Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-3)


Hi guys
I’ve decided change of profession for Karthik , now he will be a part of the business {coz I realised that his character as IAS OFFICER was ok ok }so hope ull don’t have a prob

loving u all and ur comments ..
Here goes the next part –

Today’s morning was a bright and new morning for Naira
She got up early and went for a walk , she came back changed and sat to eat break fast with her Di

N-gm Di
S-gm Naira ..
N-I’m so excited Di
S-ik I can imagine
N-chal Di I have to go early bye
S- bye atb
Naira left

Sinha house ..
All was same but today suhasni and Manohar were also there
Su-gm everyone today even Manohar and me are coming to office to meet Ms Singhania
Jay-I told Naira to come by 9 so let’s leave
they all leave
Every1 reaches at the same time
Naira was waiting in the conference room
Su-oh hello ms Singhania
N-good morning it’s Naira
M-gm Naira
They spoke for a while and from then Nairas office will also shift there only

Naira started to work from that day only now she was the CEO of the company and Karthik was MD
M-Naira if u need anything u can ask Karthik , as now u both will be 2gether only .
N-yes uncle .
They all leave for their work
So now only kaira there ?
They went to Karthik cabin , both were just sitting
K-so Naira I have one rule of business ! That the person u are working with has to be your friend first because even as employees we share a certain bond so will u be my friend
N-oh good mr Karthik ur rules are tho fantastic (arre our serial wali sherni Naira ?)ok jokes apart but what ur saying is right so friends .
They both shake hands
K-now lets get back to work
Naira goes to her cabin , today they had only few meetings so they were done by 6
K-come I’ll drop u
N-it’s ok I have my own car I can go
K-come don’t di nakhre (acting ) tell the driver to get ur car then u fine with me
N-ok baba coming
Naira was just talking on the way and our Karthik was just lost in her beauty abs innocence
N-Karthik we reached my house stop the car
K was still ?
K-what happened
N-we reached stop
He stopped the car
N-come inside
K-I’m going out later will come some other time
N-ok cool bye meet u 2m
K-bye ??
They went

Guys swadrash story will go same as serial where SWADHEENTA will find Adarsh irritating . Their story will go same till before their marriage and even the terrorist track will be there . Hope ull don’t mind now I will be focusing more on kaira so their story progresses and once it comes to normal I will give swadrash also so now I’m just focussing on kaira and how they become lovers
I’m sorry for updating late but … I was really busy and I had to study and now I have holidays from Monday so will try and update faster . Hope ull liking my story ?

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