Kaira SS -Tere Liye (Part 1)

Not Proof Read……Pardon me for grammatical and spelling mistakes…..

It’s 6 a.m. in the morning.A girl is sleeping peacefully .At that time a middle aged women came in her room.
Ak-Naira subah hogayi hai,utho.School nhi jana kya?
Yes the girl is none other than our Naira.
N-Mumma sone do na……

Ak-Par tumne to kaha tha aaj bohot important din hai aur tumhe kisi bhi halat mein school jana hai……

At that time Naira opened her eyes a little,she tried to think something and suddenly remembered it.She excitedly told

N-Are haa mujhe to aaj school jana hi padega…..Mumma aap do minute wait kariye mein tayaar hoke aati hoon……

Akshara smiled seeing Naira’s madness…..

At the same time in another house,a boy was sleeping ,his alarm was continuously ringing but he wasn’t waking .At that time a girl came in his room.She saw all these happening.She knew that her brother won’t wake so easily.So she took a jug of water and poured it on him.The boy woke up with a jerk.
B-Ma flood ho rahi hai ,bhago…..

At that time he heard someone laughing he turned his head to see his sister laughing at him.
B-Di ye tune kiya….

Ke-“Haan Kartik ye mein ne kiya…..kyuki sidhi tarike se uthati toh tu nhi uthti…….aur tujhe school k liye late ho rahi hai to mein ne tuhhe tedi tarike se uthaya….

K-Di aaj na sar mein bohot dard hai aaj school nhi jana hai…….

Ke-Tune to kaha tha aaj bohot special din hai aur tujhe kisi bhi halat mein school jana hai…..koi baat nahi ab tabiyaat se zyada zaroori to aur kuch nhi hai…….

Keerti said and slowly started to leave the room that’s when Kartik remembered something.
K-Are nhi keerti mujhe aaj school jana hai

Ke-Par tere sar me dard hai….aaj school jana ki koi zaroorat nhi……
Keerti said trying to control her laughter

K-Are aise kaise zaroorat nhi hai…..aur mere sar me kaha dard hai…….

Ke-Tune abhi abhi to kaha…….

K-Maine kab kaha….kya kuch bhi sunti hai… ab tu yaha se ja….mein fresh hokar aati hoon……

Ke-Thik hai………..

With that Keerti went down.
__________________________________ ___________________________
(Skip to school)
Naira reached school early and was waiting for Kartik to come.After sometime Kartik also reached school.But he didn’t went to Naira rather he sat beside another girl.And started talking to her.He didn’t even look at Naira once.Naira was hurt due to his behavior.She also decided not to talk to him.Soon the class started.During the classes Naira was sad as whenever she turned back she saw Kartik laughing and talking with that girl but didn’t even look at her.
Naira’s P.O.V.
Iss mendak ko kya hua??Aaj itni special din hai aur wo mujhe ignore kar rahi hai….Main bhi usse baat nhi karungi ……

Kartik’s P.O.V
Ugh….bohot hogaya surprise ab iss chudail k sath aur nhi beth sakta,meri Naira ko hurt karke aur wo bhi itni special din mein……lunch time mein jaake use sorry keh doongi……..

Soon the class ended.Now it was their Lunch break.Naira was sitting silently in her bench and reading a book.At that time Kartik came and sat beside Naira.
K-Tum gussa ho sherni??
He asked but Naira didn’t answer.
K-Kya hua kuch bol kyu nhi rahe ho???
Still Naira didn’t answer.

N-Nayi friend mil gayi hai,to meri kya zaroorat hai….jao usse hi baate karo…

She said angrily.
K-Are mein kya aapni marzi se baithi thi….
N-Nahi tum apni marzi se kaha baithi ho…..tumhe to waha maine bithayi na…
She said sarcastically.
K-Ab itna bhi kya gussa hona…..mein wahan baithi thi tumhe surprise dene k liye……socha tha ki pehle aise act karungi jaise ki main sab bhul gayi aur phir jab tum gussa ho jaogi tab tumhe wish karungi…….
N-Haan to plan kamiyaab hogayi ab jao yahan se……
K-Sorry Sherni
He said in a childish tone.
Naira smiled at his behavior.
N-It’s Okay Mendak.Ab mujhe mera gift do….
K-Gift??Par vo kyu??
N-Dekho ab zyada innocent banne ki kosish mat karo…..jaldi se neri gift nikal do nhi to……
K-Nhi to kya???Maroge mujhe?? Darti nhi hoon main tumse
N-Phir to tumhe isse bhi dar nhi lagti hogi…….
N-Agar bolungi to tum nhi samjhoge isse accha mein karke dikhati hoon……..
And then she started tickling him……
K-Galti hogayi sherni chod do….mein tumhe tumhari gift de deti hoon…..
K-Haan pakka……..
Naira then stopped tickling him…..
N-Ab mera gift do…..

K-Arre do minute saans to le lene do……..

Naira looked at her watch and after 2 minutes

N-2 minute hogayi hai ab jaldi se meri gift do nahi to……..
She said while coming near him in order tickle him……

K-Arre nhi tumhe ye sab karne ji koi zaroorat nhi………..mein abhi tumhara gift deti hoon….

Kartik then brought the gift and gave it to Naira also gave her gift to kartik and they both said “Happy 5 years friendship anniversary”(Idk if any term like this exist or not  ???)  to each other.Then they both opened their gifts and checked it.
N-Vaise tumhari nayi dost kaisi hai??

K-Konsi nayi dost??

N-Arre wahi jiske sath aaj sara din baithe the,itni baate ki………..

K-Voh mera dost nahi hai….chudail hai vo…..(Any gusses who is this chudail??)

Naira said laughing…..
K-Haan aur nhi to kya…..kitna bol ti hai…ek minute ke liye bhi chup bhi ho sakta aur kitna chipku bhi hai……..

Naira laughed at his comments,Kartik also laughed this time.
K-Vaise yaha par koi betha hai kya???

N-Nhi meine kisi kom bethne nhi dia…..

K-Good ab mein yaha beth ti hoon…….

N-Aur tumhara uss nayi dost ka kya
Naira said teasing him…….
K-Ab itna satane ki bhin koi zaroorat nahi…….

Kartik then brought his bag and sat beside Naira.The rest of the day they did the classes attentively  while talking.

Hi everyone!!!! I am back with another crappy story.This story will contain 5-6 parts.Hope u liked this chapter.If u liked it then please vote and comment.

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