Kaira And Viyu A Different Story (Part 10)

“Who I am?” The person asked. Karthik and Gayu look petrified. “Naksh! Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?” Karthik asks. “I’m asking you the same thing. What’s happening here? Love confessions?” He asks staring at Karthik. “I was telling Karthik about who I like. He said he will help me.” Gayu explains. “It’s not the two of you? Chaa! How cool it will be if Karthik marries one of my sisters. Naira is out of question, these two will only create a world war.” Naksh sighs unhappily. Karthik holds Gayu’s hand to stop her from telling about them and mouthes later. “I came here with Preeti, see you guys later at home.” Naksh walks away. “Chalo, we’ll search for those two.” Gayu says and searches for them.

When Naksh nears the bench Preeti was sitting, he saw that there was someone with whom she was arguing. “Stop creating a drama here and come with me.” That person growls. “I’m not coming anywhere with you. Get lost before I call the crowd. I’m no longer the spineless fool who I used to be.” Preeti spat. Naksh decides to see what’s wrong. “Preeti, you okay? The others here, wanna join them.” Naksh asks trying to avoid the guy there and take Preeti away. “Hello hero! Stay away from her. Who do you think you are?” That guy pushes Naksh away. “Naksh! Tum teek toh ho na?” Preeti asks helping him up. “Are you crazy? What part of GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE don’t you understand? You have been a no one to me and will always be a nobody. I live only for my child and dare you come back into my life claiming to be my kid’s father. Come Naksh.” Preeti screams at that man and walks away with Naksh. After they walk away from that man Naksh stops her. “Preeti, calm down, sit here. Let me get you some water.” He goes and gets some water and gives it to her. “What happened? Why did you get so mad? I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t shout or het angry. All I’m telling you is, there is a small, cute little princess in there who needs you to stay calm.

If you want you can tell me what happened. I’m with you. Always.” Naksh says and holds her face to wipe her tears. “He is Vikram, he got out of jail and came to threaten me to take back the divorce and case I have filed. He wanted me to go back to his jail. I won’t go back there. It’s final. That’s why I lost my cool. I’m sorry he hurt you.” Preeti cries. “Hushh. It’s okay. Just remember I’m there. You have become a really close friend in such a short time. It really has been a long time since I saw a strong lady. You are a strong independent woman who will become the best mother. Wanna have some pani puri?” Naksh consoles her. “Love to have some. By the way, how do you say it is a princess?” Preeti questions. “Cuz, girls babies are really cute.” He chuckles. “Preeti, have you thought of any name?”

He asks. “Naa, too soon. I have few more months to do those things. Now that you have decided it is a girl, you think of a name and I will think of a boy’s name. What say?” Preeti asks gobbling one pani puri after other. “Why me? I mean, don’t you want to be the one to chose? Karthik might want to name the baby. I’m..” Naksh is cut off by her. “Dost ho meri. Haaq banta hai. Vaise bhi, you were the first to feel it’s kick.” Preeti says and pays the vendor. “So toh hai. Ab gar chalen?” He asks. “No yaar. I have my appointment today at 6. Drop me at the hospital na.” She asks. “Nope. I’m not dropping you. I’m coming with you. Are they taking a scan today?” He asks. “Ya. Late hojayega. You leave me and go na.” Preeti says. “Nope, not happening. It’s ok if it becomes late. Come let’s go now.” They go to the car.

“Preeti, you can go inside now.” Preeti gets up to go in while Naksh sits outside. “Sir, aap bhi aa sakthe hain.” The doctor tells Naksh. “No, it’s okay, I’ll stay here.” He replies. “Come na, it will be good to have you along.” Preeti says and he smiles and follows her inside. The doctor scans the child and shows them the baby. “Preeti, you go and do the other tests till then I’ll get your report done. Sir aap please rukiye.” The doctor tells them. “Kya hai doctor? Sab teek hai na?” Naksh asks. “The baby and the mother are healthy. But there seems to be a problem in the position of the child, it is a bit lower than usual. Did Preeti fall down or anything? It will not be of any problem now, but if it gets any lower then there might be some problem. Also we have to check for the RH factor of the child, Preeti is RH negative. There will be no major problem, it is just for precaution.” The doctor explains. “I don’t know if she hurt herself doctor, but I’ll make sure there is no further problem. What should be done?” Naksh enquires. “Enough rest and no stress.

That’s the best thingto do right now. And also make sure you make her have nutritious food and takes her medicines on time.” The doctor explains everything which needs to be done and Naksh makes a mental note of everything the doctor says and also records the conversation to not miss a single point. “Preeti, the reports are good. I have explained everything to your husband, he will take care. You got a very loving and caring husband. Take care see you next month.” The doctor smiles and leaves these two in a blushing mess. Naksh clears his throat “Home now?” “Ya.” She smiles. The car ride was silent but not awkward. “Preeti, I know all the instructions and your medicines also I’ll get it. You are in Krishna with me half the time so I can keep check. Take care.” Naksh informs when they reach the Mahaeshwari’s place. “Thank you.” Preeti says and goes inside.

“Pata hai, aaj na Preeti ke sath me scan karne gayi thi. Kitna cute tha woh baby. Really small.” Naksh excitedly narrates the whole incident except for the slight complication. “End me na doctor ko lag raha tha ki main uski..” he stops mid sentence realising what he was going say. “Uski?” Naitik prompts. “Bhool gaya. Naira, you went with Gayu and Karthik na today, where were you?” He asks to change the topic. “Vivaan was asking me something so I was with him. We had the pani puri competition today! As usual, Naira the great was the winner.” She boasts. “Jhoot. It was a tie between you and Karthik.” Gayu states. “Ek hi baat hai. I didn’t know a person can eat as many as me.” Naira says. “Naira, I don’t know how much you ate but surely I know a person who can beat you like that.” Naksh states. “Impossible.” All of them chorus. “7 plates. I saw it and believe me I’m shocked too.” Naksh states. “Maa, chachi, kya aap log bhi pregnant hote samai itna kate the? Preeti was hogging a plate after another. Wow!” Naksh asks. “Naksh, nazar maat laga. Haan jab mood tha hum kahathe the.” Bhabhima scolds. “Us samai me na, achanak se mood change hoti hai.”

“Cravings! OMG! Middle of the night Karishima cried because she wanted to have some specific flavour ice cream. It was horrible, but na it is also really nice when you get them what they want. No matter what time or where you are.” Naman smiles. They finish their dinner and, Naman, Karishma,Akshara and Naitik have a talk in their room. “Did you notice Naksh’s face when he talks about Preeti or the child. He brightens up. He looks genuinely happy after a long time.” Akshara asks. “I noticed bhabhi. It feels like he loves the child a lot. He wants to take care of both of them, keep them happy.” Karishma agrees. “Does he know this? Does he understand that he is heading towards something big? I don’t think he knows he loves Preeti and the baby more than a friend.” Naman states. “Whatever happens, if Naksh is happy then that’s what I’ll support. I can’t see him sad again. Hope everything goes well.

” Naitik says. Meanwhile, in Naksh’s room he just finished calling up Preeti to check up if she had all her medicines and makes a chart according to the doctor’s instructions on what all should be followed. “Done! Now I will make sure both of you are healthy, happy and safe.” He says aloud holding up his chart. Naman, Karishma, Naitik and Akshara look at this from outside and look on.

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