Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 45 )

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Chapter 45
The Wifey !!

Naira tried to move her arms to stretch them but she couldn’t. She frowned in her sleep. She was surrounded by a delicious warmth, and her body was reluctant to let it go. She tried to roll away and the warmth too followed in her stirring. She sagged completely but her body froze again.

She was held in an embrace. She felt two bands of strong arms around her middle. Her back was pressed and plastered to a front. She turned stone when she felt a warm breath hit the left side of her neck.

She nudged hard with her elbow clumsily into the hard surface and heard to her relief a familiar sounding gravelly grunt. It was him. Her Husband !!

“If this is how you are planning to wake me up every morning, then I hardly want to share a bed with you from now on.” Karthik hissed in her ear.

She burned heavily where his hot breath hit the side of her neck. She turned her head and was countered to look into his sleep deprived face. He smiled lightly and adjusted her head on his shoulder a little to look down into her face completely.

He stared at her for quite a while thinking about something deeply. Naira kept quite to avoid disturbing his thinking process. She just looked into his eyes while he stared at her.

After some time, he let go off her and got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. That made Naira to straighten suddenly in sharp alertness.

“Where are you going ?!!” She asked.

“To shower.” He replied in a flat voice.

She stared back sharply.

“You have your own bathroom, don’t you ?!!” Naira asked annoyed.

His shoulders bunched and he kept staring at her for a while like that. Naira looked back flatly. Suddenly the look of anger vanished and his gaze became lazy and heated. Naira stirred uncomfortably again.

“What ?!!” She asked cautiously.

He walked slowly in a saunter.

“Why not save us both the trouble and time.” Karthik said in a low drawl.

Naira turned her head while he came around her side of the bed.

“How ?!!” She asked frowning.

He drew closer and Naira stared up into his dancing eyes. What was he so amused at now.

“Let’s take a shower together.” Karthik said, leaning over Naira.

Naira’s eyes widened and she blushed a darker red. She drew back on the bed to escape.

“You can use my bathroom.” She retreated hastily, giving up and done fighting with him.

He chuckled darkly. Before she could even try to force herself out of the room, she was jerked back by her body in shock when he came around her so fast. She gulped hard looking up into his eyes.

“Where do you think you’re going ?!!” Karthik asked her softly .

“Out of the room.” She said.

She should beat herself again for sounding affected.

His eyes flashed and glinted. He walked her back slowly. His eyes looked at the distance between their bodies that she seem to try hard to maintain at least an air of gap. His lips quirked up in the corners wryly.

“Why, Is it only in the night that you have your arms wound so tightly around my body ?!! Is it one of your schemes, to draw me closer and me push me back. Teasing me ?!!” He asked her languidly.

He shook his head glancing down into her rounded hazel eyes. Both of his hands grabbed her waist as lightly as a feather. It made her take a sharp intake of breath though.

“Oh god, you’re such a shameless brute.” She groaned heavily, and pushed away from his body.

She turned around with heated cheeks. She was about to leave the room in a huff but not before she heard a deep burring of laughter again.

“I’ am shameless , but only when it comes to you.” He shouted good naturedly at her retreating back, teasing her again.

Naira muttered several more curses under her breath.

Two hours later, Karthik prowled around his room looking for his things.

He let out an irritated loud growl. Before he could shout anymore, he found Naira holding his watch and mobile phone in her hand. He stared back into her flat eyes surprised a little.

She seem to have showered too. Her long black hair was still a little damp. The locks fell around her shoulders in smooth silky strands. He frowned suddenly. He closed his eyes shaking his head thinking that he hadn’t informed her yet that they were leaving in the afternoon. Out of Udaipur. To Delhi !!

He moved to get his coat out of the wardrobe.

“Your coat.” Called her voice from his back calmly.

He turned to see her pointing her forefinger at the bed.

His jaw locked looking at his grey coat neatly spread and ironed without a crease on the bed. He shouldn’t be surprised though. From the past few days, he found his clothes ironed and hung neatly in the closet. Ties matched. Buttons stitched back. Shoes kept in order. His bed made always. His files in the study were suddenly well lined alphabetically.

