Kaira and swadarsh ; a love story part 10


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After the Singhania sister went inside the temple it was very empty as it was late in the night they prayed and went to eat food
Nairas was so tired that she wld fall asleep there only ..
N-Di I guess it’s late can we sleep here only I’m tired to walk it up and we will get up early in the morning …
S-ok fine

They found a ashram on top so they asked and went to sleep there in the middle of the night SWADHEENTA was not getting sleep , she got up and saw it was 3:30 am she went down and was thinking of all the past incidents that took place suddenly she saw a man sweeping she thought it was Adarsh ( same as serial) guys it’s same I’m not dragging it
She was only seeing him everywhere it was like an illusion she was not getting sleep only so she saw ladies were cutting vegetables for the food of the temple she went and sat with them and was cutting some potatoes that she by mistake cut her finger
A lady in the side-come I’ll put cream
S-no it’s ok I’m fine
Lady_ok put turmeric it will heal faster and she put it for her
L-who were u thinking of must be ur lover boy
S-no aunty nothing like that she only remembered Adarsh but she knew she was lying to the lady
L-it’s OK chal cont ur work
She continued helping and realised they had to leave she checked and it was 6 she went to wake up Naira
S-Naira get up we have to leave its already 6
N-Di pls let me sleep na yest also we did not sleep properly
S-ok till 6:30 then u get up eat and then we will leave ok by 7;30
N-thank u Di

Till the time naira got up SWADHEENTA washed her favs and completed all the jobs
S-Naira get up its 6:30
N-k di just a min
Naira got up and stretched like a queen ..
N-come lets leave
S-what have u gone mad ur looking a monkey pls wash ur face abs make ur hair
N-Di ok ok going
She went and came back
N-lets go
S-first lets eat something other wise u will eat my brains on the way
N-come down do fast then we will leave
They both went down ate some food till the time they were done it was almost 8 they thanked the priest and left from there
N-Di I think if we move from hers it will take a lot of time where as the other way means if we pass Sinha house will be shorter u wanna go from there?
S-Naira which ever is faster lets just take the Sinha house way
N-ok but I’m not sure there might be rush there also so but if we go from there by car we will take a lot of time and even if we walk say 2 hrs coz it’s a really long walk
S-it’s OK yaar u come from there only no more discussions

Both sisters were walking
N-Di time flies so early na some time before Karthik and me
she paused
S-chill Naira everything will be fine and btw we walked so much what’s the time any idea ?
N-wait let me ask some 1
Naira asked some 1 and said it was 9:30 and the landmark and that area was Sinha house which was 45 min away
Naira informed SWADHEENTA
S-chal Naira lets take a 15 min break we will continue than
N-ok fine
They both were just chilling for 15 min
N-come Di lets continue
S-yes lets go
They continued their walk for half an hour when suddenly Naira slipped and her hand twisted coz she fell on it
N-Di it’s paining I can’t do anything
S-ok give me a min u relax just relax
She took a long nap King she had and tied it on her have to give support .
N-ya Di but I’ll walk slowly sorry
S-it’s ok but be careful

They had almost reached near Sinha house where guest were entering with gifts in beautiful outfits and SWADHEENTA got the biggest shock when she saw Vanshika entering in a grand way
S murmured -it’s his engagement. Naira she cried it’s Adarshs engagement today
N-Di control breathe in and think
From inside they heard the announcement where suhasni was speaking -without making any delay I would proudly like to inform you’ll that my son Adarsh Sinha is getting engaged to Vanshika Kapoor I feel really proud as a mother and without wasting time I would like the ceremony to begin come my dear Vanshika and Adarsh take a seat and enjoy the momentum
SWADHEENTAs heart was broken into pieces
S-Naira just come with me
S-just come Naira
They both were trying to get inside but the guards were stopping them Naira just pushed them so they entered in a moment ..
SWADHEENTA saw that Vanshika had already put the ring in his finger and he was just going to do it when SWADHEENTA screamed – Adarsh .. Adarsh turned and looked and there he saw her he saw his swadhu his expressionless face turned into a bright smiling 1
Sw-can we talk in the side
They went in a corner
Where as Naira was just standing there Karthik found her but made no movement coz he knew his parents wld get to know .
Abhay and jay were standing together –
Ab-Dekho bhai got his love SWADHEENTA finally turned up 1 down now we have to help Karthik patao Naira ..
J-beta u just c the fun?

