Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-2)


Hi guys , hope u all are liking the story .

The meeting was being held at Singhania Office and Naira was taking care of the business part where as SWADHEENTA was reading and taking care of all the legal documents . For Sinhas Malhotra was doing everything and all kids trusted him a lot . Everyone was going for the meeting , all the couples and mr Malhotra . According to suhasni and Manohar everything shld be equal and the thought even the dil of the house should know everything .

It was almost 7 in the office SWADHEENTA and Naira were waiting in the conference room and all Sinhas were coming up they were in the lift . Suddenly Naira got a call and she went to her cabin .
Then they all reached and Sakshi took them to the conference room , where only SWADHEENTA was present she was reading some files .
Sakshi knocked
S-come in
They entered .
Sa-mam they have come
Sw-get them in
They came inside with Sakshi
SWADHEENTA kept her file
S-good evening Mr Sinha.
They all greeted each other .
Sakshi -mam Naira mam is not here shall I call her
Sw-ya call her
Naira entered the room with a beaming smile on her face . SWADHEENTA knew there was something that had happened .
Naira sat on the head seat with SWADHEENTA on her right , and every1 else was just sitting
The meeting took place , the whole meeting Karthik and Adarsh were just lost on Naira and swadheenta
. The meeting was over .
N-so mr Sinha (Adarsh) hope you all are fine with the deal
A-see we are not much into the business part of it , Malhotra uncle only takes care of that so I think we respect his decesion abs we brothers are perfectly alright with the merging .
Sw-ok then so Naira and me are fine with the deal .
Mal-I think the offer is really good and I think you’ll are today’s top company so we shall go on with the. Decesion .
Jay-yes so both of us are ready so let’s sign it today itself .
N-ya I don’t have a problem
They signed the deal and even told Manohar about it he was really happy .

Kar-now we have signed it so let’s go to celebrate .
N-u guys come home it’s close by only
Simi-no lets go out only
Sw-today ull come over na pls
Adarsha was mesmerised by her -ok now if u say so much .lets go .
Naira called up and told the cook to make extra food as guest were coming .
They all went in separate cars , they reached Singhania mansion .

A large beautiful mansion .
They entered and all the Sinhas found it really fab (though they also stayed in a big 1)
First they were just sitting on the sofa of the hall
Jaya-ok so now tell us about you sisters , ull are really famous at a very young age .
N-so Di and me have a years difference , we lost mama and papa at a very young age , papa was very well to do and rich and treated us like queens , the day they passed away we were shattered .
We had mami and mamu who came. And stayed with us , to take care of us , we became big and started becoming independent .
Sw-I always wanted to become a lawyer , I finished my education and Naira always went to the office with mamu , she liked it there As she became big she did her business studies went to London for education and took over the business , we were always there for each other and today we are successful .
While saying this both of them became sad .
To lighten the mood
K-come lets eat food I’m really hungry .
They all went to the dining table
All were sitting in pairs jaya -Jaydev together and Abhay Simi together but swadrash and kaira were not together ?it was opposite Naira and Adarsh and swadheenta and Karthik . They all are silently because all were very hungry .
Jaya- who made the food it was ????
N-actually there is Ramu kaha who Makes the food but you know what the great lawyer SWADHEENTA SINGHANIA makes the best food
Sw-shut up ok nothing like that
N-forget that , u Sinha brothers tell us something abt ull.
Jay-okay so I’m the eldest son of the Sinha family , and married to jaya , after me there is Abhay , he is an IAS officer married to Simi .
Abh-after me there is our house ka mr.calm #adarshsinha#. He is really practical and last we have Karthik , the chotu he is a spoilt brat ?
But he is very entertaining .
Ad-so our life was simple moms a lawyer and dads a business man , now dad does not work much but has usual rounds to office
K-so now I wanna sleep so let’s go home .
Sw-sit for Sometime na
Ab-ya wait for 10 mins we’ll leave
Jay-so Naira now as both companies have merged u come to Sinha office to work .
N-but it’s ok I can work here also
Ad- Naira for few days you come here see how the system works then we will merge the companies workplace as well .
N-ok I’ll come 2m at 10
K-ok now can we go I’m tired in cranky time
Abh-come lets go the small baby needs sleep ?
K-bhaiya come na
Sw-ok. Bye
Jay-bye guys meet u 2m Naira dad is Also coming kal
N-ok bye gn
All said bye abs left

Guys that’s it for now .
Sorry for typos
?hope ull enjoying ..

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  1. Hales

    Nyc one ….i loved it …i just found tht kartik is shown really lazy type n not bothered …in reality kartik is always so active n is sweetheart …swardarsh was nyc …want more touch of kaira n a bit more longer episodes with a little precap for next one ?

  2. Santhiyalathamanian

    Interesting more scenes of swadharsh and kaira super episode

  3. Thank u Karthik is not lazy I’m just not focusing so much on him , will give more romantic scenes . ❤️

    1. Hales

      Ok will be waiting!

  4. Awesome n next one soon plz

  5. Yes still working on it trying to make it long , will happen by 2m night (if possibl) I guess .
    Guys I was thinking to change Karthiks profession to business man and he will be working with Naira so pls say what shall I do

  6. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Vrushy

    Great 🙂
    Write longer !!

  8. Thank u ❤️❤️??

  9. Santhiyalathamanian

    Soon next episode plzz..

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