Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 48 )

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 48
The confessions.

“Headache” He mumbled again, looking away from her.

“Oh, yes, you must have a lot of intelligent women in your circle always. Isn’t it ?!! Why don’t you go to them with a contract of marriage. Saves us both the trouble to get rid of each others suffocating company.” She hissed angrily.

He blinked at her twice and kept staring like that for more than three seconds.

He leaned back and put both of his hands over the back of his head and stretched leisurely.

“You are talking as if there is a harem of women waiting for my return outside in the world.” He drawled, smiling at her meaningfully.

Naira snorted.

“Every man’s dream, isn’t it ?!! Don’t tell me you didn’t think ever of having one.” She accused him dryly, looking flatly into his brown eyes.

He threw his back and laughed heartily at her bristled reply. Naira’s face burned. She narrowed her eyes and remained silent. He had a great laugh too. It made her want to smile but she tamed it as anger still coursed her body.

“Even if I did have such a lascivious thought according to you, I’m sure, none of them would please me as much as you do. I would be rather bored without your company.” He murmured softly.

Naira stared at him and a low heat curled around her cheeks with it came an immense pleasure at his words.

“Really ?!!” She asked.

“No, I’m just kidding.” He replied arrogantly.

The smile spreading her lips pulled away and he chuckled at her expression.

“G..G..God, you’re so mean.” She scowled shivering furiously.

His eyes narrowed at her quivering form. He leaned back deep into the seat and settled his thighs separated.

“Come here.” He said in a quiet voice extending his hand towards her.

She stared at his hand in complete distrust. She hesitated but put her hand in his anyway.

His fingers very warm closed around her cold hand tightly. She bit her lower lip as a slow tingling sensations curled around her skin of her wrist where his thumb slid caressingly.

Naira drew closer but he seemed to have another plan as he made her sit with both of her legs across his thighs and he drew his right hand around her shoulders. Her body was slid closer to his chest and he leaned back on the seat.

She could already feel his heat seep into her body and it started warming her blood. She sighed in relief.

Naira drew her head up and locked her eyes with his. Her hands were around his chest in a circle. In an embrace.

“If we die tonight, then I have a confession to make now.” She said anxiously.

“Yes. Go on.” Karthik encouraged her by squeezing her shoulder.

His other hand went around her hips and slid her more into his lap. He was unconsciously doing all the little movements. As if touching her was always a thing he did. He didn’t know each time his hand went around her body she blushed furiously.

She stared into his smiling eyes for quite a while. His eyes moved down to her lips. His hand from around her hip travelled up slowly. He cupped her cold cheek with his large warm hand.

“I would have come along with you even if you didn’t ask me to.” She confessed in a whisper.

His brows drew together but his gaze still was locked on her lips.

“Where ?!!” He asked her in a light whisper.

Her right hand slid across his chest and she pressed her palm over his serene beating heart.

“Home.” She said earnestly.

He stiffened immediately. A sharp hiss escaped his lips and fanned on her face warmly. His other hand tightened around her shoulder.At his silence she continued on.

“I know that deep down here you’re not really a bad sort of a guy and I do trust that you wouldn’t let anything happen to me.” She said pressing her palm more onto his heart.

Naira gave him a watery smile.

“I have a confession to make too.” He said in a low tone.

“Yeah ?!!” Naira asked breathlessly.

He looked down and caught her hand with his and locked their fingers together down around his waist.

“You are the most beautiful sight to wake up to every morning. You look like a freshly cut rose. Gorgeous. Lovely. Untainted. Mine.” He whispered.

Her pulse quickened and she reeled as if drunk too much on his words. She pushed her body into his chest deeply as he embraced her even tightly. Tears prickled her eyes at his sweet words. Nobody ever said that to her. So warmly heartening.

His head leaned back to stare into her strained face enquiringly.

“That’s not an insult.” She said through a broken whisper and a frown.

He smiled catching her guarded expression. He knew that she hid well how his words affected her.

“Why do you look for an insult from me always ?!!” He asked her curiously instead.

“Because it’s easier that way.” She sighed sadly. He rested his chin on her head.

“Easier for what ?!!” Karthik asked.

Naira closed her eyes and sagged back into his chest.

“Easier not to fall for you.” She mumbled in a low tone.

A sigh left his lips and he tightened his arms around her. It was getting even colder and his body too started to cool. She worried anew. Nobody was coming for them. It had been a while now that they were stuck in the car. Where was the help that he was talking about ?!!

Her eyes widened as a thought struck her mind suddenly. She pulled up tight and straightened in his arms.

“Oh, my god.” She whispered anxiously.

“What ?!! What is it ?!!” He frowned catching her frantic eyes with his.

“We don’t have a photograph together. If they find us dead here, there will be nothing of us as a memory.” She said desperately.

He sagged back irritatedly finally at her incessant death talk.

“What do you want me to do ?!!” He growled low, as incredulity filled his annoyed eyes.

“Where is your phone ?!!” Naira asked.

