Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 11)


Naira Vivaan Convo
“What? Why did you bring me here?” Naira questions. “When did it start? How did you get together?” He asks. “What?! You brought me away for this? Aisa toh nahi lagta.” Naira raises her eyebrow. “You tell, I’ll tell you.” He makes a deal. “Last week, in Zurich he proposed. How we got together, I don’t know.” Naira smiles. “My part of the deal is done. What is the other reason?” “I really like Gayu. Did you see how her face changed each time I winked and you blushed? I think she likes me. I want to know for sure.” Vivaan blushes. “Yay!!!!! I’m getting a jiju!!!!!!” Naira shouts. “Calm down. Help me with this na. Don’t tell Karthik, he’ll tease me like crazy. Okay?” He asks. “Okay.” Naira agrees and they both plan something to surprise Gayu when Karthik and Gayu join them.

All of them chat for sometime about random stuff and have a pani puri contest, which leave Kaira in a tie.

“Preeti! Kahan ho yaar?” Naksh searches for her and goes to the kitchen. “Kab se doond raha tha main. Yahan kya kar rahi ho?” “Today 2 of our chefs haven’t come, so I’m helping them here. Why what happened?” She asks working there. “You haven’t eaten. Come fast, you’ll have to eat then have medicines and rest.” He counts in his fingers and grabs her hand to take her. “Naksh, Naksh, 10 minutes, please.” She pouts cutely. “5 minutes. Your pout na won’t work when the Princess is involved.” He finishes and Preeti sighs in defeat. “Naksh why do you take care of me so much? I don’t mean to be rude or something but if it is some pity, then please stop na.” Preeti asks. “It is not pity or something like that. I told you before, you are my friend and also Karthik’s sister. Karthik has done soo much for us, all this is nothing. And remember, I don’t think anyone should pity you and you think that you are weak. You are a strong person who is independent and soon to be a great parent.” Naksh says stuffing her mouth with one more piece of roti. “Thank you.

Can you come with me to the court tomorrow? I don’t want to be alone. Karthik will be there but, you being there is different. Please.” She asks Naksh. “Of course I’ll come. I won’t leave you alone near that piece of shit. Karthik will have his hands full controlling his temper. God! What a temper he has. I never want to be in the receiving end of it.” Naksh shudders and Preeti stuffs a piece of roti into his mouth. “Even you have to eat, princess inside or not.” She laughs and he stuffs a full roti and smiles at her. “Duggu! You ate! Omg Preeti, you have managed the impossible. He skips the lunch half the time. Good thing you are here to make him eat.” Akshara says entering the room. “I’ll make sure he eats aunty, the same way he does.” Preeti smiles and hugs Akshara. “The baby kicked!” Preeti exclaims. “Me me me!!”

Naksh squeals and touches her stomach to feel the kicks. “Again!” Both of them squeal this time. “Allow me also to feel na!” Akshara asks. “Only once. I’m protective about my princess.” Naksh states. “Princess?” Akshara asks confused. “Yup. And we also have silent conversation where I have told her to call me Naksh. Uncle and all makes me sound old. What’s say?” Naksh asks Akshara. “You are completely mental. Aunty he is soo sure it’s a girl I told him to get a name.” Preeti informs. “What?!” Akshara asks shocked. “Ya! I will think of the best name. Just wait and watch.” Naksh boasts. “Ya ya, think fast. You have only 4 more months.” Preeti pats his back. “Waise Preeti, what has the doctor told you? How is the baby?” Akshara asks. “That reminds me, hello Mr. my reports and instructions. He hasn’t told me anything but told something to varsha aunty and dadi, and they make me eat soo much.

What did the doctor say?” Preeti informs. “Baby is perfect but slightly lower than ususal. Nutritious food with zero stress and full rest for you. And also that you shouldn’t get tensed. That’s it.” Naksh says. “How did the doctor tell you all this?” Akshara asks. “That’s because everyone thought he is my husband who is super excited to see his ‘Princess’.” Preeti air quotes. “What?! You guys are crazy!” Akshara exclaims. “That we know!” Both of them chorus. “Aunty! Will it be okay if Naksh comes to the court with me tomorrow?” Preeti requests. “Of course not. Bye, see you later.” Akshara says and pats her cheeks and leaves.

“Karthik, Preeti, am I late?” Naksh asks walking towards them. We just came. I’ll go meet the lawyer and come. Stay with her na.” Karthik informs and leaves. “How are you today?” Naksh asks. “Good.” Preeti replies. “Didn’t ask you, sorry. How’s my princess?” He asks bending down. “Princess? Now I see why you refused to take back your divorce petition. I have been following you since the park incident, I had a doubt but now it is confirmed. You want to leave Vikram to be with this man. Aren’t you ashamed to have an affair with someone when you are already married?” A man in early fifties sneers and Vikram smirks standing beside him. “How dare you speak to her like that. Apologise right now. Aren’t you ashamed to say these things?

Behave your age and get away from here. I don’t care who you are, I’m leaving you alone only because you are elder than me. I have been taught better than to raise my hand on someone elder than me.” Naksh holds his collor. “Leave them alone Naksh. He isn’t worth it. See who is talking about having an affair. You have no right whatsoever to interfere in our lives. Preeti has every right to love and also marry a person of her choice. The only thing which relate us is just that you are our sperm donor, just a sperm donor. Now get away from here before I loose my cool and attack you scums.” Karthik says in a deathly calm voice and they leave giving the three of them glares. “I’m sorry about that Naksh and also thank you.” Karthik thanks. “Not a problem. Come now let’s go and get done with it.” Naksh says and all of them go towards the court rooms.


“Uff! It’s over. My treat guys!” Preeti squeals. “I’m sorry dhi, but I have to go for my date, update with Gayu. See you guys later.” Karthik smiles and mentally slaps himself for the slip up. “Is it just me” “Or did he say date?” They complete the sentence. “Date with Gayu! Yaaay! I wanted him to get together with one of my siss. I’m soo excited.” Naksh squeals. “Dude, calm down. Let’s not show them that we know. Deal?” “Deal!” They shake hands.

Extremly sorry guys, we were hit by a cyclone and no network for long. Just got proper wifi. Hope I made up with the 3 chapter update. Can you suggest a ship name for Naksh and Preeti? Thank you. Keep voting.

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