Kaira : Together for a moment called Forever by Vrushy ( Chapter 16 )

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Chapter 16
Keesh’s Love Story.

Seeing his room, Naksh went into his past. It was during his M.B.A first year that he saw Keerti who was studying in the same college. He met her through a common friend and soon became close friends with her but during the end of the semester, she proposed him and he immediately accepted as he had also fallen in love with her by that time.

The phase of their life when they were in love was just incredibly happy and awesome. Everything went fine till Keerti’s wedding was finalized with some other boy. She had said that she would end her life if she won’t get married to him.

So Naksh decided to disclose about his love to his family and he finally succeeded but his Papa reluctantly disapproved. His family was not a well preacher of Love marriages. More over they wanted him to settle down in his life and achieve something career wise before getting married to someone.

Naksh tried hard to convince his family but it didn’t seem to work. He knew that they won’t accept Keerti because it was something which they didn’t expect their son to do.

Only Naira was by his side even though she had never met Keerti. But then she trusted her Bhai’s choice as well as his decision. Naira kept boosting him so that he might become normal but before the day of wedding, Keerti called him saying that she was going to end her life.

Naksh immediately went to her and tried to convince her but he failed. So he had to choose another way. He went back to Singhania Sadan and met his Papa alone in the study and requested him by telling about Keerti’s condition and her state of mind but silence was the only answer he got.

Not having any other way, he eloped with her and stayed at one of his friend’s house and later shifted to Delhi as Keerti got a job there.

He too got a transfer from his job in Udaipur to Delhi. Initially, depression and silence filled his day and night as he never thought of standing against his family but Keerti was the one who healed him. Naksh used to be guilty all the time for letting his family down but then he understood that even Keerti was going through the same emotion but she was being happy just for his sake.

The decision they took might be the result of heat of emotions but Keerti stood beside him as a family would.

She behaved like a mother, father, sister and wife. So he decided to give her the happiness from which she was departed. He can be himself only with her.

She knew how to handle him in fact she can read him very well than himself. So Naksh decided to stop dwelling on the past and living the life with the girl he loved the most.

Her smile lightened his day. She always acted as a good wife and now it was the time for him to return her love. He is pretty confident that even his family will accept her and will gradually love her more than him.

He understood that they needed sometime to accept her and their relationship but he was just too happy and glad to be around them and have them by his side right now.

He looked towards Keerti’s sleeping form on his bed and covered her with the comforter. He bent down and kissed her on her forehead.

She cuddled more into his side and he took her in his arms. He was going to sleep peacefully after about three years as he had all the people he loved the most around him right now.


The next Morning Keerti and Naksh went to a café near their house to meet Shantanu Bhai and Vrushika Bhabi. Naira, Karthik and Aaryan had accompanied them as well.

“I really didn’t expect that both Karthik and I will get married in the same family.” Keerti said after hugging both her bhai and bhabhi and updating them about what all had happened in the last three years and also what happened yesterday.

“Yes. It one hell of a coincidence.” Shantanu bhai said adoring his little sister who had a glow on her face because of pregnancy as well as the happiness around.

“How are maa and papa ?!!” She asked Shantanu bhai.

Karthik and Shantanu’s smile faded away at her question but soon they composed themselves.

“They are still angry with you. But don’t worry everything will be alright.” Shantanu bhai said keeping his hand on hers to reassure her.

Keerti got sad for a minute but then she smiled a little so that the people around her wont feel bad. She observed some kid hiding behind Naira.

“Naira, who is he ?!!” She asked pointing at the kid.

Naira turned around to find Aryan hiding behind her. She picked him up and made him sit in her lap

“He is Aaryan. Vrushika bhabhi and Shantanu bhai’s son.” Naira said patting his head.

Keerti tried to pull his cheeks but he turned his face. He looked at her as if she was some alien. Keerti immediately pulled back as she didn’t wanted to scare him.

She completely understood that he didn’t knew her and had not even seen her before so he didn’t consider her as his family even though she was a part of it.

Meanwhile Aaryan got down from Naira’s lap and ran towards Karthik. Naksh followed him and tried to touch him or pick him up in his arms. But Aaryan was fast, he reached Karthik and clutched his shirt tightly in his small hands.

“He is your chacha, Aaryan, just like me.” Karthik assured the little scared kid. Aaryan turned to look at Naksh, inspecting him from top to bottom.

“Then where were you all these years ?!!” Aaryan asked Naksh and everyone became silent.

“Actually Naksh chachu went to meet his Nana- Nani, just like you go to meet yours during your summer vacation.” Naira said trying to handle the situation.

“But summer vacations are for a month. How come he had for three years ?!!” Aaryan asked again.

“Because I am very much older than you so I have summer vacations for three years.” Naksh answered this time, caressing Aaryan’s hair. Aaryan thought for a while.

“I consider Karthik chachu as my friend so will you also be my best friend.” He asked naksh forwarding his hand for a handshake.

“Yes. Why not Champ.” Naksh answered.

“Promise ?!!” Aaryan asked cutely.

“Promise. How about we seal the deal with a chocolate.” Naksh said and handed over a chocolate to Aaryan. He had bought it for Naira but then he knew she would understand. Aaryan grabbed the chocolate and ran towards his papa.

“Papa, now I have two best friends. Karthik chacha and Naksh chacha.” He said proudly by the new found friendship.

“Then what about me Aaryan ?!!” Naira asked. Aaryan looked at Naira who was pouting her lips and thought for a while.

“You are my girlfriend.” He answered finally.

Naira looked on shocked at the three year old kid’s answer. Karthik just smiled at his cute antics and rubbed the back of his head while the others burst out laughing.

Precap : Keesh getting to know about Kaira’s forced marraige.
Was this long enough ?!! Well I hope it was as I have to really think hard about the plot of this FF.

Firstly, I hope you all got it about how Keesh met and fell in love. Also Keerti and Naksh have never met Aaryan as they eloped before he was born.

Secondly, I didn’t know the name of relationship between Naksh and Aaryan. So for now Naksh will be his chacha.

Thirdly, I know kaira wasn’t there in this Chapter but then I also want to show a bit of keesh as I have become a fan of theirs after witnessing their awsome chemistry in the serial. But don’t worry the main focus will always be on kaira as its a FF on their love story.

As for the honeymoon destination, its Goa that has won. The honeymoon track will start after 3 – 4 Chapters as before that I want to show Keerti being forgiven by the Goenka family and more understanding developing between Kaira. So you will have to wait for some time.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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