Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-5)


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Here goes the next part —
S-no Naira it’s ok u have not even eaten bf I’ll go on my own
N-Di it’s ok I’ll eat later
They both went and Naira dropped SWADHEENTA to the court and went to office , she was feeling lil tired and dizzy when she reached the lift but then went to her cabin and had medicine and some fruits
K-gm Naira , May I know why u were working till so late
N-arre it was the need and I had to complete making that presentation as it was very important and I’m not doing it everyday na chill
K-ok ok today dad and mom have called u and Di for dinner pls come at 8
N-ok I’ll ask Di if she is free
K-ya cool but tell fast ha
N-she’s got a case right now I’ll call later
Karthik left

Swadarsh –
SWADHEENTA won the case and she was ?? Adarsh was waiting out when she came
S-I won it Adarsh and hugged him
A-I knew it see I told u now come lets go for lunch
They proceeded
At the resto-
A-so miss Singhania what will u have
S-whatever u have Adarsh
A-ok then I’ll have fried rice , Kung Pao patato , chilli chicken and panfried noodles , does that sound fine ?
S-yes it’s my fav
They ordered and the food arrived ,
A-accha listen dad has called u and Naira for dinner tonite at 8 , is it fine?
S-I’m perfect with it I’ll ask Naira ,but how suddenly this dinner ??
A-tumhari behen Bohot kam karti hein , yest till 10 she was in office and me and Karthik had gone so we saw her and told her to go home and saw that she reached safely
S-ha c she is my sister na , very hardworking ?
A-so mom and dad wanted to just meet u and her so that’s y there is dinner .
S-ok we will be there
They finished lunch and ordered chocolate ice cream for desert and shared it .
A-where are u going I’ll drop u
S-I’ll go yaar chill
A-come na
She went and dropped her to her office

Kaira –
All the brothers were sitting on Karthiks cabin , coz they had this that during the day they would sit together for a while ,
In nairas cabin she was not feeling well and though she took medicine she was dizzy she remembered that she had to give a file to Karthik so she went to his cabin
When she entered
N-Karthik take this file and I wanted to ………. , and thud she fell and went unconscious
Karthik ran towards her , picked her up and put her on the couch
He panicked and asked his brothers what to do
J-chill Karthik we will call the doc u take her home with Abhay I and Adarsh will inform SWADHEENTA and call the doc
Karthik held her in her arms and reached her house and kair her in the couch of the hall Abhay came with the Doc
Doc checked her
D-she is having a lot of stress and I don’t think she has eaten anything since a long time her D3 is low and is having vitamin c deficiency , take care of her diet and she needs 2days rest atleast .
K-anything important or anything to take tension
D-just see that she is happy and take her out for a walk or something her mood should be light
K-but I wanted to ask , he was interrupted by Abhay , -thank u doc we will take care . Come I’ll take I till out . He came back
Ab-chill mere chote bhai y take so much Chinta I’ll ask where is her sis .
Other side –
Adarsh called SWADHEENTA
S-hi anything urgent ? I’m busy
A-yes really it’s about Naira
S got tensed -what happened to her she is fine na I’m coming now
A-actually she fainted in office we all were there Abhay and Karthik have taken her to ur house the doctor has come and checked her u also reach we are also reaching ..
S-ok I’m reaching
She cut the call and was panicking she took her car keys and rushed

Singhania house –
All reached SWADHEENTA rushed inside and hugged Naira
All were just standing and Naira just suddenly got up and was trying to get off her bed .
S-chill ur still week
N-what happened how am I here
J-actually u fainted in office and we got u here
Ab-we got the doctor also he checked u and said that
K-u need rest and ur week
Ad-we called ur Di and told her come that’s how u are here , get it ??
N-ya but I’m fine now I’m going to office 2m ok
K-nope the doc has said 2days rest and today is Wednesday so Thursday Friday and Saturday Sunday is tho holiday only so now office on Monday
N-acha Di there is dinner today at Karthiks house so we shall go
S-don’t find ways to escape we are not going anywhere
N-pls Di they will feel bad na
S-Adarsh if u don’t mind can we not have dinner tonite Naira is not well na
J-ya ya it’s ok we will have it some other time
Ab-ok lets get back to work so bye ??
They all leave
In the car –
Ab-we want to ask u something Karthik come to the guest house in the night ok ?
K-what happened anything serious ??
J-u just come na
They reached office
Adarsh called and told suhasni that they won’t be coming for dinner and will come home and discuss it
Time passes SWADHEENTA took care of Naira and did not let her move . Once when SWADHEENTA had gone out for some work Naira was thinking to herself .
Why does Karthik take so much care of me , why are his ways affecting me , never anything like this has happened before ?, why is this happening to me do I love him ? I’m confused I don’t know what to do ..
Till that time SWADHEENTA came
S-chalo Naira go to sleep
N-ok Di gn
S-bye get up late tomorrow

