Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-5)

Hi guys ,, I wanted to know if my story is not good pls tell me what it is ..
Here goes the next part –

All the bros were present in the guest house ..
Ad-what to do yaar bhai , sagai karo ya na karo but I know I love SWADHEENTA but I don’t know she loves me or not ? I have confessed it but she has not given any reply
J-Adarsh u love her na we will ask her before u take any big decision cause it’s ur life decision ..
K-ya bhai jay bhaya is right let us call her now only
Ad-it’s so late
Ab-no bhai everything is fair in love and war and it’s ok I or Karthik will go and pick them up or let us go . What do u want to do ?

Ad-no Abhay but
K-no buts bhai tell what u want to do
Ad-ok Abhay go and pick them Karthik u call Naira first and tell her fast .
Karthik on call -, first Naira was not picking only then later she picked –
K-Naira listen it’s very important listen to me Abhay is coming to pick u and Di up the matter is really serious I can’t explain on the phone just come here
N-ok Karthik I’m coming with Di
Naira went to SWADHEENTA -Di Abhay is coming to pick us up I don’t know what it is but really imp just come
S-just chill I’m coming give me a min

# I know this might sound odd but Naira was in harrim pants and a crop top where as SWADHEENTA was in her night dress she changed in a sec In to harrims and top they went down hurriedly ##
Abhay just reached when they came down they told Prachi their maid that they will be back in a while ..
In the car –
A-ik this is odd but it’s a very important decision of Adarsh bhais life pls guys just be calm and don’t over think

N-but what happened
A-Naira this is not the time let us reach and then we can discuss
They all reach and Karthik was waiting out they all just rushed out of the car
N-Karthik what happened suddenly ?
K-Naira just come don’t ask many questions we will explain ull
N-ok come
They all go inside
The seating arrangement was like Kaira sitting on the floor Karthiks hand on nairas shoulder beside her Abhay leaning to another sofa and jay and swadrash sitting on sofa …
J-ok Naira and SWADHEENTA we are sorry for calling u late but it’s important . SWADHEENTA I know Adarsh loves u and even u know that Infact Naira u only don’t know this I don’t think SWADHEENTA has told u this so now SWADHEENTA mom has asked Adarsh to get engaged to Vanshika and tell his decision by 2m or else she will do it forcefully so now Adarsh loves u and he does not want to get engaged so we hope u understand

Naira was like wth is wth is happening .
Ad-I know Naira u are confused but let me tell u ..
Ad-the day I saw both u sisters I fell in love with SWADHEENTA she used to get irritated by me I then thought it would just be a crush but then no her presence made me feel good her smile made me smile I then proposed her saying I love her she then said that she does not love me I was heart broken I told her not to tell any 1 not even u but I could not keep it away I told my brothers they were like my life and she also promised not to tell any 1 after that mom asked me for engagement with my friend Vanshika and now she has told me to give my decision by 2m and I don’t want to make such a big mistake I want to ask SWADHEENTA does she love me ?
S-Adarsh i don’t know
A-I’m not forcing u its ur deciding feel free and don’t take it because of me just do what u feel

SWADHEENTA heart -do u love him I think u Do
Mind-no u don’t u have never felt anything
She knew she did love him but just said no she was confused she thought SWADHEENTA could never fall in love
Finally she spoke -I don’t love u Adarsh I really don’t I’m sorry for breaking ur heart but
A-it’s ok SWADHEENTA I understand it’s fine
Adarsh just shows his hand telling her to stop and walk -drop them Karthik .
K-Naira I don’t think that we can be 2getger any more I really don’t think it will work out lets not keep the relation anymore

J-what are u saying Karthik
K-no bhai Adarsh bhaya has done lots for me and now when her Di is not there y shld I keep a relation
Ab-but that’s not the way Karthik
K-no I’m just not changing my decision u get it Naira
N- was crying -Karthik but how can u say it so casually u
K-I’m not listening to u just go yaar
K-bhai can 1 of u drop them I’m not going pls
Karthik also went …
Ab-come I’ll drop u
S-no it’s ok we will go on our own

J-it’s late how will ull go
N-bhaya it’s ok we can walk it upits not much distance gn
They went
Ab-I don’t think Kartik shld have done this it was not her fault either
J-ik na but now Adarsh is sad we have to take care
They both go to sleep ……
On the road- it was about 3:00am
Both sisters were only crying on the way , suddenly two men came and put chlorophyll on their mouth they were about to scream when suddenly they fainted the kidnappers picked them up and took them to a secretive place once they reached they put them down and called some1

K-sir the work is done both are brought
S-very good part 1done now don’t let them escape ull will get the money
K-thank u sir
They cut the call , say at around 6:00am they got up and saw where they were they looked astonished
N-Di where are we
S-I don’t know Naira it looks very dangerous ..
The kidnapper came
K-good ull woke up sir must be coming only
They got scared
K-don’t cry u know who is coming ?
K-the underworld don Hamid Khan
Both the sisters were even more shocked to hear this name
The kidnapper went
N-Di Hamid mamu
S-I know Naira he is dangerous we have to be careful

On the other hand –
At the bf table all were sitting
Kadarsh were sad and did not say anything
S-Adarsh what have u thought of the engagement ?
A-yes mom I’m ready to do it when is it ?
Suhasni and Manohar were happy
M-some 1 is eager ha
He just smiled ..

S-I think if u are in hurry let us do it 2m only
Jaya-mom so many preparations so fast
S-arrey nothing much only ring na and vanshikas ring will bee ready as she knew it’s going to be a yes and even her dress was ready we are only doing it in the house lawn where our and vanshikas families close friends and they have invited theirs and u and Simi are there no to personally call them
Si-so Adarsh bhaiya off from office today …
Karthiks mood was full of anger
He just got up -I’m going to office
M-take an off today

K-I’ll come home early
He left for work and Abhay and jay knew how he was
He reached office when he reached he saw nairas cabin empty and asked her pa but she said she might come late 2day time passed but she did not come he called up her house and asked but they were not there also .
He was worried but thought why should he care and was just working later at lunch time he was remembering Naira and how they had lunch everyday 24hours and their not together

That’s it I’m not getting comments .. Pls tell if I’m writing rubbish
Thank u
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