Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 41 )

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Chapter 41
Because he is her dream catcher !!

Naira stirred and suddenly she knifed straight up on the bed frantically trying to get out of the nightmare that she was in. It was frightening. It was choking her to death. Two large hands caught her throat and were choking her. Strangulating her. She was cold. So cold. She felt like a dead body.

She struggled to get out of the bed but she was held tight. She flailed her arms in a crazy effort to be free, but she couldn’t. She was sweating.

“What’s wrong with you ?!!”She heard his voice.

She got out of the nightmare in a hard pull. She blinked rapidly and her sleepy strained eyes caught the sight of his body under her own flailing one.

“You’re here !!”She cried and held onto to his neck.

She was now on top of his body and all over strangulating his breath, but she couldn’t let go of his strength and his hard warm body.

She stopped moving completely. Her body went straight and she saw that both of her legs were around his waist. Her cheeks burned and reddened. In a quick snap her eyes caught his. His eyes were sleepy. She got off his body in a jump and low squeak.

“What are you doing in my bed ?!!”She raised her voice, trying to cover up the blush spreading in a blooming pink all over her body. She scrambled to the far side of the bed scowling at his face.

He grinned suddenly and caught her wrist, her eyes widened when he pulled her body towards his.

“That’s not what I heard when you were clutching my body in a desperate grip.”He mocked her.

She only glowered back, and pushed at his arms which surrounded her shoulders like iron bands.

“Why are you blushing so much babe ?!!”He slid his left hand thumb finger over her heated cheek in a caress. Her cheeks warmed up more and he chuckled lightly.

She got off the bed. He caught her hand lightly while still lying on the bed. He had a frown drawing up his brows in a strain.

“Where are you going ?!! Come back to bed.”He said sleepily.

Naira’s mind abruptly thronged with the terrible feel of the nightmare still clutching her neck. The same nightmare she got while staying at her parents house. She gulped hard, she always used to get it usually while trying to sleep. It had been a long it came tonight and she knew why. Her right cheek burned with a sharp stinging pain of her father’s harsh hand print.

“I’m not going to sleep tonight.”She said hastily in a panic.

He looked back into her eyes leisurely. His eyebrows sharp and defined cleared and straightened up on the bed.

“Nightmare ?!!” He asked.

“Yes.”She replied evasively.

He tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes, holding her hand now more firmly.

“What about ?!!”He insisted in a curious voice.

Naira looked down into his eyes and she hesitated. His eyes locked completely with hers and he seem to understand. She stood there like that with her hand in his. He nodded his head and she felt relieved that he didn’t insist on with the questions.

Naira let go of his hand, and Naira turned around. She heard a rustling and he seem to get out of bed. In a second his hand circled around her waist. Naira craned her neck up and looked to the side into his eyes.

“Where are you going ?!!”She asked quizzically.

“Where are you going ?!!” He counter questioned her, ignoring her.

Naira stared back flatly.

“Out.” She said.

Karthik said nothing. He just grabbed two jackets, one for him and the other one for her. He walked out of the room and into the hall. She seem to follow.

He opened the door of the house and a gush of frigid air hit her face . Naira gasped and moved closer and deeper into his side.

“It’s cold.”She whispered as white puff of air escaped her lips while talking.

He just placed his hand around her back and pushed her body into his warmth more in response. Both of them walked out in the open and outside down to the porch. He suddenly moved away and Naira shivered as abrupt cold spread around her skin. She frowned when he walked to the garage.

“I don’t want to get in the car.” Naira stopped him in a shout.

He froze and turned around instantly. He looked tired and irritated.

“What do you want to do then ?!!”He asked softly.

Naira grinned at his helplessness. That’s good. Nice punishment for marrying her forcefully. He shouldn’t have done that, now see, poor him, he looked already half dead.

“I want to walk.”She replied still grinning widely.

He started at her as if she was crazed and looked around at the mist.

“Fine, but I will not be responsible if you freeze to death in this cold.”He growled low and slid his hands in the coat pockets.