“Why ?!!” Karthik counter asked her.

“Give it to me.” She demanded, extending her right hand in his face.

He gave a suspicious glare but got out his phone from his denim’s back pocket. Naira took it. She pulled closer to his face and drew the phone in a distance. The screen covered both of their faces in the front camera. He stiffened and he looked surprised blinking beside her. His arm was around her shoulders and they both looked strained and serious.

“Oh god, smile a little Mr. Husband.” She muttered through closed teeth, poking her elbow into his ribs.

He smiled softly, and she drew the phone up catching their image on the phone screen.

Naira looked up smiling a little and just when she slid her face to his chin, he turned his head and planted a deep kiss on her cheek warmly. The camera clicked right then.

She gasped and move away putting her hand over her cheek, the place where it burned too much.

“Why did you do that ?!!” She asked pleasantly shocked.

“I couldn’t resist.” Karthik replied.

She opened her mouth to argue but he silenced her with a kiss on her forehead. She could hardly react when he sighed and pulled her head firm on his chest.

“Now, shut up and go to sleep. I had enough of you today.” He said in a soft haggard whisper.

She tried to push away from his chest.

“I don’t want to sleep.” She protested heavily.

“Should we make out instead ?!!” He asked dryly.

Naira gasped.

“No.” She protested even more vehemently.

“Then close your eyes.” He ordered imperiously.

Naira shut her eyes tight immediately.

“But we aren’t going to die, are we ?!!” She hesitated after a second of silence.

“Naira !!” He muttered, his tone sharpened in a warning as his hands tightened around her.

“Alright. Alright. I’m already asleep.” She muttered hastily and closed her eyes.

The tense knots loosened all over her stiff back when he slid his hand over her spine repeatedly in a caress up and down. She sighed finally falling into a delicious darkness willingly.

“You’re impossible, Babe. I don’t know why but, I wouldn’t trade you for anything in this world.” He whispered fiercely, over her head in a gruff slumber filled voice.

A sleepy smile stretched her lips wide and her breath evened out the next second.

Precap : Lost in the forest !!
I know it wasn’t a love confession but I guess it was more cute and intimate than any love proposal. Hope that you all liked it.

The next update would be a long one. Their moments amidst the jungle coming up in the next Chapter. Don’t worry, I won’t drag this forest track for more than 2 Chapters.They would soon be in Delhi.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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  1. Khush

    Aww..and I agree love confessions are overrated. If anything they are scary as hell. This was much better. Thank you for yet another wonderful update.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  2. Misspoetess

    Sooo sweet… you write too well.
    Pls update asap

    1. Dude I luved their sweet and cute confessions……and ya eagerly waiting for the jungle parts and I wanna ask tht did they fall in love after approaching to Delhi…..I mean when will they confess about love…
      apart #desperately waiting for the next one#post it asap#tc

      1. Vrushy

        Thank you cookie 🙂
        Glad that you liked it.
        Love confession coming up soon !!

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      Thank you Misspoetess 🙂
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  3. AnikaSaini

    It was very cute Nd lovely confession
    Loved it
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    Post next asap

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  4. Ekta23

    Indeed it was the cutest thing possible ….I loved it ….My favourite chapter till date …. Thank u much for this I luv u ?

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      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

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    Cute part
    Can’t wait for next

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  6. awesomeeeeee vryshyyyy loved the chap
    confession of them about what they think about each other was this intense then What about the love confession omggg that would be Even more awesomeeeeee eagerlyyyyy waiting for the nxt chapter jungle romanceeeeee coming upp the one thing I loved kartik in this ff is he never forced naira on anything and he has given her freedom to live ………..

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  7. It’s wonderful confession……. loved it…. I enjoyed it…..

    1. Vrushy

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  8. Love their cutest moments together.. eagerly waiting for the next update.. post it soon..

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  9. Loved it vrushy!!!
    And honestly speaking it was better than a love confession!!!
    I love the way kartik makes her listen to him !!
    Eagerly waiting for the next

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
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  10. yea it’s not love confession…but it’s cute one….love it to the core…..very well written…..update next soon…can’t wait to read

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  11. pure soul…
    very well written

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  12. Sometimes a confession doesn’t just have to be a simple “I love you” it can also be what you did; indirect love confession and I enjoy reading pieces like this. I loved the fact that Naira keeps on saying that we are going to die but she knows she isn’t. I guess it’s just a Naira thing.
    Over all, I loved the way portrayed the confession. It was nice. Keep writing and Post the next chapter soon.
    PS: Can’t wait for the Delhi Chapter…

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it !!

  13. amazing vrushy……..
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  14. Firstly….I loved this episode….And secondly….I want to know which are those two favorite novels of yours..That you were telling about ..that it is loosely based on..?ik yoh can’t reveal it now….but please do tell me the names after you finish the chapters…..I’ll be waiting!! 🙂 🙂

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      Thank you 🙂
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      Will surely tell you the names when this FF finishes !!

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