Kaira : Together for a moment called Forever by Vrushy ( Chapter 19 )

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Chapter 19
When everything gets fine.

“We will be going to Goa the next weekend.” Karthik said as he brushed his hair standing in front of the mirror.

“What ?!!” Naira asked confused.

“Yeah, remember the honeymoon I was talking about a few days back. You had asked me to select a place right. Well then I have decided on Goa.” He said.

“Ohkay. I will pack our stuff.” She said and started taking out clothes from the wardrobe.

“I also have a surprise for you. Keerti dii and Naksh jiju are also joining us on this trip.” He said and waited for her reaction.

“What ?!! Are you serious ?!!” Naira shouted with glee.

“Yes. They wanted to have a baby moon before their kid is born. Therefore, they are coming with us.” He said and smiled looking at the dreamy look on her face.

“Thank you so much, Karthik. You are the best person in the world.” She said and started jumping up and down all around the room.

Karthik just looked on happily as she danced all around the room in her excitement. Just then he got a phone call. He took out his cell phone from his pocket.

As he spoke on the phone, the smile that had appeared on his face started fading out. He looked shocked and afraid. Naira observed the change in his features and grew silent.

She walked towards him and looked at him cautiously. She knew something was wrong, but what. She waited for him to finish his call. After he kept the phone back in his pocket, she asked him what had happened.

“Keerti Dii is downstairs.” He said and rushed out of the room. Naira followed him.

As they reached downstairs, all the Goenkas were gathered in the hall and everyone’s face had a shocked expression.

First of all the daughter of the house was back after three years with her husband and secondly, she was pregnant. Everyone needed some time to get adjusted with the facts.

None of them knew if their anger for keerti was bigger than how happy they were at the moment. Everyone stood at their place shocked.

“I wanted the things to get sorted out.” Naksh said.

With that, Keerti stepped in the house while Naksh stood at the doorstep. Keerti still kept her eyes locked with Manish.

“Don’t even think of taking one more step inside the house.” Manish roared in anger.

Keerti froze and stood rooted to her place. Karthik went towards Manish.

“Why papa ?!!” He asked with the same intensity as his father.

“I won’t let her come inside, Karthik.” Manish said.

Keerti knotted her fingers and lowered her head. Tears brimmed from her eyes. Her dad was everything for her but the hatered that his eyes borne for her was not acceptable by her.

“You are angry because dii went against your wish, then what must I do to you papa. Even you forced me to marry Naira. Even you went against my wish.” Karthik stated rudely.

Manish collapsed in the chair near by. Which parent will be able to digest the fact that their children are against them. Manish turned to Keerti and kept looking at her as the corner of his eyes became wet.

“You asked me why I hated her, right ?!! Why didn’t you ask the same question to your dii ?!!” Manish said and walked towards Keerti.

“Didn’t I ask you about your approval before engagement ?!! Didn’t I promise you that I will get you married to the person whom you love ?!!” He asked his daughter.

Keerti nodded in a yes, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. He turned to Karthik after her reply.

“Look, I did it Karthik. I asked your sister before fixing the match but she said that she didn’t had anyone in her life. Everything was set Karthik. Even you were present at the situation. The mandap was waiting for the bride, the groom was waiting for the bride, I was waiting for my daughter but a letter appeared in her place.” Manish said in a broken voice.

“The letter said that my daughter was already in love with some other guy from Two years and cannot live in his absence and so she is eloping. Why didn’t she tell this to me earlier ?!!” He said.

“But she has the right to choose her life partner, papa.” Karthik said in a soft voice. Manish sighed deeply and smirked sadly.

“No parent will oppose their child’s wish, Karthik. I would have never said no if your dii informed me, but she didn’t . She eloped that too a day before the marriage. She didn’t even think about us, for a second before leaving the house. Her love dominated our the love of her family.” He said and buried his head in his palms.

“But now, I think we must give her a chance.” Suwarna said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Chance ?!! That’s the problem Suwarna, she thought that I will surely forgive her after three years. That I will suffocate her with hugs and kisses when she comes back. That I will forget everything and accept her as my daughter. That I will forget how she betrayed my love and made fun of it.” Manish said and stopped to breathe.

Keerti took a deep breath but didn’t answer because words failed her and that’s because her father was true. She thought that her father would accept her after a span of time.

“Sorry, Papa. I was really scared to inform you about Naksh. I thought that I would forget him, but no, I failed. I thought I would make you happy and marry the guy you had chosen for me. But I couldn’t forget Naksh. Leaving this house was not so easy. I missed my home every second. I missed our chat at dinner, I missed your scolding. I missed your strength beside me in fact I missed a part of myself by leaving my family.” Keerti said as she sobbed on her tears.

Manish rubbed his nose not to cry but that didn’t help, tears of pain came out that he had held from three years.

“I am not a selfish person Keerti. I am not a person who will try to harm my own blood by taking rude decisions, but I am not going to forgive you for this unless and until you are ready for a punishment.” Manish said.

Keerti raised her head, hope written on her face.

“You should stay here Keerti, In Goenka Mnasion. The first delivery of my daughter will be taken up by her family.” He said smiling through his tears.

Precap : Some happy moments !!
This is probably the longest update I have written in a while. But then I wanted to end this millan part in a single Chapter.

The next Chapter will have some sweet and cute family moments as well as some romance between Kaira. After that the Goa trip will start.

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