Kaira and swadarsh ; a love story part 11


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Here goes the next part –

Naira got up and went with full anger 2wards Karthik
N-can u pls get out of here and don’t dare to enter my house next time just go
K-Naira pls
N-ur going or shall I
K-just a min Naira
N-Di , bhaiya I’m not talking to him can u tell him to go
Ad-ok ok Naira u go I will send him also
Naira went to her room and locked the door ..
Swadarsh and Karthik were sitting
Ad-Karthik this time u were wrong
K-bhaiya but I told Na I’m sorry
S-did u tell her
S-ok wait come with me
S was knocking her door -Naira come out Karthik has gone
S-pukka come out chill
Naira came out
S-2mim calm down and come sit here
Naira was sitting with her face swollen coz of crying
Ad-listen Naira just listen to him I know his reason is invalid but just ..
Karthik came , Naira was sitting on the sofa Karthik was sitting on his knees.
K-listen to me just listen
K-u love me na
N-ya so
K-so if i made a mistake will u not forgive me ?
N-Karthik it’s not like that but u know.. (lil Loud) u broke our relation for this reason it was wrong on your part just because Di and Bhaya that does not mean u break ur ties with me
K-I’m sorry na I won’t do this again
N-pukka ? And what If u ?
K-then u do whatever u want ?
N-fine than ..

They hugged each other and now all was fine our 2 new pair of love birds were sitting in the hall
Ad-how did ull get kidnapped madams ?
N-actually bhaya woh it’s not important we will tell later ..
K-say na pls
S-chuck it Karthik I will tell na aaram Se
K-k fine
Ad-btw Naira what happened to ur hand ?? U were wining in pain when we entered ?
N-actually while running I fractured it so
K-u visited the doc?
N-I’ll Do that later
K-I will take u whenever ur free ..
S-ok now leave all that ull wanna have lunch now or later
Ad-no we will leave they must be waiting at home
S-acha btw. What did they say ??
Ad-actually na
K-they already knew he loved u so they were happy Infact
N-wow so we need to celebrate ha
Ad-not now we need to go home once we will come with bhaya and Abhay also to celebrate fine
K-chal bye love u
N -bye love u 2
A-meet u 2m
S-see ya
They went the sisters were too tired so went to their own rooms ..

Nairas room-
She was thinking of how they were kidnapped by Hamid mamu then remembered Shivay bhaiya , then she suddenly called some 1
N-hi Rohan can we meet now
K-ya come to Starbucks
After getting ready in a lose top and tights wearing her superstar shoes she told SWADHEENTA that it was something imp
R-played by Karan tacker)- hey Naira and gave her a hug
N-so lets come to the point ; u remember Shivay bhai
R-of course man he was my best buddy
N-ok so u also remember Hamid mamu ?
R-ya tell na
N-he has kidnapped bhaiya
R-what you’ll said he had gone to settle in UK
N-no bhai had actually been kidnapped by Hamid mamu if we wld disclose this to the world it would be a big problem
R-Naira tell me properly what u trying to say
N-actually bhai yest Hamid mamu kidnapped me and Di also how ever we ran away
R-hmmm so i think
N-see Rohan ur one of the best detective pls can u help us and we have to hide this from Di pls Rohan u know what bhai meant to me
R-ok I’m ready to help u so u have to give me all the details so when do u want to start work ?
N-I’m fine right now also
R-ok so just give me the details right now I’ll work on them later
N-ok so here goes Hamid mamu ( gave a pic of him), the biggest under world don
That’s Shivay bhaiya gave a pic )
So now Shivay Singhania is the only Singhania son he has 2 sisters me and Di , he was in business with me and the most eligible bachelor
N-we were the 3 Singhania children our parents died when we were small , brought up by our nanis and dadis(grandmother) we became big and they also passed away soon Hamid mamu our fathers bff cum brother came to us with his wife , first he said that he will take care of us and that shit stuff
Her phone suddenly beeped with a call the caller flashed KARTHIK❤️, she put it on silent again it rang and again she did it
R-pick it up he must be wanting to talk to he would be wanting to say something imp
N-how do u know ?
R-first pick up I’ll tell u ..

On call
K-I love u
N-love u 2 btw u called to say this
K-what I can’t call my gf like that only
K-y were u not picking my call
N-was busy
K-acha ok when free call chal bye ??
She cut the call
R-since how much time
N-just a few days
R-oh good enjoy lets get back to work
N-ya so after that he started to interfere in the business which bhai used to handle , bhai told that if he needs help he will say but he doesn’t do stay away , he got so angry that he was going to kill either of us when we told him not to he said that he wld take a big step And one day when bhai was coming back from office he paid the driver to take him wherever he said later we got a call saying this kidnapping happened we were shocked then yest he kidnapped us and took bhaiya name so it’s been almost months we have not met him so hope with ur help we shall
R-of course we will if I find any clue I will call u go now bye
N-bye thanks
They left

At Sinha mansion –
All was going well suhasni told Adarsh to invite Naira and SWADHEENTA for dinner and all love birds were off to sleep after having a romantic talk on the phone
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    Awsum!! The lenght was also good of tge story! Hoping to see more romantic scens of both the couples spclly kaira in future?

  2. Wow, it’s just amazing!! Loved it. Eagerly waiting for next. And I wanted to say that I m on wattpad

  3. Vrushy

    Great 🙂
    You wrote longer than usual today !!
    Happy new year.

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