Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-4)


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Here goes the next part —
After dropping Naira , Karthik went home changed , and was sitting in his room when suddenly Abhay came .
A-usse yaad kar raha hein na ??
K was just blushing -ha yaar what to do
A-u can blush later come to have food
K-chalo lets go
At the dining table –
Jaya-I forgot to tell ull mom dad are not at home for dinner they had to go for someone’s marriage
All bros were happy as they cld tease Karthik …
Ad-Bhabhi u know what hamare Karthik has become big
Jaya-what do u mean
Ab-Isla Matlab he has a gf now
Si-sachi mein Karthik ?
Jay-ha Simi Sachi mein
Jaya-who is she
Ad-u all know her and she is Naira Singhania hamare business partner
Si-really Karthik u are tho super fast and choice is tho fab ??
K- thank u Bhabhi
They all finished dinner and were just sitting in the hall

Jaya-when are u making us meet her
K-not so soon Bhabhi
S-then when ??¿
K-in some time ull chill
Karthiks phone suddenly rang he saw it was Naira
Jay-go tumhara bulawa aaya hein
Karthik just smiled and went to his room
On the phone
N-ate dinner ??
K-ya what abt u
N-I’m going to eat
K-what Naira can’t u eat on time u fell ill just a few days ago what is this ?
N-chill I’ll eat don’t be so stress
From behind SWADHEENTA called her -enough romance for today with ur prince talk later and come and have dinner
N-ya Di coming ok bye Karthik take care I don’t know if I’ll call later gn
K-bye eat properly love u
N-love u sd ??
Naira went to eat when she came back she was 2tired so went to sleep
Karthik on the other hand was just sitting waiting for her call but then thought she must be sleeping so he also went to sleep

^^^^^^^Note^^^^^^^- I have decided that swadarsh there will be nok jhok it will be same till before Adarshs engagement with Vanshika and SWADHEENTA realising her love till then kaira romance will take place I will give scenes of swadrash also but they will be same as serial hope ull don’t mind and also there is a past of Naira and SWADHEENTA which will be revealed soon ….. ^^^^^^^^^

Getting back to story –
Kaira were just romancing everyday like usual now suhasni had asked Adarsh for engagement SWADHEENTA knew that he loved her some where down her heart she also knew she had some feelings for him but always covered them up .

Su-Adarsh what do u thing of engagement with Vanshika she’s a nice girl and I think she’s the perfect match for u
Ad-mom I need time for it I can’t just take a decesion like that
S-ya so we are not forcing u but think fast no we are giving u time till tomorrow
Adarsh was just confused his brothers knew his feelings for SWADHEENTA and it was love not a crush ?
In the guest house all bros were present

That’s it guys sorry for short update hope ull are enjoying pls comment

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