Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 13)


“Naira, I almost told Naksh and Preeti about us. Just escape. What are we doing today? You said you have planed something.” Karthik asks after sitting in the cafe with Naira. “Let’s not tell bhai now. About our plan for today, it’s a surprise. Now order what you want to eat. We have a long day ahead, mere jaan.” Naira says. Karthik gets a call from Gayu he excuses himself and goes outside. “Haan Gayu, kya baat hai? Fatafat bolde yaar, teri behn ke saath date pe hoon.” Karthik tells Gayu. “Come to City Park around 7 na. Please. I have planned everything to propose to Vivaan. Just come for some moral support. Please please.” Gayu begs. “I’ll try my best. Naira plan kar rahi hai poora date. I’ll ping u if I’m not coming. Got to go bye.” “Bye.”

“Kaun ta?” Naira asks. “Gayu. She wanted to know something about some file.” Karthik pulls her closer to him, “Ok beautiful, what’s the plan?” “Someone is in their romantic mood! Muje na movie dekna hai, then we’ll go to City Park. What’s say?” Naira asks. “Perfect!” Karthik shouts in excitement. “Naira! Where are we going? Atleast movie naam toh bata.” Karthik asks trying to remove his blindfold. “No. All I can tell you is, this is an old movie. Theatre nahi ja rahe hain.” Naira says driving the car. “Agaya! Get down.” Karthik gets down from the car and Naira guides him to the place and opens his blindfold. “Where are we? Company guest house? Yahan kya hai?” Karthik asks looking at the place. “Andar to jake dehklo.” Naira says opening the door. “Wow! Naira, when did you do all this? Why? How? It’s… it’s beautiful.” Karthik says gawking at the room. He pulls Naira and kisses her sweetly. “Thank you so much Naira. I love you.” “Your welcome. I love you too.” Naira says and pulls him for another kiss. “Now, the movie. Tuje toh bhaag ke shaadi karni hai na? I was searching for movies and found this.” She holds up a CD. “Saathiya! Heard it’s really good. Have you seen this before?”(I just love the original tamil version of it. Alaipayuthe.)

Karthik asks. “Nope. Come let’s watch.” Kaira settle snuggled up and a huge tub of popcorn with them. “We won’t fight like this. I promise.” Karthik says while watching the movie. “I also promise.” Karthik was crying during the climax and Naira gives him tissue after tissue. “I love this movie.” “Me too!” Naira squeals. “Now, to the city park.” Karthik shouts. “You seem really excited to go there. What’s happening?” Naira asks. “Aise hi.” Karthik mumbles and they leave in the bike. “Can we go on a long drive? Wind on our face, we on my RE?” “Cool. I’ll drive too!” Naira exclaims. “Ok. We arrived.” Karthik says and parks. Naira spots someone behind the tree “Karthik, you go. I’ll just come.” She says. “Naira, thank u so much for coming. I really needed someone to be there for me. Come let’s go.” Vivaan says hugging Naira and they go to the decided location. When they enter they see Gayu on her knees in front of Karthik and was holding his hand. “I wanted to tell this to u for a long time now. I really really love you. I have no idea what u feel for me.” Gayu confesses. “I love you too, actually a lot.” Karthik replies and Gayu gets up and they hug. Naira and Vivaan get shocked and shout Karthik andGayu at the same time. “Naira! I…. You… I don’t love Gayu. I love only Vivaan. Ugh! I love you. Only you. Gayu loves Vivaan. I was helping her and then you came. Gayu tell…. na.” Karthik trails. “Yeh kab hua?” He asks looking at Viyu who were kissing each other. “During your love confession to Vivaan.” Naira chuckles looking at Karthik. “I was practicing and Karthik was helping.” Gayu says blushing. “Bhabhi aap ka hogaya toh hum chalen?” Karthik teases. “Yes jiju.” She smirks. “Let’s make a pact. We won’t call each other jiju and bhabhi.” Naira says. “Kyun bhabhi?” Vivaan asks. “Makes me feel like we are oldies jiju.” Naira shrugs. “Ok!” All of them agree. “Arey, yeh sab chod. Lagta hai mujhe aur Karthik ko jiju aur tum dono ko bhabhi mil gaya.” Vivaan says pointing in a direction where Naksh and Preeti were there. Naksh is kneeling down in front of Preeti and she cries then hugs Naksh. And they kiss each other. “Come let’s go get introduced.” Gayu smiles.

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