Kaira and swadarsh ; a love story (Part 9)

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In this epi the past is there I will explain it school and question is there who is Shivay ? His babe is used in convo here ??
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Naira was worried where as SWADHEENTA was in deep thoughts . Suddenly a man surrounded with guards came
Man is revealed to be Hamid Khan
H-do ull girls remember me ? Ur Shivay bhaiya is also with me . Don’t be scared I won’t harm him not u also chill
Hearing Shivay name she started to cry more
N murmured -Shivay bhaiya
S screaming -what do u want why have u come back to destroy our lives ?
H-I had never gone and I was always there making a plan to destroy ur lives and he gave a wicked laugh …… This time I’m only here to meet ull next time I will give ull a gift ok bye now I have to go
These sisters were depressed that their past is back …
H ordered kidnappers to come with him to take money as the sisters were tied ..
The kidnappers went

N-Di we will have to run from here it’s very dangerous
S-I know let is think something
Till the time he went it was almost 4:00pm
Other side –
All were completing preparations for Adarshs engagement all the guest had been invited and it was in the morning by 11 or earlier
Karthik was still in office sitting depressed
At office –
Karthik was not able to do his work his only attention was towards Naira and how he behaved with her
Pow -did I do anything wrong but it’s ok I think I’m right …,,, let me go home I’m late he left and reached home

Till he reached mostly all preparations were done guest were invited , caterers were called and checked , dresses were stitched as mostly all had what they had to wear except Adarsh he just bought a ready made suit , rings were purchased but 1thing that was missing was a smile on Adarsh’s face he was only doing this for a formality his brothers were the only 1 who understood his situation they just hoped that some miracle would happen and what they wanted would take place …….
These 4 brothers had a unique bonding and had love for each other every day in office they soul sit together for lunch or anything else and when they were home after or before dinner in the guesthouse or some1s room
Today they all decided to sit before dinner in Karthiks room
all bros were present …
Ad-Karthik listen
K-ha bhai say

Ad-how is Naira she is fine ?? , there was silence for a while how is she Karthik ?? Answer me
K-how do I know she must be fine what I got to do
Ad-what the hell do u mean (with little anger )
K-bhai woh I have no idea
Ad-if u don’t have who will have ?? She is ur blo*dy gf
K-no more … We broke up last night
Ad was confused -what what are u saying do u have any idea to what u are saying ?
K-yea I do and we are no more together that’s it ..
Ad-bhai do u have any idea to what shit he is talking
J-Adarsh woh they broke up after u went
Ad-why did ull not stop him
Ab-bhai we tried but he did not let us so he just went to his room
Ad-Abhay u dropped them ??
Ab-bhai they said they would go on their own so we let them ,..
Ad-have ull all gone mad by any chance ? Ull leave 2 young girls in the middle of the night to go home and u mister Karthik may I know the reason for u taking this maha step ¿
K-bhai coz SWADHEENTA Di
he did not complete and stopped

Ad-what SWADHEENTA ha Karthik that was between the me and her (swadhu) why did u spoil ur relation duffer here I am trying to get my love and u ur having it but just letting it go ..
J-we told him this
Ad-but then if u thought of this ull shld have sat and soughted it no there was no need to do drama ?
K-I’m sorry
Ad-don’t tell me tell her and did u not meet her in office
K-she did not come nor did she call
Ad-u shld have atleast called her house
K-i called but they were not
Suddenly jaya came -come guys dinner is kept mom dad are waiting
They all went .. , at the dining table M-arre 2m some 1s engagement is there
Adarsh just gave a and smile and continued eating
M-Adarsh I’m really proud of that u have taken this decision I’m really happy ..
S-Adarsh tomorrow be ready by 10:30 the ceremony will start
A-yes mom I’ll be ready
Ad finished fast -mom I’m tired I’m in my room and he left
His smart bros knew something was there and they also went
In Adarsh room -ab-sad na still missing her nA
Ad-nothing can be done now

K-bhai we believe in miracles
Ad-u shld u badly need 1 for Naira
Ad-call her now
He called her but her phone was off
K-must be tired her phone is off
J-Adarsh come lets sleep its and imp day 2m
Ad-yes bhai
They all went to sleep
Other hand –
The kidnappers were happy to get their money and thought to party first till night and then come back coz they knew the girls would not run away … the Singhania sisters were very sharp though after the kidnappers left they almost were there for 3hours but there was no sign of them they were only thinking of a way to exit .
Our sherni Naira was tho ?? she found a blade kept in the corner of the table kept just beside her after trying a lot she finally reached her goal and got the blade ..
The moment was as if India had won the match ..
N-Di I found this
Trying hard to cut the ropes
N-Di it’s really hard can u try ??
S-give , she took it and tried hard but yes her hardwork paid of and she cut her rope and finally nairas 2

S-Naira lets run from here before they return
Both the sisters ran out like PT USHA
they than came to a place very familiar but could not recognise where they were
N-Di dis is that play na where we used to come to eat ice cream but it’s really far from our house it will take around 1-1/2 hour and it’s really late it must be 9:30 till now I don’t think it’s safe lets walk and see where we are actually
S-ya come lets go
They walk for about half an hour and then reach a big temple ( mandir )
S- Naira lets go it’s safe also
N-ya do come
They both enter and greet the priest
N-namaste pandit ji actually hum ek problem mein hein pls kya hum darshan karke Langar mein kha sakte hein? (Hello , we are in a problem pls can we greet God and eat in the food being distributed ?)
P-yes ofcourse God will help ull ( he said in Hindi)
They went inside ….

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