Kaira special


After relizing from jail
The episode starts with naira feels guilty because not trusting Karthik and other side karthik seeing naira picture after sometime kaira sleep at the morning naira wakeup and think about akshara and promise akshara that she will keep family happy gayu comes to naira and sai naira i need ur help
naira : what happen gaye di
gayu : naira i need something from market can u go and buy for me
naira : ok i will buy for u

gayu : thank u sooo much naira
naira : ok bye di

Scene shift to goyenkas house all the goyenkas doing the poja after sometime karthik went to market at market naira also there naira saw Karthik she goes towards karthik
naira : karthik iam sorry iam sorry plz
Karthik : naira i said leave me alone
naira: plz forgiven me plz
Karthik : i said stop i dont want to listen anything
naira sadly goes towards road but there is a truk naira didn’t saw the truk and moves karthik saw naira moving towards it he runs and take naira aside
Karthik : are u mad what are u doing

naira : mar jate toh acha hota tumhare bina jena nahi ata hai
karthik : tum nai ek baar bhi nahi socha ki mai tumhare bina kya karta maitu mar jata i love u naira i love u soooo much
naira : i love u too mehdak
Kaira hug tightly each other

Precap : naira and Karthik goez to goyenkas haouse

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  1. Hales

    Awsum!! Keep on writing regularly …eagerly waiting for ur next ?

    1. Syedfaheem

      Thankyou so much ya i will ?

  2. Nice start. Waiting for next update.

  3. Vrushy

    Great 🙂
    Write longer please.

  4. Awesome

  5. I have a dought that this episode is not telecast in television and our heroin akshara came back plz tell me this information I am big fan of this serial

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