Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 3)


Naksh and Naira stood there shocked and not having the least idea how to react. “Come dhi. You will stay with me from now.” Karthik said getting up while helping his sister. “No Karthik. You are staying as PG, they might object and also I don’t want to trouble you.” She says. “There will be no problem in his PG. Nani will be more than happy to have you there. I’m Naksh Singhania, his friend and his boss’s son and this is my sister Naira.” Naksh says holding his hand out. “Preeti. Karthik’s sister. Nice meeting you.” She says shaking hands with him. “Let’s go home first.” Naira says and takes Preeti to the car. Preeri was sitting in the front for better leg space while Kaira sat in the back. “Karthik, you work dor the Singhania Diamonds?” Preeti asked. “Yes dhi.” Karthik replied.

“Don’t you think you should tell..” Preeti was interrupted. “I’m not telling him and don’t ask me to.” Karthik replied with a tone of finality. Naira squeezed his hand and gave him a warming smile which he returned forgetting the anger which was starting to well up. When the 4 of them returned home everyone was waiting for them. “Duggu, what happened? Where are Karthik and Naira?” Akshara aksed. “They are coming maa.” He says and Kaira enter with Preeti. Karthik did not know what to say and Preeti was uncomfortable. Seeing a pregnant girl with Karthik none of them knew how to react and Gayu was almost in tears. “Who is this Karthik beta?” Nani asked. “Aunty yeh..” He didn’t know how to explain. “Yeh uski behn hai. We don’t know much, but I think they are meeting after a long time.” Naira explained and Naksh nodded. “Aunty this is my elder sister Preeti. She left her husband and came here. Will it be ok if she can stay along with me? I’ll make sure there is no problem and I’ll pay..” “Bass beta. It’s not about money. You have done soo much for our family.

You are also like Naksh to us. Don’t worry. We are all there for you.” Nani said and hugged Preeti. “How come you never mentioned your sister Karthik?” She asked. “He hasn’t mentioned anyone till now Nani. So tell us about your family Karthik. Who are all there? Which is your native place? We don’t know anything.” Gayu says after everyone has settled down. “My mom and dad” he paused after receiving a glare from Preeti. “My mom died when I was 12. I don’t talk to Mr” he again paused after another glare from Preeti “to my father. I’m from here only Gayu. I went to boarding school in Jaipur and then College.” He said. Naira noticed the silent glares sent to Karthik from Preeti dhi and decided to talk about it later when he was comfortable. All of them were talking for sometime. Chitti came in and said “Sir, Naman sir is here.” Hearing this Mishti got very happy and all of them went to meet him. “Bhai, bhabi believe me I didn’t do these intentionally. I was blackmailed. Please believe me. I was threatened that all of you will be hurt. They were planning to kill Mishti if I didn’t agree to do these things. Maa, Karishma atleast you believe me.” Naman pleaded.

“Karthik, I have seen him with Vikram. I think he is telling the truth.” Preeti whispered to Karthik and Naira who was standing close to Karthik heard it too. She nudged Karthik to ask who he was and he gave a I’ll tell later look and was really angry. “Naman sir, what was the blackmailer’s name?” Karthik asked. “Vikram. Vikram Rajput.” Naman mumbled. “That’s it. This was the last straw. I’m sorry dhi, but I won’t leave him this time.” Karthik shouted in anger banging his fist against the wall. “I won’t. Not after all he’s done. Don’t do anything you will have to regret later for.” Preeti told him holding his hand. “You know him Karthik?” Naira aksed. “I knew him. My ex-jiju.” He said and the police officer looked shocked. “Sir, you are..” the officer started but was cut off. “Yes. I’m his son unfortunately. I think you need to leave and go to arrest Vikram Rajput for this crime and domestic abuse. Case will be filed tomorrow. I don’t want him getting bail.

I don’t care what you do, but I want him to stay inside. Understand?” He told the police officer more like ordered and turned away. After the police left, Naira went to Karthik and touched his shoulders. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Now I just became like Mr. Sukhadia. I just misused my position. I don’t want to be like him.” Karthik cried hugging Naira while she tried consoling him. All of them were shocked. They did not know which shocked them more, Preeti’s coming, Naman’s innocence, Karthik becoming angry and ordering a police officer or him now crying hugging Naira. All of them were rooted to their places. “Can someone just explain what happened here?” Mishti asked and that broke everyone’s trance and Karthik moved away from Naira and held his dhi’s hand.

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