Sinha house –
At the Dining table
M-what happened why was the dinner cancelled ??
K-actually dad Naira fainted in office so we took her to her house and the doctor said that she was really week and even SWADHEENTA Di was also tired so that’s the reason
S-is she fine now I think we shall go to meet her
Ad-yes mom she’s fine now I don’t think it’s the need to meet her na
M-ok we will c that later
They finished their dinner and all the bros went to the guest house which was just next in the side
K-kya hua bhai anything imp
Ab-arre we wanted to ask u abt Naira ?
J-simply tera koi chakar hein kya isle saath ?
K-no noting
Ab-are u sure , ye answer lock kiya jaye?
K-really I just feel I like her I feel she’s special and
Ad-ha beta dekh Sab nikal raha hein one by one ..
K-ok ok I told ull now what do I do to know her feelings ..??
Ab-time will tell yeh Abhay baba ki advice hein isse follow Karo
Jay and Adarsh were just laughing like mad on Abhay and Karthik was grumpy
Ab-oh bhai Adarsh aap itne khush mat raho aap ka SWADHEENTA ke saath ……………………….
Ad-what do u mean yaar I’m ur elder bro talk with respect ..
J-oh Adarsh don’t be so Bhola we saw ull having lunch together today , what’s the matter ha don’t act smart we are elder to u
Ad-bhai nothing it was just that ..
Ab-just that. Complete it
Ad-she won her case and we went for case as I told her
K-are u sure shall we get into details
Ad-ok so even I like her like Karthik likes Naira and we discussed it so that’s it
J-so ull are hiding from us ha
K-nothing like that come lets sleep I’m tired
Ab-some1 is changing the topic ha
K-ok I’m tho going bye
They all went cuz even they were tired .

Next few days passed like this only and everyday if possible kadarsh came to meet Naira .
In these few days kaira were feeling different for each other they were feeling something strange and Karthik tho knew only that he loved her , her style , her talk her everything and Naira was still in confusion , she liked him she was confused weather he was just an infatuation , crush or just a friend but she then realised it we love his presence made her smile , his laughter gave her peace in the mind and she just felt like awesome in his presence
today was Monday and Naira had to get back tu work..-
Both were in Karthiks cabin
K-so Ms Naira how are u
N-I’m fit and fine and ready to work how have u been did u miss me while working though u came to meet me ?
K-of course I did (to himself -how could I not u are like I remember u everyday )
Both together –
I wanna tell u something .
U say first
I love you Do u ??
Both went gaga when they heard this from each other’s mouth
K-do u ?
N-yes I do and I realised it during these days when u cared for me so much
K-i tho loved u from the first day
N-ok so now Karthik and Naira happy happy ?
K-it’s kaira is in love ❤️❤️
N-ok now let’s go for coffee or u wanna tell every1
K-no not every1 only youngsters no mom and dad
N-but Karthik they will
K-no Naira they will directly take it to marriage so just chill don’t fear when Kartik is here
N-ok so what do u want to do ?
K-first lets inform them and then coffee
N-ok so I’ll call all the bhaiyas up (they have 1office building )
K-I’ll call Di
Naira went down , first she went to jay.
N-bhaiya can u come up there’s something urgent
J-ya is it serious
N-come up na u will get to know this way she went and informed adarSh and Abhay
They came up and SWADHEENTA was also present as Karthik called her and told her it was serious abt Naira
All were in the conference room
And that’s it for now

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    I hope being a elder than Naira Swadheetha should be multi talented and you must have shown like Naira getting inspiration from her sister…
    Anyways.. Keep going and keep rocking…

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      Don’t take stress concentrate on your studies and everything next to them….
      Studies are really very important for your career… Arey!! isski chakkar mein Party karna bhulna math… samjha.. Chal one last thing drag the episode as long as you can okay…

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