Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 43 )

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Chapter 43
The Contract.

Naira stirred and abruptly her eyes flew open as the morning light spread through the windows and fell over her face. It woke her up from the deep slumber she was in. She jerked up suddenly and sat up bleary eyed.

She drew back the covers and slid her legs down on the floor. She padded her bare feet out of the room in search of her husband. They slept together but then where had he gone early in the morning ?!!

Naira made her way to the kitchen. She had an anticipatory feeling of finding him bent over the oven, or near the burner cooking something. She entered into the kitchen and found a completely different scenario. He was all dressed up, sharp and suited, as if he was ready for work.

He wasn’t facing her. Naira cleared her throat loudly.

His back straightened and he froze for a second but he went about his way, ignoring her again. She sighed, well, this isn’t any new. Fine then, she could be silent too. Her glance fell on the counter as she slid onto the bar stool. There was a plate full of scrambled eggs, fresh orange and apple fruit cuts, two toasted bread pieces and a cup of hot steaming coffee. Both of her eyebrows drew up surprised. There was another plate too, which had a few crumbs. He had his breakfast ?!! Without her ?!! But he made a plate for her ?!!

“You made breakfast for me ?!!” She chirped, smiling a little.

“I didn’t.” He said shortly.

The little smile that spread her lips just vanished at that. She raised a left eyebrow and drew her gaze down to the ample of breakfast.

“Then why is there an extra plate of food on the counter ?!! I see that you already had your breakfast. I don’t see anyone else that you just cooked for except me.” Naira said.

“Are you done ?!!” He gritted through clenched teeth. Oh no, she didn’t want to make him angry in the morning.

“Done. Completely. I don’t talk like this much usually. Except I’m afraid if you keep on making me nervous, I can’t possibly stop with it. ” She blurted out.

His face cleared with the black glower and a bemused look passed over his face looking down into her red blushing cheeks. Just plain awesome. Now he was laughing at her.

“I make you nervous ?!!” He quizzed her in an amused voice.

“Yes.” She blustered.

“Why ?!!” He asked again.

His eyes focused intently on her lips and Naira licked her lower lip uncomfortably again. She turned crimson and blushed pink because of his teasing eyes.

“You don’t talk to me like the way you should and you’re rude. It’s not the way you should speak to your wife.” She concluded.

He stared at her for quite a heated moment.

“Are you ?!!” He asked her.

Naira stared back confused.

“What ?!!” She asked in a low voice.

“My wife ?!!” He asked.

Naira straightened feeling an abrupt change in the air around. It became tensed and strained. Why was he asking her that again ?!! Something in his eyes told her he wasn’t just asking her a casual cool question as he presented it to be. Why was he asking her now, when he had married her without her consent ?!!

Before she could open her mouth, he moved and stood closer to her now.

“I have to talk to you about something. Eat your breakfast and meet me in the living room.” He clipped into her face, moved back and pushed past her.

Naira turned around as he walked out of the kitchen.

What was he talking about ?!! It sounded like serious stuff. Now what happened ?!! She worried anew.

Her eyes slid down to the breakfast plate which had turned cold now.

She brushed it off and took hold of the coffee. She needed the caffeine now. Naira put down the empty cup, feeling kind of rejuvenated and treaded her way towards the living room.

She walked slowly and reached the hall. He was sitting on the large sofa chair.

“Come here.” He ordered.

Naira drew forward and reached across. Her eyes sliding from the papers kept on the table in front of him and to his face.

“Sit.” Karthik ordered her again.

Naira meekly complied. She sat across the chair identical to the one he was settled in. What was this now ?!! He bent forward and slid a paper closer to her hand.

“Sign this.” He said again shortly.

Naira felt her heart stutter as she held his gaze and slid it down to the paper. She lifted it up and narrowed her eyes. It seemed like a legal document. Property transfer from the current owner to the new one. Her eyes focused on the words. Her gaze jumped down to the lines at the bottom of the page.

I hereby declare the land in acquiring to Karthik Goenka !!

“What is this ?!!” She asked abruptly.

“Do you recognise it ?!!” He asked her instead.

She did. Once upon a time when she was really young, her father had transferred a particular piece of land under her name as an investment. The question is, why was she holding a legal document which says that she is about to transfer the land to Karthik Goenka ?!! Her husband ?!!

Understanding seem to dawn into her mind.

“You just have to sign it.” Karthik started , but Naira concluded it with her own slow words.

“To make it yours.” She looked up into his eyes while saying it.

She stared down at the document. She had always thought about it. Why would he preposition her father to marry her ?!! What would be the reason behind it ?!! Why had he been constantly persistent ?!! Why he forcefully married her ?!! He could have any girl ever ready at his doorsteps to get married to, but there was a reason right, she thought. And the reason was this.

