Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 49 )

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Chapter 49
Lost in the Jungle !!

Naira stirred in her sleep and burrowed herself deeper in the pillow. It vibrated back and moved up and down. She frowned in her sleep. Why is her pillow making noises and moving ?!!

She grabbed onto its cover and and pulled at it only to hear it groan in response.

Well, she could do with a moving pillow but she couldn’t do with it making noises and disturbing her sleep.

“Shut up, I’m trying to sleep here.” She mumbled irritated and burrowed in deeper.

“I think you have had enough sleep and I say you should get off my lap now.” A voice deep, travelled into her ears warmly.

Naira blinked off the few winks of sleep. Her eyelashes drew up bleary eyed and lazy.

She observed three things.

1. The car window came into her vision. She definitely wasn’t in her bed.

2. Everything came back to her like a swift blow of a breeze on her face in a memory. Of how they travelled out and how stupidly they were stuck in the car and how she thought that they were clogged forever in here and that they probably were dead. But then she was very much safe and not dead and was warmly surrounded by heat instead of cold.

3. They weren’t stuck in the car. The doors were unlocked.

Then she remembered the things that she blurted out thinking that they will be dead . Embarrassment coursed inside her veins and burst color into her cheeks and flushed her neck and ears.

She finally moved her head away from his chest and looked up rubbing her eyes.

“What ?!!” She asked scowling.

“Get off my lap.” He ordered.

She drew back.

“Yes, boss.” She mumbled the word under her breath sarcastically and rolled her eyes, while moving out of his lap.

She sat facing him on the opposite seat of the car while she stretched her arms and legs. She saw his hair was disheveled and his face lined with tired slumber. He seemed to be very much haggard. He glared across at her while stretching his legs and groaning in visible pain. Naira stared across at his movements bemused.

“You sure have gained a lot of weight.” He muttered accusingly.

Instantly she stiffened at his words and her eyes narrowed in an equally pissed off glare.

“And, you sure do complain like a kid.” She shot back in equally insulting tone.

She moved out of the car in an abrupt panicked move. He came out of the car as well.

She felt his body stiffen beside her and her body did the same looking around.

“Just great.” He mumbled while sighing exasperated.

It was an abandoned road with an only open way which cleared into a thick green jungle. There wasn’t another diversion. They were nowhere near around anything looking town place. There wasn’t even a sort of life growing here.

“Let’s go this way. I think it would lead to the main road.” She said pointing to the left side.

“Are you sure ?!!” He asked her while looking around skeptically at the closed off area.

He looked down at his mobile and raised it up trying to get a bar of network.

“No signal.” He muttered in a disappointed voice.

There is only one way to find the civilization and that is to move toward the way she pointed right now.

“Oh, shush now and follow my lead. The GPS system is embedded in my mind. Trust me, it’s pointing right now that way.” She said proudly while moving in the direction.

“Alright.” He agreed carelessly and followed her lead.

She smiled happily and walked. They stepped towards inside the jungle. The sun now was covered by the trees and branches and mostly sheltered them against its blistering heat. Great. An overnight winter and an overnight summer. It was like the environment was having fun playing them around like this.

The whole morning drew away with them trying to find a way into the forest and them trying to find a way out of it. They both were sweating, panting and were out of breath while they reached to a dead end. It was the same place that they had come back to. Crap. They were walking around in circles since morning and now till the evening.

Naira dreaded to look across at him. She smiled sideways panting heavily.

“Happens all the time.” She mumbled trying to cover up her mess up.

He glared back at her while his hair stuck to his forehead and sweat trickled down from the side of his face to down to his jaw. It travelled down and stuck to his t-shirt.

“GPS system embedded in your mind, huh ?!!” He asked her in a gruff angry voice.

Naira flinched visibly at his tone. Her face scrunched up in a regret mask.

“I may have a tiny bit exaggerated a little.” She said in a low embarrassed tone.

He looked thunderous. Furious and about to burst out in flames. Naira gulped hard.

“Exaggerated a tiny bit ?!!” He asked her in a low threatening incredulous voice, as if he couldn’t believe her.

“Alright, chill. What’s wrong if we couldn’t find the way. We should try again and that will happen only if you stop fuming, Mr. Angry pants.” She said scowling at his attitude.

He took a threatening step towards her.

“What did you just call me ?!!” He asked her.

She turned her eyes to the left side of the forest.

“Let’s go there. The grass looks trampled. Seems like many had walked this way.” She said hurriedly.

“You must be out of your mind if you think that I would trust you again.” He said in a growly voice.

Naira pursed her lips and her face scrunched up in heavy disapproval. She put her hands over her hips too in defense. Before she could open her mouth he already was walking away into a different direction of the forest.

“Hey, that’s the wrong way you’re going and you’ll regret it later for not following my advice !!” She shouted after his disappearing back

“Are you done screaming like a little girl?” He asked her dryly.

