Kaira – Pyaar (Part 2)

Hey guys, I am back again with the second part of this ff. There are couple of things I want to mention before starting this episode. First of all ignore my Hindi words because I am not that great in making it work. Also I might only post on the weekends so plz wait for ff. Also thank you for encouraging me and if you have friends plz tell them to read this ff, it will be nice of them.
Naira, Gayu screamed as she saw Naira collapsing. Everyone turned and saw Naira unconscious.
They all ran up to her expect Akshara. They all tried to wake her up but it all went in vain.
Call the doctor someone call the doctor, Natik said while waking up Naira. Nakash picked up Naira and took her to her room. After couple minutes the doctor came. He told all of them to get out while he checked Naira. They all went downstairs and saw Akshara crying.

I thought always thought what I was doing was good for everyone. I never knew that I will harm my daughter. Because of me she never got anyone’s love, she had to run away because of me. In Cape Town I was suffering that’s why I could care for her but in India I should have loved her more. My action to protect her failed. She got away. She craved for my love and my support and I didn’t gave her any of it. I am selfish to not see my daughter pain and not see her in problem, Akshara said while cying.
Akshara, you might have suffered a lot my our angel suffered way too much. Just when she was 14 she thought that no one loved her. She got away because of a misunderstanding but what you did was wrong. A child brain can be easily affected and our Naira got away. She never got the things she deserved. She didn’t got education, love, happiness and she only lived in misery, Rajshri said while crying and explaining Akshara.

Next time instead of exposing us if we are doing good or bad, you should think of the mistakes you did, Rukhmani said taunting Akshara.
Akshara,our past can’t be changed, we can’t go back and fix it. We are living in the present and what we do now will affect our future. Give Naira the time to heal and solve your problems with her, she still loves you. Everyone will show hatred but remember there is still love. You should remember that our Naira is strong, but in front of her loved ones she is weak. Give her love and pamper her, dadi said, akshara’s dadi.
One by one everyone explained Akshara and cried because they never thought how Naira was living her life. Then the doctor came.
She fainted because she didn’t eat food, but she also has a fever so give her food and time to rest. These are the medicines that will help her feel better, the doctor said. Nandani and her family left. The Maheshwori family decided to stay.
Gayu, can you stay with Naira for the night because she may not want to talk with us. In middle of the night she may wake up so plz wake up so we can make food for her, Natik said.
Mama ji you don’t have to ask, I am her sister and I will always be with her, Gayu said. Everyone sat in the hall to sleep in case Naira woke up and Gayu went to sleep with Naira.

Precap- New morning new hope new life.

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