Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 55 )

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Chapter 55
When Karthik losses his money !!

Naira sighed with him all silent and grim sitting beside her in the car. What was his problem ?!! He was the one who left her there in that humongous office of his and expected her to sit quietly.

What was she a child ?!! He thought so. It felt as if he was baby sitting her. But the lost look on his face while he scolded her really had been disturbing. It wasn’t like she would actually leave him there and run away or hurt herself.

“Why are you so silent ?!!” She asked in a low voice, because she couldn’t bear it.

“What do you want me to say ?!!” He counter asked.

She thought of many of the things that she could ask him. She settled for a simple one.

“Why were you so worried just now ?!!” She asked curiously.

“I shouldn’t have been worried ?!!” He asked instead.

She blinked into the side of his face. Wow, a question to a question. He was good at this.

Well, he was very worried. Did she feel good about that ?!! The butterflies in her stomach answered that. She was happy but she wasn’t either. The look of his face really watered her eyes. She did not like it one bit. He was good all grim and in control. The sad and desperate anguish on his face hurt her too much.

“I don’t know.” She answered finally.

The car stopped suddenly and she grabbed his arm to steady herself. She scowled at him and looked front to see that he had stopped at a posh looking restaurant. Looking at it she suddenly set herself going all conscious.

“I’m not dressed for a fancy dinner.” She snapped at him.

She was in blue jeans and a top with a jacket on. Her hair pulled up in a pony tail. She looked like going to college than entering into a plush restaurant. He though looked too rich and very much suitable for the place. His eyes settled on her and he gave a once over with raised eyebrows.

“You look fine.” He drawled unaffected.

”And anyway who is going to look at you.” He concluded derisively.

Her cheeks fumed red and she gave him a glare. It hurt suddenly. Oh his attitude.

“I’m not coming with you.” She said firmly.

He shrugged.

“Better. I’ll have dinner by myself. Peacefully.” He grinned and got out of the car.

She wanted to slap his arrogant face but she stopped herself before that. Her hands itched for it. Her stomach growled and she looked forlornly at the restaurant. Minutes ticked by and she sat there in anger. The hunger got the better of her and she shrugged carelessly. Whatever. Who had she to impress. Let people think whatever they want to.

With that confident thought, she got out of the car and hurried fast to reach him. He was already at the sliding doors of the restaurant.

“Wait !!” She panted breathlessly.

He looked sideways at her when she reached him.

“What ?!!” He asked.

”I thought you weren’t dressed appropriate for the restaurant.” He asked her with a raised eyebrow.

She gave him a pointed look.

“I am now.” She replied in a cold snap.

He shook his head and smiled when she walked front.

They reached a corner and Naira settled herself in a chair opposite to his. The place was somber and quiet with many of people having silent and cozy dinner. The lights were pretty dim and it looked all romantic. Wow. His choice was good.

He kept staring at her all the while she looked around in fascination. It was very unnerving to have his eyes on her and only her. He wasn’t looking elsewhere.

“What ?!!” She asked after a while of his staring at her.

Blush rose all over her skin. He just shook his head without much replying.

The waiter came hurriedly towards their table.

“Your order, Sir, mam ?!!” The man asked meekly.

Naira took hold of the menu and looked over it.

“Butter chicken and Plain rice.” She murmured closing the menu.

”And red velvet pastery with raspberries on it.” She concluded smiling.

Karthik looked on amused at her while she ordered all that.

“And for Sir…” The waiter started to ask but Naira cut him off.

”Only plain water for sir.” She said slowly.

“What ?!!” Her husband almost barked, while all the humor left his face. And the waiter looked confused.

”He is just not hungry.” Naira dismissed him before the waiter cleared his throat and went off writing the order.

“I’m hungry.” Karthik said tightly, while calmly narrowing his eyes at her.

“Oh, really.” She said worriedly.

”I didn’t know. That’s sad.” She concluded smiling wide.

He stared at her flatly.

“You think you don’t order my dinner and I would just watch you eat yours ?!!” He drawled scornfully.

She smiled smugly and nodded her head.

“Of course, you are going to watch me eat.” She said cheerily.

”You don’t have a choice since you don’t have a credit card to pay.” She concluded with a delicious giggle.

He froze. Straightened. And checked his coat and also the pant pockets. She bit her lip to not laugh hard. This was so good. He deserved it . His eyes narrowed at her.

“What did you do ?!!” He asked dangerously.

Her eyes widened at his anger.

“Me ?!!” She pointed at herself innocently.

”What did I do. You are the one who left the wallet in the car.” She said mischievously

He stared at her and then he shook his head remembering. He almost got up but she stopped him.

“Where are you going when you don’t even have your car keys ?!!” She asked now thoroughly amused at his expense.

“Give me the keys.” He said through gritted teeth.

She looked around and leaned on the table.

“Don’t create a scene or the people are going to throw you out.” She whispered almost grinning.

He leaned back and watched her with murder in his eyes.

The order came to the table after five minutes of them looking into each others eyes in a battle of wills. Well, he made her wait all day long and also in his office. He left her all alone and did not even have the courtesy to take her home first to change when he made a decision to come to this posh restaurant. What did he expect from her ?!!

She happily tucked in while he watched her all through it.

Precap : When Naira drives the car !!
Hope it was long ?!!

Well its the 55th Chapter. Another milestone. All thanks to you peeps. Wouldn’t have been possible without all of you.

The next one would also be a long one and will probably be the end of their nightout. Stay tuned to know if Karthik stays hungry and also what happens when Naira drives Karthik’s car !!

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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