Naira opened her eyes and she peered into the darkness. The moonlight was full beaming. He stood there with arms folded over his chest looking down at her. She moved forward to follow his trail.

With much huffing and puffing they reached a closed off space again. She stared flatly across at his bent panting figure.

“Oh, wow, you found the way out of jungle and also located the main road. You’ve got such awesome super human powers. Oh, my hero.” She cheered mockingly across at him.

He straightened and glared across at her still breathing hard. He had on a bag that he got from the car. There were water bottles in it that were almost on the verge of becoming empty. He had a chocolate bar that she ate long back and since then they were on nothing but water. Her stomach growled angrily in hunger.

He ignored her,and went on to collecting twigs from off the ground. Naira frowned in confusion.

“What are you doing ?!!” She whispered at him.

He stared at her from his bent form.

“It’s dark. We can’t find a way out unless we get found out by the wild animals and become their dinner. Better idea is to spend the night here.” He said in a matter of fact voice.

He carried the long twigs and made a nice collection of it in the centre. He took out something from the bag. It was a golden colored lighter. He sat across at the small bonfire kind he created while he flicked a small flame over the twig end. Few minutes later the twig started burning up at the end and he threw that at the remaining twigs.

Naira sighed and moved around clearing an area on the dry hard layer of the mud and sat down. They were facing each other and the fire was in the middle. After a second more of staring into the fire, Naira suddenly heard a crawling under her feet. Her blood ran cold and she screamed jumping three feet up into the air.

The scream died in her throat when she saw the size of the thing. Her forehead cleared and she bent down and observed the thing. She felt relief course through her mind and a smile covered her lips.

“Oh, how cute. Its a furry rabbit.” Naira cooed sitting on her hunches while taking the white adorable looking rabbit into her lap.

Karthik sat down next to her too and smiled wryly across at her. His hand caressed the thick fur of the rabbit.

“Yes, it’s cute.” He smiled and it spread her lips wide too.

”Very cute for a very tasty dinner.” He concluded still grinning.

Naira’s smile wiped off her lips and she jerked away from him. Oh, my god, he was going to kill the rabbit.

“You can’t eat the rabbit !! I just nicknamed it.” She cried out incredulously.

He looked back at her flatly.

“And what’s the nickname ?!!” He asked her dryly.

“Bunny.” She replied stiffly.

He stared across at her for a second long before he threw his head back and laughed hard for quiet a while and she stared across at him with flat eyes and waited patiently for him calm down. He looked down at the rabbit in her hand and then at her face and he started with another of his roaring laughter . Finally his laughter toned down into light chuckles.

“You named a bunny a bunny.” He said through a gruff voice.

Naira gave him a pointed look. She defended herself by drawing the rabbit closer to her middle. He stared back at her unaffected.

“Give it to me.” He said a little sternly.

Naira’s eyes widened. She stared at him in disbelief.

“You are serious ?!!” She asked in a gasp.

“Deadly.” He replied immediately.

Naira immediately got up and moved far away from him. She drew the rabbit closer to her tightly.

“You have gone crazy. I’m not going to give the rabbit to you.” She said fiercely.

He got up slowly and stretched himself straight to his height. She gulped hard.

“Stop being a kid. We need to survive the night. For that we need food.” He drawled lazily and moved a step towards her.

Naira screeched.

“Don’t you dare come any closer !!” She ran around the fire.

He walked after her and her heart thudded.

“Come on now. It’s only a rabbit.” He said in an uncaring voice.

She looked back scowling at him while creating a large distance them.

“So ?!! You are going to make a meal of it ?!! How heartless and a big jerk can you be !!” She retorted in a high pitched voice.

“Give it to me.” He said again while running fast towards her.

Naira screamed but she had least time to run when his hands reached for the rabbit. She struggled against him.

“No !!! No !!! No !!! What the hell are you doing ?!!” She shouted and at the same time he grunted and moved roughly sideways.

With horrified widened eyes she saw the rabbit flew up in the air. It moved fast down and into the fire. The fire sparkled up and hissed more.

“Oh, my god !!” She screamed.

“Oh, shit !!” He cursed.

They both ran to the fire.

“You killed the bunny !!” She cried out.

“I did not. You threw it into the fire.” He accused her instead.

With tear filled eyes she got down on her hunches and so did he, while looking down into the fire.

Naira blinked back the tears. She frowned. There was nothing in the twigs. What ?!! Where did the rabbit go ?!! Something was moving closer to the fire. Naira’s eyes widened recognizing the small animal. She felt Karthik stiffen completely too as he recognized the thing.

The rabit got anxious hearing their loud words and it immediately sprayed its nastiest liquid on their faces and front. It actually peed on both of them !!

Precap : Lake Romance !!
Hope this was long for you all and hope that you liked it.

The next one will also be a long update. Some pani walla romance coming your way. So stay tunned. The next Chapter will probably be the last Chapter of this track.

Ps : The next one would be 50th Chapter. Another silver jubliee for me. All thanks to you people.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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