Back in the corner
S-Adarsh I’m sorry I realised I love u I’m sorry to spoil ur engagement but u were waiting for me and it was my duty to atleast tell u when I went to the temple I saw u every where sweeping , making food I have fallen in love with u .. It’s ur decision but I’m telling u I’m not that smoochy lover and a romantic fool will u accept me
Ad-I’m in love with ur simplicity only I love u
Sw-u love me na then will u hold my hand now
They put their hands forward and hold it in front of every 1 nd walk towards every 1 ..
Su-have u gone mad Adarsh
Ad-mom woh
Su-just shut up for now
Mr Kapoor – suhasni ji what is this
Manohar -we are sorry can we sought it later
On mic – apology to all the guests arrived here ..
All the guest went

Mrs kapoor-Adarsh do u have any idea of what u are doing
Ad-I’m really sorry Vanshika
V-it’s ok dad can we pls go
They all left ..
Su-Adarsh can we go in and talk
Ad-yes mom
Su-jay and Abhay drop them till out pointing towards SWADHEENTA and Naira
J-yes mom
A-come I have to talk on the way
They all go out
J-ull have the car
N-no bhaya
A-then how ull here
Sw-it’s a long story .. We will tell later
J-I’ll drop ull home tell me than

They go .. in the car –
A-how are ull
J-I can see looking at Naira whose mascara had spread all over her hair were in a messy bun and scratches over her hand
Sw-bhaya woh after that night we did not reach home
J-have ull gone mad where were ull ?
N-actually we were kidnapped and have not
Ab-how did ull come here
Sw-we ran and came and saw Adarsh was getting engaged so
Ab-if bhaiya or Karthik get to know this then they will kill us coz we were told to drop ull that night
N-pls don’t tell them na and just btw I’m not talking to Karthik except for professional work
Sw-come we have reached home lets go Naira
N-bye thanks we will. Discuss this later
They went ..
J-Abhay what if they get to know
A-we will have to tell them coz then if they get to know that we have not told them than they will kill us
J-first lets reach home and see moms reaction and the dhamaka

They reach home –
All have changed and are sitting in the hall ..
Su-we knew u loved her
Su-yes that day when u were telling ur brothers I heard it aakhir I’m ur mother
M-yes and we are happy for u when u said yes for engagement we were shocked that u said It but then we got to know
Ad-but the world
S-don’t worry now it’s ok the world is suppose to make talks
M-u enjoy now we are going to take rest
They go and jaya and Simi also go to the kitchen ..
Ab-we need to talk can we go in Karthiks room
K-lets go

in the room –
J-Adarsh we need to tell ull something
Ab-just be calm and don’t react Karthik u also
J-Naira and SWADHEENTA were kidnapped
Karthik screaming -do u have any idea bhai how when where
Ab-chill they are fine now I dropped them
Ad-how were they kidnapped ?
J-woh after that night they were going and some goons caught them they escaped and reached here
K-we shall meet them lets go
Ab-beta btw Naira is not talking to u that’s what she said
K-I’m going now any 1 wants to come
Ad-I’m coming lets go
both of them left

At Singhania mansion –
Both sisters had gone to change and were sitting on the dining table
N-Di it’s paining
S-give I’ll tie it with the pati it won’t ache
she tied it and then suddenly kadarsh came .
Naira got up with full anger and went towards Karthik.

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