Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 53 )

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 53
Life in Delhi !!

Naira woke up to a bright morning. It was breezy. Lovely. Joyful and beautiful morning. She smiled wide at the house keeper ‘Mrs. Shah’, who passed her. She already knew that karthik had left for his office.

Her smile dimmed when her stomach growled suddenly. Yeah, she needed to find the kitchen. A delicate smell of something baking entered into her lungs when she took a deep breath of it. She followed sniffing through the corridor and finally found the kitchen.

She smiled relieved. After the breakfast Naira left for the dance workshop she had searched on the net. After a long time she had gone into working with the beats and music again. It was very healing and lightened her heart immediately of all the worries.

She played the music and her senses immediately recognized her first love. She was teaching a bunch of teenage girls the contemporary form of dance. The slow and soothing music got into her brain and registered its own place giving her the atmost peace and happiness. She danced and she danced until her feet started hurting, and then she danced some more.

Naira was immersed so into it that she forgot the time and place. Until one of her friends in the workshop reminded her of the time. She instantly got everything in her work bag and moved out of the work shop. It was six already and Karthik would be back soon. She got into the car and pumped it on the road.

She reached home and burst into the door excitedly. She got into her room and hurriedly took a bath and wore a different pair of jeans and top. She walked out of the room and moved into the hall and frowned looking around.

She stopped Mrs. Shah.

“Where is Karthik ?!! He didn’t come home yet ?!!!” Naira asked.

“No. He did not come yet.” Mrs. Shah answered.

Why didn’t he come home yet ?!!

Naira walked out of the hall like a deflated balloon. Work. Work. Work. He was busy in Udaipur and he was busy here too. Naira blinked twice before her eyes widened when she saw him walking into the hall by the front door.

He was wearing a grey suit with a black strapped bag around his right shoulder. Her face brightened up. She was just about to say something before he muttered.

“I have a meeting.” Karthik said breathing hard.

“A meeting ?!!” She asked hastily, and walking beside him.

He looked down at her sideways before he flung the bag over the hall sofa.

“Yeah.” He replied curtly.

“But you just got home.” She said irritated when he did not stop in his walk.

“It’s an important meeting.” He replied moving fast up the stairs.

She breathed hard while looking at his disappearing figure. She waited for him to come down and he came down fifteen minutes later wearing another suit and looking all showered and fresh. He did not stop nor he looked at her when he moved past her again. Naira sighed and she followed him nevertheless to the kitchen.

“Is the meeting important ?!!” She asked curiously.

He moved towards the refrigerator and took out some eggs.

“Very.” He replied flatly.

He then broke the eggs into a vessel and beat them. He started cutting onions, tomato and green chilies to add into the omelet . Once the pan kept on the stove was hot enough he spread the mixture on it. He moved back and took out an orange juice carton before taking swig from it. He put the bread slices in the toaster, while he took out the omelet into a plate.

He came across to her holding a steaming plate of omelet and toast. He handed one to her before he had another one.

“Thanks.” She mumbled while eating.

So, this is how he lived. Making his own food. Running to the office. Coming home. Hurrying back. Waking up again. Running to the office. Wow. He had a busy life. But where did she fit in his life ?!!

He came around and moved closer to her and she stared with half a bite of omelet in her mouth.

“Have you been in the work shop ?!!” He asked finally.

“Yes.” She replied, while swallowing down the omelet.

“Good.” He said pleased and moved back.

“When are you coming back home ?!!” She called him back.

“Late.” He said vaguely.

“I will be so bored by myself.” She complained loudly.

He stopped walking and turned around. He looked at her long face and into her almost tear filled eyes. He sighed heavily.

“Do you want to come along ?!!” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

She brightened up immediately.

“Of course.” She replied promptly.

He shook his head.

“But I will be in a meeting.” He said in a dry voice.

“It’s fine. I will just roam around your office.” She said cheerfully.

“It’s not a park for you to roam about. Its my office.” He said flippantly.

“I know.” She said almost joyfully.

He looked across at her annoyed while walking out of the mansion.

“What are you so happy about ?!! We aren’t going to a picnic.” He said irritated.

She got around his car and slid in next to him.

“Can we go to a picnic next week ?!!” She asked eagerly.

He shook his head in negative.

“No.” He said sharply.

She pursed her lips and gave an angry look.

“Why do you always say no to everything ?!!” She asked irritated.

“Because you never stop asking.” He replied smiling at her scowling face.

She frowned trying to understand of what he said.

What ?!!” She asked leaning in.

He stared at her flatly.

“Just put on your seat belt.” He almost barked into her face a little.

She jumped back at his voice.

“Okay. Alright.” She said drawing back.

He started the car while looking at her with narrowed eyes.

After a second of silence she had enough.

“Where is your office ?!!” She asked finally and smiling.

“Somewhere where you shouldn’t be right now.” He replied warily.

“I’ll just sit in a quiet place. Alright.” She said while trying to soothe his worries.

He gave a her look before changing gears and chuckled in wry humor.

“I don’t trust you to sit quiet. It isn’t your forte exactly, is it ?!!” He asked her instead.

She pursed her lips and looked front.

“Fine. I’ll just stay quiet now. Then you’ll believe me.” She said firmly.

He gave her an ironic smile.

“You aren’t keeping quiet now.” He shot back.

She remained silent he kept smiling.

Precap : Karthik’s office !!
Firstly, I want to thank all you peeps for supporting me and standing up for me. It means a lot to me. Don’t worry I won’t be stopping due to this. I will surely complete this story as its really special to me.

So Naira always wants to be with Karthik. She wants to tag along with him everywhere he goes. Well he is also willing to take her along so, I guess the feelings are mutual.

Spoiler : A nightout coming up. Loads of fun and mischiefs !!

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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