Kaira – Pyaar (Part 1)

Hey guys, I am back with the first chapter of Kaira-Pyaar. I also want to mention that Kartik will not enter the story this early because I want to give importance to Naira and her family. Also the time when I post my ff may differ from you guys because I live in US. This chapter is very long so please bare it.

After a month of being in Singhania house, Naira gets along with everyone expect Akshara. They still don’t know the reason why Naira doesn’t talk with her.
A girl is peacefully sleeping in her bed cuddling with a huge teddy bear. Her sleep get disturbed by the sun’s ray. Naira gets up rubbing her πŸ‘€, and gets iterated.
Naira says, what is this yaar, I want to sleep more and this stupid sun ruined my sleep. Good morning ganga maiya, though I am not at Rishikeshi, I will still wish you. Suddenly her phone rang, she got a video message from pungi. She clicked on the video message and all the kids and Negi Uncle wished her Happy birthday. She called them and thanked them for their wonderful wishes.

Everyone at ashram remembers my birthday but my own family doesn’t remember my birthday, Naira thought, I don’t care at least my another family loves me. She went to the bathroom and took a shower. She got out wearing a beautiful coral dress. It was just above her knees. She curled her hair and did tiny makeup with mascara and lipstick only. She went downstairs and saw nobody at the breakfast after. She checked her phone and it was the correct time but no one was there.
Happy Birthday Naira, said my family as they ran towards me and gave me hugs and kisses. Mrs.Singhania was about to touch me but I showpved her hands away. No one saw it and she silently went towards the kitchen.
Naira, why, why don’t you want me to give you love, I want to hug my beti and wish her, Akshara said weeping in the kitchen. She went where everyone was present and ready to have breakfast. She sat down in her chair.
Naira do you know that mumma made all of your favorite dishes, Nakash said.
Yes Naira and you know what for your birthday we will go shopping, Gayu said hugging Naira.
Akshara started serving food to Naira happily. Naira I waited so much to feed you food she said.
Actually, for my birthday I don’t eat anything, when I was in a ashram, I used to fast all day, Naira said.
Akshara had tears in her eyes and became disheartened.
Didi, how can we eat if you are not eating in your birthday, Mishti said, shoving the food away.
Mishti, I want you and everyone to eat all these food, throwing food is not good, in my ashram we used to be happy when we just had a bread, Naira expalained softly.
Our Beti, has gotten so much mature, dadu said.
Aap, sab log kaiye, main sham ko khungi, Naira said and left the dinning table. After 30 minutes Gayu came to Naira and said let’s go, we will shop and have fun. Naira here take my credit card, I want you to buy whatever you like, mrs Singhania said.
Please, don’t give me your credit card, I have my own money and for my birthday I don’t buy things for me but I rather buy things for kids in ashram, Naira said.
Gayu and Naira left for shipping and everyone got reviled.
Thank god they left, now we can get ready to surprise Naira, natik said.
Haan natik they will take couple hours and by that time we can invite ma and others. They all laughed and got busy in preparations for the party.

At the mall
Naira and Gayu talked about boys, and life, and just siblings stuff. They watched movie in the threatre without any snacks because Naira is fasting, around seven they decide to return home.
In the car Gayu is driving her car and Naira is sitting in the passenger seat.
Gayu- Naira you are okay na, though you came here a month ago I couldn’t ask you anything.
Naira in mind-I am not okay at all Gayu di, after that incident I can’t even trust anyone not even my family. Out loud, yes Gayu di everything is good, Naira said with tears in her eyes.
Gayu- Naira you are my sister I know you are lying, you say something and your tears say something else, just remember, I am your sister and will always be here for you.
After 30 min they reached home.
Gayu made Naira close her eyes as they walked towards the house.
Surprise, everyone screamed as she open pedi her eyes. Everyone was there, nani, nanu family, bau and her family. The Singhania house was beautifully decorated and had naira’s picture around the house.
Happy birthday to my princess, papa said and I ran and hugged him tightly and I was weeping. They sang happy birthday to me and I blew out the candles and made 21 wishes.everyone fed me the cake and I was crying. Akshara was about to feed the cake to Naira and Naira angrily jerked her hand away.
Naira- you lost all rights to love me and feed me years ago, Akshara Singhania, I said while crying.
Naira is this how you behave with your mother, nani said and papa and bhai and everyone, scolding me.
My mother became dead for me seven years ago, Naira screamed while crying which made everyone shocked.
Your mother is still here and she loves you, papa said while everyone supported her.
Which love are you all talking about? Haan, which love? The ignorance I got in Cape Town, the hatred I got. You all think AKSHARA SINGHANIA is perfect right, the perfect wife, mother, the daughter and daughter in law and a perfect friend. She may been all that but for me she never became anything perfect for me, Naira said while breaking down, tears came from her eyes and wetted her whole face. Everyone looked at her being shocked and crying,
No Naira, meri bachi, your mother loves you a lot, Nani and nanu said.

Well you might all see her as the person who makes no mistakes but I see her as a selfish mother, right papa I said, angrily. Everyone looked at papa and Akshara looked at Natik in disbelief.
I will tell you all the truth and I wish you have the guts to bear the truth Akshara Singhania. Bhai, you think she can never make mistake right, I asked him and he nodded with tears in his eyes. When I was five years old and in Cape Town, I only got hatered. She used to feed you every morning and love you which was the love I craved for. Akshara Singhania used to neglect me and didn’t feed me food she used to almost torture me. Until papa found out. Papa found out that I was mentally tortured and he saw what his wife was doing to me. He warned her to love me like she loved you bhai, or that he will divorce her. She became shocked that she started apologizing to me. Naira said all this and fell down, she was crying and crying and no one knew what to do. I forgave her after how she treated me but I will never forgive her for what she said. After the whole train situation she told the police that she will send me to jail when she knew I didn’t kill Sukhenya. That is why I ran from home and hated you all because you supported her. Naira said all this after getting up. I am suffering so much by being here so I want to go back to Rishkesh.
I looked around and everyone was crying and looking at my so called mother who loves me.
I apologized many times for my behavior in Cape Town Naira but I never said I will send you to jail. Now I understand why you ran away. I came to the train station with the police because I heard that the place was not safe. You mistook me meri bachi I love you and in Cape Town I was physically and mentally sick depressed that’s why I wasn’t able to take care of you. Akshara said this folding her hands. Suddenly Naira colaspsed.

Precap- Annoyance

I know that is chapter was long but I want to add good moments that why I added everything in this chapter. Thank you for reading this chapter and forgive if I made mistakes.


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