Kaira and swadarsh ; a love story ( part 12)

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Next morning both sisters left for work early as they had not gone since the last 1 or 2 days ..

Sinha house
All were on the breakfast table the brothers took blessings and left for office .

At office
Naira came and finished her pending work then went to Karthiks cabin .
K-gm love
N-gm if we are done with work we’ll go for a drive or coffee tonight ?
K-I would love to come with u but mom has called u guys for dinner at 8 right ..
N-oh ya I forgot never mind next time , ok today there is that meeting na come lets prepare for it the presentation is ready
K-gr8 what time is it ?
N-it should start in a while now

The meeting was a bit lengthy but it got over before lunch time ..
K-I have a surprise for u
N-what’s it ?
K-it’s a surprise , u just come with me na
They reached a magnificent 5โญ๏ธ hotel
Karthik opened the door for Naira and they walked hand In hand
Once they were seated –
N-wow Karthik thank u
K-anything for my Lady Luck u wanted to go out na see I knew it , now let’s get started with the food it’s a lavish buffet
While eating –

N-Karthik the soup is awesome u shall try it
K-I’m full give me a sip fromurs only .
The rest of the lunch was a quiet romantic one with cute eye locks and blushes
They were back to office , Karthik had gone out for some work.
Naira was thinking something sitting in her cabin
Naira POV-
I really hope that we get back Shivay bhaiya .. , I think I should tell this to some 1 from the family so they can help me , shall I tell Di no she will be tensed and Karthik no we have just got together and then all this , let me tell Adarsh Bhaiya he can help me , she went to Adarsh’s Cabin.
N-good afternoon bhaiya
A-good afternoon Naira tell what happened
N-bhaiya I’m not disturbing u na.
A-arre feel free to say what is it
N-it’s a really important and serious matter , it’s about mine and didis past . And right now it’s a big problem I need ur help
A-ya feel free to say

N-actually Di and me ha d a brother , it’s Shivay Singhania , he was the biggest business man ,
she tells everything to Adarsh (same thing she told Rohan )
_____________________________________so now I have spoken to Rohan ; one of the best detectives who will help us find bhaiya , pls can u keep this a secret I can’t tell Di cause she will get really emotional and I’m not telling Karthik cause I don’t know how he will like u know what I’m saying
A-ofcourse I will help u just tell me what u need and I’m there
N-actually I hands told Rohan all the details and he said that if he finds any clue he will call me and sometimes I will also have to go so pls can u handle Di’s questions that time
A-u just calm down I’m always there and I won’t tell any 1 accha
N-ok then thank u bye
A-bye be on time for dinner ..
N-ya thankx

I’m directly taking it to dinner , Naira was wearing skinny jeans a top with a jacket and her superstars while SWADHEENTA was wearing black trousers and a white t shirt with heels both were on time and reached Singhania mansion by 8 in nairas
they entrered with a bag abs handed it to suhasni
N-hello aunty
S-good evening beta come sit
they all were sitting in the hall on the Sofa , Manohar came
, SWADHEENTA and Naira greeted him , soon are heroes Also got down and were lost in their heroines when suddenly Abhay came -u can see them later come now .
A-u wait I will take ur class ..
Now all were present
Jaya-come mom dad dinner is kept ,
All went to the dining table , Manohar was sitting at the head , Suhasini on his right and jay on his left beside jay there was jaya then Abhay and Naira beside Naira was the other end where Karthik was sitting , beside Suhasini , Simi then swadrash ..
M-Naira what do u think of the Malik deal ? Shld we continue
N-ya uncle it’s a really fantastic deal the meeting is on Monday and our work is done ..
Su-now talk about work later tell us abt u sisters and something abt SWADHEENTA ?
Sw-aunty I’m a lawyer by profession I’ve studied from the best law school and have my own law firm , it’s going excellent and Naira is my support system , if she is there my work is done .
Naira was just playing with noodles in her plate .
S-Naira u did not like the food that u are playing with it ?
N-no aunty it’s amazing I was just thinking of something , suddenly her phone flashes with a call which said beeped DETECTIVE RO ๐Ÿ”ซ
she put it on silent , again it rang
Su-it’s ok pick it up
She picked it up
N-ya tell me
R-ok so we have traced Hamid mamu he is near here in Mumbai only and Shivay is also with him we are guessing
N-I’m coming
R-it’s ok we will manage
N-I’m coming there I. 15 min text me the address .
Naira excused herself -I’m sorry it’s an emergency I’ll have to leave , she went to Adarsh and whispered in his ears -I’m going Rohan has called handle Di and pls drop her home ..
Adarsh gave a thumbs up
N to every 1 -Di i don’t know how much time I will take its really imp Adarsh bhaiya will drop u home ..
Uncle aunty I’m sorry to leave the dinner half way
She went .
Sw-I’m sorry she suddenly just left .
Suhasni and Manohar were really understanding -it’s ok must be something really important .
Karthik WAs thinking what it could be then .. the same thought was running in SWADHEENTAs mind
after dinner, all were back there
Su-ok so I have to ask u something SWADHEENTA
Sw-yes aunty
S-I wanted to talk about Adarsh and u
Adarsh suddenly started to cough
Ab to ad -chill chill take have some water
Su-ok so what’s going on between ull

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