Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-6)


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Here goes the next part –
All were in the conference room ___
K-ok so I wanna tell u something ..
Ab-yes u want to tell us something that is
K-that is me and Naira

Ab-u and Naira are
K-are , are ,together …..
J-wow yaar u tho came out to be very fast .humne kuch idea bhi nahi diya and u
S-oh Ho Naira u did not even tell ur Di ha
N-sorry na Di I’m really sorry but what to do
S-it’s ok I’m really happy for u ❤️❤️
She hugged Naira …
K-ok so we are not telling mom and dad coz I don’t want to and we will tell them later
Ad-ok ok we understand u wanna do chup chup ke romance we understand
Kaira were just blushing
J-ok atleast let us get back to work u guys can enjoy
All were leaving
Ab to k-beta enjoy

K-bhai woh he tho kar raha Hoo going for coffee
All left
K-come lets leave we shall also go
They leave and go to Starbucks
At Starbucks –
K-what will u have I shall get it
N-I’ll just have a jawa chip
K-at ur service
He went and got it
K-I’m really happy Naira that now we are together
N-Ikr it’s an awesome feeling
K-ok. now let’s make a rule
N-what rule
K-so now as we are together once in a week we will go for coffee , I will drop u home and In office also romance ok
N-Karthik ur impossible
K-but I’m Karthik
N-ok ok I shall follow ur terms and conditions sir ji ..
K-I love u Naira
N-I love u 2 Karthik , come na lets go home or drop me to office
K-stay with me na
N-Karthik pls lets go

K-ok fine lets go to office
They left and reached office
At office –
Kaira were in their cabins only they had a meeting
At the meeting –
Naira was explaining the others something while Karthik was only staring at her
After finishing
N-so Karthik and I have finalised this no Karthik
Karthik was still in his dreamland
K-ha yes yes
The meeting got over
N-Karthik what were u doing ?
K-stating at my beautiful gf
N-not in office
K-it’s my condition don’t u remember ?
N-sorry sorry I did not remember ?
K-it’s ok come I’ll drop u home
N-I have some work u go
N-fine I’m coming
They left and reached Singhania mansion
K-bye love message or call in the night
N-ya I will go now
K-love u
N-love u 2❤️❤️

Sorry for the short update ?
I wanted to ask of ull wanna c swadarsh nok jhok so I will start their story from there pls tell what I should do
Thank u

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    ya very shorz

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