Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 12)

“Naksh, thank you for being there with me and sorry you had to listen to all that insults.” Preeti says while eating ice cream. “Nothing like that. I’m happy I was there for you, I don’t care what people think. Even you shouldn’t. When you find your guy, follow your heart.” Naksh tells her. “That’s not gonna happen. Why will anyone want to marry me anyway?” Preeti shrugs. “Why not? Everyone has the right to love and marry someone. Move on Preeti, I know you can do it.” Naksh squeezes her hand. “Par..” Preeti was cut short by someone hugging Naksh tightly and squealing Naksh. Naksh gets the person away from him and shouts “Tum? What do you want?” “Arey! I’m seeing you after soo many years, give your fiancee a proper hi.” She says trying to hug him again. “Fiancee? You think so? You are dead to me for a long time now. Why are you here now?” Naksh hisses. Preeti who hasn’t seen him this angry holds his shoulder to calm him down. “Naksh relax.” He ignores Preeti and looks at Tara. “Who are you? Get away from here.” Tara says pushing Preeti. “How dare you try to hurt her? I have no interest in talking to you. Get away from here before I loose my cool.” Naksh shouts at her. “Nakah, please listen to me. I know you love me, we can get back together.” Tara says hugging Naksh who tries to get out of her grip. “Tara. Lea ve. Me. Now. I don’t love you. I hate you. I hate myself for having loved you once. It took me a lot of time to move on, but now I have. Leave me alone. I’m not getting back with you ever in my life.” He shouts and moves away from her. “It is because of her right? How dare you steal my Naksh?” Tara shouts reaching for Preeti. “TARA.”

Naksh shouts and pushes her away. “What did you do to my Naksh? How dare you come between us? Remember he is with you only because you are pregnant. He will leave you and come to me very soon.” Tara shouts. “Just shut up. I’m leaving you now only because I loved you once. I hate myself for it. Dyaan se suno, if you as much as hurt a hair of Preeti or hurt my baby, mujse bura koi nahi hoga. I’m not with Preeti because she is pregnant, I’m with her because she is wonderful human. Come Preeti.” Naksh threatens and drags Preeti outside. Naksh reaches the car and struggles to open the door because of his anger. Preeti takes the keys from him and starts the car and takes it near the lake. “Naksh, come out. It’s beautiful there, your princess will want you there. Please?” She asks Naksh who is still shaking with anger. “Ok.” Naksh sighs. They sit in silence for sometime, Preeti puts her hands on Naksh’s shoulder and asks him “Do you wanna talk about it? It might make you feel better.” “Her name is Tara, someone who I assumed to be dead 7 years ago, someone who I never wanted to meet again in my life. I loved her once. We were gonna get married and she ran away on the day of our wedding. Left me alone when I needed her the most. It took me a long time to move on. Just when I thought everything is fine, I might have found someone. She comes and ruins everything.” Naksh cries. “It’s ok Naksh. Nothing is ruined. Ignore her, she isn’t worth it. Approach that person who you like.”

Preeti comforts him but feels a bit bad that there is someone in his life. Preeti was falling for Naksh and she knew it, how much ever she denied it. Naksh was more than a friend to her. “Will that person like me? She won’t say no right? I can’t stand another heartbreak.” Naksh asks her. “Naksh, you are a really good person. She can’t say no to a person like you. She is really lucky to have you. I’m sure she’ll say yes.” She says holding his face. “Will you say yes?” He asks holding her hands on his face. “Naksh…” she drags and tries to remove her hand. “Preeti I’m serious. I love you. You mean a lot to me.” Naksh says holding her hands. “Naksh please. Tara was right. You don’t love me Naksh, you are with me because of my situation. I don’t deserve you.” Preeti struggles. “Nonsense. I really love you Preeti. The situation you are in got us closer but I’m not with you because of that. What do you mean by you don’t deserve me? I love you Preeti. Please.” He says and kneels on the ground. “Naksh, I’m a divorcee who is pregnant. What will your family say? Please understand.” She pleads. “My family won’t care about these things. They know me Preeti, they know you, they know you are a very good human. Don’t mind about what others will say and just tell me, do you love me?” He asks holding her face. “The baby.” Preeti says. “Baby?” Naksh asks. “No matter what, it’s another man’s baby.” “You must be kidding. It’s your baby. It’s gonna come from you. That means it’s mine too. It became my baby long time ago, when I first felt it kick, from then. You know I love the baby Preeti, you know it means a lot to me. You wouldn’t want me to accompany you to the scan if you don’t believe that. You wouldn’t have asked me to select a name. I’m not telling these things to get you. I really love the baby and you know it.” Naksh confesses and Preeti remains silent. “I know who to ask. Hey Preeksha! I’m Naksh. I really love you and your mom. Do you want to be my daughter and become Preeksha Naksh Singhania?” He asks caressing her stomach. Preeti giggled when there was a kick. “That’s a yes.” Naksh says looking up at Preeti who was smiling at him “It is.” She nodded. Naksh stood up and pulled her into a hug and kissed her gently which Preeti happily returns. “Now it’s our turn to ask what’s happening.” They hear two voices and turn to see Naira and Viyu looking at them shocked. “Karthik and Vivaan got a jiju and both of you got a bhabhi. That’s what happened.” Preeti sass. “One more, meet my princess Preeksha Naksh Singhania.” Naksh proudly announces pointing at the stomach. “Karthik, we know about your relationship also. I’m happy for you and Gayu.” Preeti claps. “Gayu?” All four of them shout. “Haan, you said na you have date with Gayu.” Naksh says. “You noticed? That was a slip up. I had a date so I said update with Gayu and escaped.” Karthik says scratching his neck. “Woh chodo, now let me introduce you to my jiju, Vivaan!” “Bhabhi, Naira!” Vivaan and Naira announce together. “What?!” Naksh and Preeti exclaim. “Naira and Karthik? How?” Both of them chorus to which they received smirks as answers.

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