The various missing accounts in his confidential office binders corrected and kept in order. She was very much attuned to his needs. It disturbed him that she worked studiously and very much enthusiastically like a work hungry employee of his office. She was a wife and his secretary all in one. He was accustomed to her bringing in tea at random times of the day. She constantly fussed over the things around his work in the study. Always chattering about the drawn curtains or the lunch she bought in, when he missed it while being busy with work.

If she wasn’t around much often and he does find her, he became restless and irritated the whole day. She was smothering him with too much attention to his every need and the compelling thing was, he very much did not mind it all. In fact, he welcomed it wholeheartedly.

He gave her a narrowed look. She didn’t seem to be affected by his cool indifference. She walked towards his bed and started to remove the wet towel that he threw on it. She stared at it scowling.

“Why do you want to set everything right ?!!” He asked her softly.

He liked to spar with her. It made every moment spent with her delightful and refreshing. He liked her companionship. She was his much needed solace. Only with her that he could be himself and relaxed.

“I don’t want you to growl like a bear each time you don’t find your things. It’s just so irritating. God knows how your how your employees bear you at such times of your testy temper.” She muttered, still arranging the sheets in order.

Naira really was annoyed when she found his room in a mess again.

He fell silent suddenly. She looked up from settling the bed sheet and to his face. He seem to have communicated the look at his eyes became suddenly serene.

“What is it ?!!” She asked.

“We are leaving for Delhi today.” He said in a quiet voice.

Naira blinked twice.

“Delhi ?!!” She asked in a blank note of a voice.

He sighed and moved towards the bed opposite to hers.

“Yes.” Karthik replied shortly.

“But why are we leaving for Delhi ?!!” Naira asked.

“Because that is where home is.” Karthik answered.

“Aren’t we already home ?!!” She asked again.

“This. Was only a month long stay which I had extended for a time more than necessary. My main office is there and I’m finding it rather difficult to put out the orders every day from here. Surely you must understand.”He explained to her.

Naira felt a sudden thrill at his need to explain her, the situation he was stuck in. She was surprised he was even sharing with her, his problems.

But how can she suddenly leave the place where she was born and bought up and follow him to an unknown place. Which wasn’t exactly her home and which would only be a place for her to stay for till the time the land was in his possession. Wouldn’t she come to love it eventually if she stayed and embraced the new place and would it not break her heart to leave it forever finally. All these thoughts suddenly made her nauseous. What about mumma ?!!!

“I do understand, But…” She trailed off.

He looked down at her nervous hands and then into her worried filled eyes.

“But ?!!” He insisted softly for her to go on.

“But, what if I say, I wouldn’t come along with you and stay back here.” She said finally in a firm tone.

His amusement filled eyes turned cold suddenly. He stepped back from her as if burned. His expression became more somber and serious. His stare all over her face as if trying to understand why was she letting go off him.

“Have you forgotten about our arrangement ?!!” He asked her.

Her mood turned bitter thinking about the contract they had got into together. The pact was forever there. She could do nothing about it. Except it made her feel immensely cold from inside suddenly. Her eyes stung with the effort to cover the hurt she just felt, at his harsh reminder. He had affectively put her in place with that.

“How can I forget that.” She replied in a low tone, letting her hands fall to the sides and moving back too.

His eyes narrowed at her resigned gesture.

“Good. I hope you never will.” He muttered back in a hard voice, and walked past her.

Naira stared at the empty space.

Precap : The s*xy Naira !!
So she has adjusted herself in his life. She likes doing things for him and he loves it when she does anything for him. So in the next Chapter they would be leaving to Delhi. Bye Bye Udaipur.

Spoiler : The Journey from Udaipur to Delhi won’t be pleasent. They would get stuck in a forest !! Jungle mei Mangal coming up in the next few Chapters.

Hope you all are liking the track. Is it too slow ?!! Don’t worry, realisation of love coming soon.

Ps : 45 th Chapter. Only 5 more to go for silver jubliee. Very much excited and happy.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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