Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 6)

Everyone leave for their houses and Preeti stays in another room at the Maheshwaris. Naira manages to dodge Gayu’s questions about the secret and goes to sleep.
Naira – Karthik phone conversation

“Naira, thank you and sorry.” “Kyon?” “I didn’t tell you about dhi and everything before. You helped me a lot today. Just by being with me. That’s why.” “I’ll always be there. No need to say sorry and all. I wouldn’t have minded even if you hadn’t told me you know. Even I haven’t told you many things. Just know I’ll always be there for you, if you want me as Veeru or as your girlfriend.” “I’ll remember and you also can tell me. You know that right? I’ll become Jai, Mendak or boyfriend as the situation demands.” “Dosti ek sukoon hai, pyaar junoon hai. Main nahi chati ki hamare beech yeh sukoon kabhi kho jaye.” Both of them tell at the same time. “Jinxs!” They again chorused. “I wanna go to this movie yaar.” Karthik says. “Me too!” Naira agrees. “Ok then final. First date ADHM. Sunday? What do you say?” He asks. “Deal.” Their talk continued till late night and they slept off talking to each other and their phones switched off due to no charge.

“It’s 9 and this girl hasn’t woken up yet. Naitik can you wake Naira up.” Akshara asks. “Ya I’ll go.” He goes to her room and finds her sleeping in an awkward position almost sitting and her phone was on her lap. “Princess, wake up. It’s 9. You have some academy work na?” He shakes Naira. “Move away Karthik. Let me sleep. If you want you also sleep. Now go.” She talks in her sleep grabs a pillow and hides her face. “Karthik nahi, papa. Get up now.” Naitik tries to wake her up but in vain. He goes to Akshara “Main iss Karthik ko chodonga nahi.” He huffs. “Uss ne kya kiya?” She enquires. “Kya kiya?? I go to wake MY PRINCESS and she asks Karthik to stop waking her up and go to sleep if he wants.” He complains. “Isme Karthik ne kya kiya? Don’t you think you are acting like a overprotective dad now?” She laughs. “Acting?? What do you mean. I am overprotective.

Now wait let me call him.” He says grabbing his phone and gets its switched off. “Switched off. Lagta hai pura raat call main honne se charge katam hogaya.” Akshara laughs. “Main ghar ki number try kar thi hoon. Hello maa? Main Naitik. Karthik hai kya?” He asks in the phone. “Hello Naitik, he is sleeping. I was going to wake him up only. I’ll give him the phone.” Rajashree says and goes to Karthik’s room. “Karthik beta utto. Naitik ne call kiya hai.” She tries waking him up. Karthik opens his eyes sees her and shifts his head to her lap.

“Arey! Uttne ko kaha tha. Pillow change karne ko nahi. Abhi utt ja.” She says waking him up and gives the phone to him. “Hello?” He says rubbing his eyes. “Good morning Karthik. “Gooood morning sir.” He yawns. “Karthik I need to talk to you about something important. Come home as soon as you can.” Naitik says and cuts the call. “Dhi, sir has asked me to come to his house. I’ll be going. Do you need anything?” Karthik informs. “No Karthik. I was thinking of searching for a job. You know na how much I like to work.” She says. “I know that dhi. I can’t allow you to go work now.

You will stress yourself and also where will you work? You will have to take leave in 3 months. Think na.” He tells. “But Karthik.” She starts. “No dhi. It’s final.” He says. “What happened Karthik?” Shaurya asks him. “Dhi wants to work. I don’t think it will be a good idea. She will take stress and she’ll also have to search for a place.” He explains. “Itni si baat hai. Preeti, what is your profession?” Akshara’s dad asks. “I’m a chef and trained well to work in managing hotels also.” She says. “Problem solved. Karthik I can assure you Preeti will not take stress and Preeti, I know the right place for you.” Shaurya says. “Where beta?”

Dadi asks. “Krishna. Naksh can do with some help, he was also saying that he wanted a few experienced staff and Preeti will also be safe.” Shaurya says. “No sir. You have all done so much already.” Preeti says. “Nothing. It’s final.” Nani says and calls Naksh. “Naksh, can you come here today before going to Krishna. You are not going? Ok but come here. We have a surprise for you.” She informs Naksh. Karthik and Preeti thank them again and Karthik leaves to meet Naitik and also Naira.

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