh. “Ok ok fine. Karthik wake her up and come. But remember one thing. She might be your queen but she is my princess first. And also I’m her first love.” Naitik sticks his tongue out after which both Akshara and Karthik burst out laughing. Hearing the laughter Naira wakes up and sees them. She thinks that she is imagining Karthik and throws a pillow at him and shouts “I was sleeping. Stop troubling me.” Karthik ducks and gives her a wtf look. Naira gets off the bed and goes to Karthik and touches, more like slap his forehead to see if he was real. “You are actually here!” Naira exclaims hugging Karthik. “So are we.” Akshara says while Naitik clears his throat. “Good morning mumma. Good morning papa.” Naira says pushing Karthik away who falls on the floor. “Ouch! Naira what are you doing?” Karthik howls trying to get up.

Naira lifts him up and Naitik takes him downstairs while Naira goes to brush. “Karthik? What happened to you?” Gayu shouts seeing him trying to do something like sitting. “Slipped in the water.” He says rubbing his back. “Are you hurt badly? I’ll get ointment wait.” Gayu says and is about to leave. “It’s ok Gayu. It’s not that bad. Just because of the force with which I fell. Relax.” He assures her. “Ok. Btw what are you doing here? Weren’t you given a week off?” She asks. “Ya. Sir wanted to ask something that’s why.” He says. Naira comes down and sees Gayu and thinks of a plan to escape her questions. “Good afternoon Naira!” Gayu sassed. “Dhi!!” She whined. “Atleast now tell me what that secret is na.” Gayu says. Naira looks at Karthik who signals after Sunday. “You will have to wait till Sunday.” She says to Gayu. “Hey!! Everyone other than me know.” Gayu complains. “Not everyone. Only Mishti, Kuhu and Karthik know.” Naira says and begins eating. The three of them continue chatting for sometime and the bell rings. Gayu goes to answer the door. “Vivaaaaaaan!!!! Long time. How are you???” Gayu squeals in excitement seeing her best friend. Kaira come to see who it is and Karthik stands there shocked. “Karthik?” Vivaan says more like questions. Karthik goes towards Vivaan and gives him a tight hug. “Bhai!! Kaisa hai tu?” Both of them ask at the same time. “You know each other?” The sisters ask together. “Yaa. He is my cousin and best friend from childhood.” Karthik says smiling. “Yaa. Just that someone didn’t contact me for like 2 years now.” Vivaan says pissed. “I’m sorry yaar. You know na.” Karthik tries to reason out when one more person squealed Vivaan’s name. “Preeti dhi?? Aap? How are you? How come you are here??” Vivaan piles her with questions. “Shanth ho ja. I’m good. Karthik works here na and I joined Naksh’s office. Also I left that house. So I’m here. How come you are here?” She says all that in one breath. “I’m Gayu’s best friend.” Vivaan says side hugging Gayu. “It really is a small world.” Naksh says.

Vivaan does not come here with the intention if marrying Gayu. Her dadi does not send him. This is the first time he is coming, I think you guys would have guessed that. It’s Fahad Ali as Vivaan like in the show.

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  1. Vrushy

    I really liked the morning walla scene. Naitik being over protective for his daughter and akshara making fun of him. Naira hugging kartik and then pushing him away. That was really cute !!

  2. Hales

    Nyc specially naitik n kartik !!

  3. Ishram

    Thank you?

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