He kept walking. Naira jumped and ran after his longer steps. She reached towards his side and locked her hands around his right bicep. It flexed in response as he looked down at her while walking. Naira burrowed more into his warmth. She smiled up into his face and he gazed down at her lips unblinkingly.

They kept walking on the road in comfortable silence.

“Are you done now ?!!”He asked finally.

Naira paid no heed to his question. She walked faster and fluttered like a colorful butterfly.

Karthik sighed in exasperation. How did he ever dream of having a kid with her. She herself was one small baby. Well she behaved like one.

He followed her trial and walked up to the tree where a wooden bench was dug into the moist ground. If this goes on, her not sleeping in the night at all, it was going to be a living hell from now on. If he knew she was this wired, he wouldn’t have married her.

His eyes turned cold and he grabbed her waist. She squealed but he made her stay put in his lap while he sat down on the bench. Naira gasped. She tried to move off his lap but he held her there more firmly.

“What the hell are you doing ?!!”She spluttered.

His right hand index finger slid over her lips.

“Shhh…”He whispered, settled more comfortably on the bench with his arms around her tightly, he closed his eyes. He drew his coat around her in a blanket.

She looked up into his face. She stared and stared for more than two minutes as his breath turned slow and evened out falling warm on her face. He was falling asleep.

How can he fall asleep, she sighed and sagged back into his chest. She listened to the calm beat of his heart under his chest. His heat was spreading across all over inside her bones. Naira closed her eyes and drew her legs closer. He sighed and burrowed her deeper unconsciously into his body. Her eyebrows strained suddenly as she felt the moment freeze in her memory.

A lone tear followed by another, the salt drops rolled down her cheek and wetted his t-shirt over his chest. A silent sob escaped her lips and she felt him stiffen immediately. He pushed up her chin in the view of his eyes. His eyes sleepy yet alert.

Naira just shook her head and sniffed a little. His mood became grave at her non-committal nod of head. What would it take for her to talk ?!! She still behaved as if he was a stranger, that she couldn’t trust him with anything. That he did not like.

Naira froze suddenly when his hand surrounded her waist and he pulled her up onto his chest. Her breath got caught as his lips softly grazed on her right cheek where it throbbed. She turned stone when he kissed her there like feather touch on her skin again and again. His hand tightened on her waist and squeezed hard. She felt an anxiety suddenly remembering the slap. She stiffened feeling different things altogether.

“This is the reason of your nightmare, right ?!!”He murmured in a very husky tone.

She gulped hard. He abruptly put his forehead on her burning one. His eyes heated and warm caught hers. Both of his hands cupped her cheeks.

“Nobody is going to hurt you again. I promise.”He whispered fiercely and very intently.

Naira took the sweet painful promise in and her heart thudded in response to his touch. Her eyes watered and her lips turned up a little in a smile.

Precap: Cuddling.
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  1. Wow… it was sooooo cool….n kaira scenes were sooooo cute…n loved kartiks concern and care for Naira….n keep it up…..n plz plz keep posting and post asap….n take care of your leg and also take care and keep posting asap

  2. Wow… it was sooooo cool….n kaira scenes were sooooo cute…n loved kartiks concern and care for Naira….n keep it up…..n plz plz keep posting and post asap….so i will read next chptr tommorow……n after reading ur ff i daily get moreexcited for next chptrs n love them….n take care of your leg and also take care and keep posting asap…

    1. Vrushy

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  3. Ekta23

    It was too good …The way you potray romance it’s just magical
    Honestly speaking please don’t feel bad I tried alot of times to write this way but couldn’t ??
    Anyways I loved it

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  7. Ayesha24

    Its awesome Vrushy!! I am loving their bond.. Though she doesn’t share her problem with him he seems to be concerned to find out himself and solving it.. I am loving his concern… and loving this ff more and more.. Excited for next part after the precap.. Hope their bond grow stronger and love realization start soon.. Take care!!

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    Another beautiful chapter! Love the care kartik has and trust she has! Waiting for realisation!

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