Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 2)


“Always.” Karthik says and hugs Naira tight. After sometime they sleep and Akshara comes to have a look at them. After landing in India all of them go to the Singhania house. At the Singhania’s the Maheshwaris had also come to welcome Naitik and Naman. Misthi gets handcuffs and ties Naitik and asks him not to go anywhere. All of them freshen up and try to inform the family anout Naman. “Kids! Why don’t you guys go and have some ice cream?” Akshara asks and nods at Karthik to take them away for sometime. “We want to tell you all something. Naman had kept Naitik captive and tried to take money from us. We don’t know why he did these things but right now he is under police custody. He will land here tomorrow and we will have to decide what to do.

We are really sorry we did not want Naman to get arrested or something but we had no other option.” Naman explains the entire incident to the family. All of them agree that if he is at fault then he will face the punishment and no one will be with him. Kaira, Gayu and Misthi return after sometime and everyone including Kartik sits to eat. Karthik was sitting between Naira and Misthi and Gayu was next to Misthi. Karthik and Naira as usual were taking nonsense, looking at them Akshara asks “Your fight got over?” Both of them look at each other and smile. “When were we fighting maa? Were we fighting Karthik? When was that?” Naira asks. “I don’t know Naira. When did that happen?” Karthik replies and tries to stop laughing.

“Now I am stuck between these two.” Akshara sighs and all of them burst out laughing. Karthik gets a call from an unknown number and he attends it. “Hello? Who is this.” Be asks. “I left that house. I’m not going back. Can you come?” The person on the other end cried. “Calm down. Where are you now? Krishna Restaurant. Ok I’ll come there as soon as I can. Listen, everything thing is going to become alright. Love you. I’ll be there.” Karthik cuts the call and stares at the food. All of them were shocked hearing the conversation, Gayu was sad Karthik loves someone and Misthi and Naira wondering who it was. Karthik abruptly gets up and washes his hands to leave. – “Karthik wait. How will go there? I’m going to Krishna now I’ll take you. Come.” Naksh says getting up. “I’m also coming with you.” Naira says getting. Knowing its no use arguing Karthik agrees. The car ride was silent with Karthik crying silently and Naira and Naksh not knowing what was happening.

The minute the car reached Krishna, Karthik ran inside and hugged her. Naksh and Naira entered and saw Karthik kissing the forehead of a pregnant girl of around their age and whispering I love yous and I missed you to her through their tears.

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