Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 5)


“Want a pinch to wake up?” Gayu asks. “Yaa. I mean No. Where is she? Mishti!!!” Karthik ran away from there. Both Naira and Gayu were laughing like crazy looking at his antics. “Kya hua?” Gayu asks Naira. “Kuch nahi dhi. Come everyone will be there.” Naira says dragging Gayu down. “Mishti, Kuhu! I want to ask something can you come. I want to tell something ” Naira calls out to both of them who were playing with Naksh, Yash and Rose. “What about your brothers?

We also want to know. Kya bhai?” Naksh says nudging Yash. “Bilkul. Muje bhi batao.” Rose says. “No bhais and bhabi. This is between sisters. Now come.” Naira says dragging Mishti and Kuhu. “What about me? I’m your dhi.” Gayu says pouting. Before Naira could say anything Karthik says “Rehne de Gayu. Kuch kaas nahi.” “How do you know that?” Preeri asks. “Woh… woh.. when has Ms. Rishikesh talked sense.” He manages. “Look who is talking Maindek.” Naira replies. Both start arguing. “STOP!! Naira go and talk to them. Karthik sit down and do whatever you were doing. I’ll talk to you later about it Naira.” Gayu stops them and sends them. “Yeh dono na chup chup ke romance nahi kula kula ke dishoom hi karenge.”

Naitik tells Akshara. “Kya?” Naman asks them who was standing with them. “Kuch nahi. Hum hamare bare baat kar rahe the.” Akshara says and he goes back to whatever he was doing. “Bach gaya.” Naitik says. “Kya?” This time it was Gayu. “Un done ki jagde se.” He manages and receives a glare from Akshara and ‘kya sir’ look from Karthik. Naira takes Kuhu and Mishti to her room and locks the door. “My beloved sissies, will you please explain from when all this started?” Naira asks in a fake sweet voice. “What is going on? Do you know?” Kuhu asks Mishti. “Kuhu, lagta hai isko bff ki bare me pata hai.” She mumbles. “Yes. I know about your bff. When did you know.” Naira asks. “When we came to know bff stays at nani’s place.” “Ananya dhi’s birthday.” Both of them answer. “And how come I had no idea?” Naira questions. “Because you never noticed. Now we are going byeeee.” Kuhu says and both of them run from there and Naira chases them. Both of them run and hide behind Rose and Preeti who were talking. “Dhi, bhabi have any of you seen those two?” She asks. “Even if they have they won’t tell you.” Karthik says sitting beside his dhi.

“I didn’t ask you Mendak. Now keep quite.” She sticks out her tongue. “Not possible Ms. Rishikesh.” And he returns the favour. “2 year old kid will also not fight like this. Stop it you too.” Preeti says “Naira, why are you searching for them?” “Those two kept a secret about me from me for almost 3-4 months.” She says. “What secret?” Preeti asks. “That Karthik.. that Karthik still calls me Ms. Rishekesh.” She blabered. “I have seen him call you only that. What are you saying?” Rose asks. “Bhabi, after your marriage we made a pact that I won’t call him Mendak and he won’t call me that. He broke that.” She blabbers. “What?” They both ask. “Dhi, chaliye hum chalenge. Aap ko rest karna hoga. Ghar chalenge.” Karthik says. “Haan chalenge. By the way, aaj kuch special hai ya tum dono aise hi ho?” Preeti asks trying to control her laughter. “Aaj na bahut special hai. Sirf baat cheet hoyi thi. Jagda hua toh ham gaya.” Akshara says.

Preeti hearing that starts laughing like crazy and everyone join in that infectious laughter. She continues to laugh and feels a slight kick from the baby. Elated she grabs the hand next to her thinking it’s Karthik and says “My baby kicked for the first time. Can you feel it Karr..” she turns and sees Naksh next to her who was busy feeling the kicks she releases Naksh’s hand ” Sorry. I thought it was Karthik.” She mumbles awkwardly. “Sorry? Are you kidding me? That was the best thing I have ever felt.” Naksh kind of squeals in excitement. “Maa, it felt so different. It felt wow!!” He continues. Preeti smiles and has tears in her eyes. Choti maa notices this and hugs her. “Kya hua?” She asks. “I’m having a proper family moment after something like 4 years. I feel really happy. Thanks to all of you.” She says hugging her. Everyone smile looking at her.

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  1. This story is so very unique parents only helping kids nayi soch
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