Kaira : Together for a moment called Forever by Vrushy ( Chapter 17 )

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Chapter 17
Keesh come to know of Kaira’s forced Marriage.

Keerti raised her head from book, which she was reading when she heard a knock on her door. She looked up to see Karthik peeking in from the door.

After they left the café Naira and Karthik had tagged along with them to Singhania sadan. Keerti had called Karthik to her room while Naksh was supposed to be talking to Naira in her old bedroom.

Keerti and Naksh had made this plan so as to know about how their siblings had got married and why. Because they didn’t seem to be acting like a married couple.

Both of them had observed a certain distance and discomfort between Karthik and Naira and they wanted to know the reson behind it.

“Come in, Karthik.” Keerti said and made space for him on the bed to sit. As he sat down awkward silence filled the room.

“You wanted to talk ?!!” Karthik asked her. Keerti shifted uncomfortably in her place as she didn’t know how to approach the topic. Karthik noticed it.

“It is so odd that my sister is feeling awkward to talk me.” He said.

“I didn’t mean it that way, Karthik.” She said.

“What do you want to talk about ?!!” He asked her.

“Naira.” She said calmly.

Karthik’s smile faded away at the mention of her name and that didn’t go unnoticed by Keerti. She waited for a few seconds and then turned to Karthik.

“Is there some problem between the two of you ?!!” She asked.

“Nothing as of such.” He lied and Keerti caught it.

“Then why are you both behaving like strangers. You don’t look like a just married couple. Tell me what is wrong, Karthik. Maybe I can help.” She said looking worried for her little brother.

Seeing her attentive and worried face, Karthik became nervous. His heart was beating faster and he shivered badly.

“I am a divorcee.” Karthik confessed while Keerti looked on shocked.


“I still cant believe that you are married. The sindoor and mangalsutra is freaking me out.” Naksh joked as he sat down with Naira on her bed. Naira rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, even I have not come to terms with that fact as of yet.” She said smiling a little and Naksh quickly caught the truth behind her joke.

He thought it to be the perfect moment to ask the thing which was troubling him since the first time he had seen her after three years.

“What is it Naira ?!! Spill the beans.” He said keeping a hand on her shoulder.

Naira became silent for a fraction of second and again acted as if she didn’t listen to him. Naksh sighed and made her look into his eyes.

“What is wrong between you and Karthik.” He asked.

“Everything.” She answered and and her voice choked. Tears started pricking in her eyes involuntarily. She lowered her eyes and bit her lip to swallow the sob but she failed.

“Tell me what is it Naira.” Naksh said. He is worried seeing his sister in such a vulnerable state.

“I am his second wife.” She finally confessed while Naksh looked on shocked.


“You are divorced ?!!” Keerti asked him again just to be sure.

“Yes. I really didn’t wanted to marry Naira, because I cannot spoil an innocent’s life.” Karthik said and let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes.

“The why did you marry her ?!!” Keerti asked still shocked.

“Dad forced me into this Marriage. The whole family had suffered because of my first wife and I didn’t wanted to hurt them more so I gave into it.” He answered.

“What about Naira then ?!!” She asked.

“ I don’t know. She is my wife, but I can’t make her happy. What if she also leaves me broken at the end ?!!” He said.

“So you want to ruin her life as well.” Keerti said a bit angrily. This behavior of her brother was not acceptable by her.

“It is no so easy to move on.” He said lost somewhere.

“Neither is it so difficult as you are making it to be.” She said.

“But I am still engrossed in my past. I can never forget what she did with me.” He said.

“Ohkay, Tell me about her. Your first wife.” She said.


Naira told Naksh about how she and Karthik got married. He was just stumped.

They both sat in silence for few minutes. Naira sniffed occasionally wiping her tears. Naksh really felt bad that he was not beside her in the time of need. His little baby sister had gone through so much.

“Every time I see him, I feel that he is touched by some one else, he is loved by some other girl, he cared for some one other than me. He has already shared everything which I wanted only to be mine. No matter how hard I try, these thoughts never leave my mind.” Naira blurted out.

Naksh became numb by her confession. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t even have the time to process all the information that was provided to him. He also didn’t know what to suggest her, to continue the meaningless marriage or break the relationship.

“Every girl thinks and dreams so much about her married life, especially her husband. After marriage, he is the only one whom she considers to be her family. But my man has already been family to some other girl.” She said almost in a whisper.

“Naira you ought to let go off past and learn to live in present. It is his past and now he belongs to you.” Naksh said.

“He belongs to me but his heart is still with her.” Naira said.

Precap : Some sweet Kaira moments.
So keesh know about Kaira’s forced marraige now. Some cute and sweet moments between Kaira coming up.

Also I am putting the honeymoon track on hold for sometime. As I want to make all the matters fine first so that kaira would have some fun and romance on their honeymoon.

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    Hey Vrushy ! I just want to ask when are you updating- being together is all that matters….was eagerly waiting for it☺

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    Very well written loved the way keesh understood kaira so well and their understanding eagerly waiting for kaira romance

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    So cute bro sis moments! The feelings could be felt by just reading it! Wonderfully wirtten! Eagerly waiting for next! Wen r planning to post the next part?

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    So cute brother and sister conversation. I also miss my brother a lot.
    Very nice! Awesome!!!!
    Eagerly waiting for next part
    Thank you for reminding my memories with my brother’s
    Thank you very much vrushy di


    Amazing vrushy di hamesha k tarah ye chapter v awesome tha…..
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    M big fan of your writing skills dii…..

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    It was super se bhi upper !!

    Nice Bro-Sis Convo at both side.

    Can’t wait for next !!

    Hey i forget to ask many time i had in my mind , howzz going on your Ishqbaaz FF ,i think that will reached upto 20-25chapters ?

    • Vrushy



      Thank you 🙂
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      Will post next Chapter soon !!
      Well my Ishaqbaaz FF was on hold as I had my exams but will be posting it soon now.

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    It was awesome as well.I can understand naira’s feeling. He is not only hers but also someone else. It’s difficult for any girl to handling this type of situation. Precap is exciting so i will wait for it.

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