“You don’t have to look so sad. This is still another document. It will certainly flare your interest.” He flung the words at her.

Whatever he would bring up now, nothing could compensate the immense pain that started to circulate around her body. Each time she thought he was different, and not the type of how her father was, he was making it all prove wrong. With all these business propositions he was reminding constantly that what they had or what she thought it was between which was something new and delicate, is not exactly true. And it was just a too dreamy a fantasy of her mind.

He slid the other document beside to the previous one. She kept staring at it for a long while.

“Marraige contract ?!!” She whispered the words, feeling drained out.

“Yes. You would have a place to practice your dance or whatever that is there, in a work shop. It’s assigned to you. You can fulfill whatever dreams you had. But then you would have to stay with me as my wife till the land is under my possession” He said.

Naira could only stare at him. What about their marriage ?!! She had already dissolved that dream. He was deliberately pushing her away, wasn’t he. He didn’t want to be chained with her. She was nothing but a past in his life. How did she think otherwise that he would want anything to do with her. He was rich. He was fascinating. He was everything that a woman can dream of.

“You don’t have to worry about your father, if that’s the reason you don’t want to sign the papers. He isn’t going to be a problem to you. I wouldn’t let it happen. Even if you decide to leave that is, you’ll have my promise. He is never going to even catch your shadow.” He concluded his offer.

Naira blinked once and then twice. She wasn’t thinking about her father at all right now. She was thinking about how easy he was making her life and future. Of how he was frantic to wash his hands off her. Forever. As so that, she wouldn’t be a problem in his life. Of how, he wanted neat and clean break up. Of how, there shouldn’t be an ex wife knocking at his doorsteps in the future. She blinked again looking down at the documents.

“Maybe, you need time for this. I will come back in the evening. I hope you will make a decision by then.” He said , and slid out of the chair.

Naira drew her eyes to his face. Karthik was about to turn around. Her almost watering red eyes drew back to the papers once again. If he wanted this, then, she couldn’t deny him.

“You don’t have to wait that long.” She whispered suddenly.

Karthik drew up tight suddenly. He had been relieved a second ago, thinking that she wouldn’t sign it. He slid his head to the left side, and he turned around slowly.

“I’m ready to sign the papers right away.” She mumbled in a reply.

But before she could go through with it, she needed to understand what was the worth of that land, so much so that, he went on a long procedure of propositioning her father ?!!! She was intelligent enough to get it because he had wanted this land. Yes, it mattered so much to him. Too much. Maybe he had immense profit from it or it may be of something else . Whatever it was, he had laid out a careful plan.

“You sure ?!!” He asked her.

What else is there now to not be sure of. Everything was clear. She was made fool in all this. A victim of constant betrayal.

“Yes.” She replied. He turned completely towards her and slid down on the chair again.

She grabbed hold of the pen and moved forward and bent closer to the papers. She felt a tear slid down from her left eye but she hurriedly bent her head to shield her face from his eyes.

Karthik stared down as her thick black long locks slid down in waves when she bent her head to sign the papers. His eyes narrowed as her slender hand shook over the paper.

But he couldn’t stop her from making the decision. He had made a mistake due to his fierce anger. Now, he had to set it right. No matter what it could cost him. Karthik saw the only hope of her choice, fade away as she abruptly yet firmly signed the papers carefully one after the other. Karthik closed his eyes in a tight shut.

“Is that all ?!!” She asked in a low sweet voice again.

“That’s all.” He muttered in a hard voice and turned around.

“Wait !!” Her voice raised in a panic.

He stilled instantly and turned towards her.

“What is the land worth to you ?!!” She blurted out the question that clawed her since she went through the document.

She needed to know with a desperate urgency. It surprised her how it became so important suddenly to know about his life.

“None of your concern.” He clipped.

He seem to wait for her to protest but she didn’t utter a word. She felt her eyes mist over suddenly in a sting. He froze looking at the tears forming in her eyes, but she willed them not to flow down her eyes. She was strong, she told herself.

Karthik felt like a complete jerk now.

“What are the tears for now ?!!” He glowered up in irritation.

“That’s none of your concern.” She shot back.

He turned around and finally walked away after gathering the documents, leaving her in a mess of gloomy thoughts. He looked displeased as hell. Why is that ?!! She thought sadly. He got what he wanted, didn’t he. She winced as the front door banged as he left the mansion.

Precap : Strawberries !!
I know many of you wouldn’t be happy with this Chapter. But then it was necessary for Naira to know why did Karthik actually marry her. On the other hand Karthik doesn’t want to let go off her but then he is so guilty of what he did that he wants to give her a fair chance at living her dream.

No seperation as yet, they would be living together till the land is under Karthik’s possession. And when kaira are under one roof, then dhamakas are supposed to happen.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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