Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-1)


Hi guys , I’m back
Hope you’ll liked the intro

So I will give equal importance to both the couple

So let’s cont-

Singhania Mansion

In the hall on the dining table 2 beautiful girls are shown , one is working with Her laptop while the other 1 is reading some documents .

S-Naira what is your plan 2day , for u come home early we can go for dinner na ?
N- ya Di even I was thinking. And today I’m free well go for dinner .
S-ok , chal I have to go to office bye
N-bye even I’m leaving
They both left

Sinha Mansion

All were present on dining table , Suhasini and Manohar have gone for a holiday

Ad-good morning every1, today as mom dad are not there we are going for dinner be ready at 7:30
Abhay-ya we have not gone like this since a long time
K-bhaiya where we going ?
Ad-that’s a surprise ..
All left for work
Swadheenta and nairas office buildings are next to each other and beside that only there is Sinha office .

Singhania Office
N-Sakshi (assistant) what all meetings do we have today ?
S-mam there are many today they will go On till 9
N-cancel the meetings after 7 I have to go out
S-but mam at 7 there is a meeting with the Sinhas for merging both the companies and even SWADHEENTA mam has to be present .
N-I completely forgot about this , can u postpone it ?
S-I will try and inform u in a while

Sinha office and place where all brothers work is in 1buildung only , half for office and other have for the government work .

All brothers had just come to Adarsh cabin just then assistant comes
As-sir today we have a meeting with Singhania Group for merging of companies and as Manohar sir and Suhasini mam are not there their children will have to come so sir the meeting is at 7 2day
Jay-but Chetan (assistant ) can u try and postpone it to 2m
C-I don’t know sir I shall call and enquire .
Ad-ok now u may leave
Chetan left
K-bhaiya what if they don’t Postpone the meeting ?
Ab-chill i guess they will

Naira and SWADHEENTA were on call
N-Di u remember I had told u that we are planning to merge with Sinha grp?
S-ya so what happened ?
N-the meeting is today at 7 but we are going out .
S-chill we will go for the meeting , we can go for dinner anytime. .
N-ok if u say so ..

On the other hand , Adarsh was talking to Manohar

A-dad the Singhania meeting we are postponing it to 2m
M-no Adarsh pls don’t do that it’s a very good opportunity for our company don’t postpone it
A-dad plz we are busy 2day
M-no buts u all have to be present for the meeting
Adarsh tells this to his brothers and they say that they will go for dinner 2m
They tell Sakshi and Chetan for the meeting then 2day

So guys this much for now , I’m sorry for updating lil late
Will try and update till tonite ..
Hope you’ll liked it and plz comment

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  1. It was awsome…but pls write little long

  2. Awesome. Hope u will write it daily.??

  3. Gr8 n plz update next soon

  4. Thanks so much guys ..
    Have uploaded next part
    Working on next

  5. Hales

    Awsum! I renbered days i used to watch dehleez ☺..btw one suggestion i want to give is write longer … i will be waiting eagerly for ur update tonight! ?

  6. Vrushy

    Write longer please !!

  7. Ur comments are giving me the feel to write , thanks so much .
    Hope part 2gets updates fast

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