Kaira : Together for a moment called Forever by Vrushy ( Chapter 18 )

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Chapter 18
Because love always reduces the distance.

As Karthik entered the bedroom, he glanced at the couch and found Naira sleeping. He felt some relief because he had observed her being dull at dining table and also rubbing her temples occasionally.

She had not even spoken a word to him or anyone else since they had returned from Singhania Mansion.

He had thought of asking her what was wrong, but immediately withdrew the idea. He didn’t want to make her more uncomfortable than she already was.

During the two weeks they had been married, Karthik knew that Naira was not very comfortable around him.

Though they had slowly got mixed into each others lifestyle but there were some unsaid rules between them. They didn’t interfere in each others personal space.

He didn’t wanted to come off as someone who would be nagging his nose in his wife’s every matter therefore he let that thought rest for some time. He would ask her later what was bothering her.

So he went to his side of bed, laid down and switched off the main lights. After few minutes, he heard some sobbing sound and without wasting a minute, he turned on the lights and his eyes turned to couch. Naira was sitting on the couch with her head buried in her hands.

“What happened ?!!” He asked her.

Naira nodded her head in no without lifting it. Karthik was not such type of a person who would ignore someone’s pain.

He got down from the bed, went to her and patted her shoulder. She lifted her head and he saw that her cheeks and eyes were red with tears.

“What happened ?!!” He asked again.

“Headache.” She said and sniffed her nose.

Karthik sighed. She bit her lip and then massaged the vein at the back of her neck. Karthik observed it and went out of the room.

After a few minutes, he came back with a bowl of oil. As she saw him, Naira remembered how she had given him a head massage when he had a severe headache.

“Come, sit on the bed. I will give you an oil massage.” He said.

“No, its ohkay. I will manage.” She said. She didn’t wanted to be a trouble to him.

“Did you listen to me when I had a headache ?!! No, right. So come and lie down on the bed.” He said and forwarded his hand for her to get up from the couch.

Naira stared into his eyes and unknowingly gave her hand in his. He walked her to their bed and made her sit down, holding her shoulder and then she slept on the bed on her back.

“Not like this. Sleep on your stomach.” He said.

Naira frowned but still she followed his orders and slept on her belly. Karthik sat on the floor beside her sleeping form and took the oil in his hand.

He then slowly massaged the place on her neck which she was touching and rubbing few minutes ago. While massaging, he understood that the area is swollen.

Naira could feel butterflies in her stomach every time his fingers gilded over her spine. The hair on her skin started to rise as she felt Goosebumps all over her body. She was loving the feel of his fingers on her bare skin.

As Karthik massaged her neck, he could feel her tight muscles loosen up and her shoulders sagged down more on the bed. After massaging for fifteen minutes, he stopped to stretch his hands.

“How are you feeling now ?!! Is it better ?!!” He asked softly.

She didn’t answer. He leaned on her sleeping form when he didn’t get any answer. He saw her sleeping peacefully and a smile came on his face.

He continued the massage for more ten minutes and then kept the oil bowl on the night stand. He washed his hands and climbed into the bed beside her.

He looked at her face that looked breathtakingly beautiful in the moonlight. He tucked the few strands of hair behind her ear, that were disturbing her and laid down next to her.

To his surprise sleep came to him quite early that night and that too a peaceful one after many years.


Naira opened her eyes as the sunrays disturbed her sleep. Her head was plastered on Karthik’s chest while her right hand was wrapped around his torso. His face was really close to hers and she could feel his light breath hitting her forehead.

She blushed at their proximity and quickly got out of the bed without disturbing him. She freshened up and went downstairs to help with the breakfast.

After about 20 minutes Karthik joined them as well. Naira and Karthik avoided each others gaze as they both were a bit embarrassed with what happened at night. Karthik ate his breakfast hurriedly and went to office.


Suwarna received a call from Karthik at around afternoon.

“Maa, will you please give the Mehta’s file kept in my room to the driver. I need it urgently.” He asked.

“I have lots of work Karthik. Ask Naira to help you out.” She said softly but with authority in her voice.

“But Maa..” Karthik started to say.

Before he could finish his sentence, Suwarna disconnected the call. She then turned around and gave a thumbs up to Vrushika who was already smiling at her Mother in law’s childlike behavior.


Karthik thought for a while but then dailled her number from his cell phone. He waited with baited breath for her to pick up the call.

“Hello ?!!” she asked in a sweet voice.

“Its me.” He said.

“Yeah, I know. I have your number saved in my phone.” She said.

They kept silent for a few seconds. Only their breaths could be heard on the line.

“Did you need anything ?!!” She asked finally.

“Yes. Actually there is a file by the name Mehta’s in my cupboard. Please send it with the driver.” He asked her.

“Just a minute.” Naira said.

She went to their cupboard and opened his cabinet. She rummaged through the shelf and finally her eyes caught the file that she wanted. She took it out.

Suddenly Karthik heard Naira laughing on the other end of the phone. Her laughter sounded like birds were chirping. It sounded so sweet. Karthik got lost for a moment but then came back to his senses.

“What happened ?!!”He asked.

“Did you write the name ‘Mehta’ on the file ?!!” She asked still chuckling lightly.

“Yes. Why ?!! Is something wrong ?!!” He asked confused.

“Your handwriting really sucks, Karthik. I think Aaryan writes better than you.” She said again bursting into fits of laughter.

“Stop laughing. Its not that bad. Send the file with the driver.” He said embarrassed completely.

He immediately disconnected the call. A small smile played on his lips as well. He knew his handwriting sucked big time. He looked at the phone’s screen and smiled a full smile after a long time.

She really did enlighten his mood just via a phone call.

Precap : Keerti at the Goenka Mansion.
Sorry for making you all wait for long. I guess I will have to write this line everytime I post a new Chapter of my FF. Because no matter how much I try, I end up posting late.

Anyways, how was this Chapter ?!! I hope you all liked it. Well the next Chapter will have a bit of family drama and then the Goa trip starts. I want to get on with it as only then will the story move forward.

Spoiler : Naira will come to know the whole truth of Karthik and Gayu’s marraige during the Goa trip.

Lots of twists and turns coming up. So stay tuned. Also do comment peeps. It feels bad when I see less number of comments.

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    ”tere ff ko itna main pyaar karaan
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    Ke tere ff ke liye exams chhod di
    ispe hi saans aake ruke
    Main isko kitna chaata hun
    Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

    loved it
    can’t wait for next !!

    • Vrushy



      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Your guesture is really sweet and means a lot to me.
      Will post next chapter soon !!


    Cute chapter dii…….
    Love all the moments…..
    Waiting for kaira honeymoon and gayu’s suspense…….

  3. Shivaya khanna

    Wow great loved the chapter liking the kaira are coming closer pls post next one soon don’t make us wait too long don’t feel bad with less comments we all love your ff eagerly waiting for next

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    Wow.. Di it was amazing…. & truly I can’t live without reading your ff’s for a single day….
    And this one is my favourite…. eagerly waiting for the next part…..

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    This was really awesome liking the fact how ur nt jumping altogether n showing them romance the way ur showing how they r gettinf comfortable slowly with each other really nice..okz post next one soon
    thank u

    • Vrushy



      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Its really nice that you observed the slow pace of the story.
      Will post next Chapter soon !!

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