Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 24 )

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Chapter 24
The fight !!

“Always have the habit of creating a scene, don’t you.” Karthik glared down at her.

Naira couldn’t do anything but stare open mouth, but she closed it when he pulled at her hand and made her walk all the way to his office.

“Let’s get this over with once and for all.”He muttered down at her.

“But, I…”She started to say, but when he looked down at her, the very breath caught in her throat.

From the corner of her eye, Naira saw the receptionist stare at the two of them in a gape.

Naira struggled to get out of his strong hold on her right arm.

He pushed open the glass door and got her in his cabin.

Karthik got closer and closer and Naira moved back and stuttered to a stop when her legs hit the large table. She leaned away as he got closer.He put both of his hands on either side of the table and caged her to it.

“Why did you come here ?!!”He asked in a burning tone.

Naira blinked a little at the sharpness of his question.

“I was just passing by.”She said stuttering.

“You were just passing by ?!!” Karthik asked a little amusingly.

The tightness of his face softened a little. A smile turned the corner of his lips up a little.

“Yeah, I was just driving around and…” Naira started to say again, but he cut her off before she could speak any further.

“You were driving around and found your way to my office ?!! Like an hour drive from your house ?!!”He asked.

“I didn’t drive to your office. I was going to my father’s office. It’s just an hour from here.” Naira said ever nonchalantly, tilting her chin in the air.

“Your father isn’t there in his office. He is out of station, and if you were really going there then, why did you stop here ?!!” Karthik asked again.

Damn, he was good.
How did he know about that ?!!

She sighed, and narrowed her eyes looking up into his eyes. Fine then.

“I’m here to apologize for what happened last night.” Naira said flatly and honestly.

He pushed away from her and folded his hands over his chest.

“What happened last night ?!!”He asked in a cool tone, and his behavior looked like he had forgotten about it.

“I didn’t mean to take your car and..”She started to explain, but he cut her off with the whip of his left hand in the air.

He was wearing white shirt, and a half blazer with a white and grey plated tie and pants. He looked like a cut out hard core businessman.

“You driving around here for that wasn’t necessary.”He said in a cold voice and moved towards the table, and started sorting out papers.

“Why do I feel that you are taking this marriage thing as a serious one ?!!”He said in a dark tone.

Naira’s body went cold at that, and a burn of humiliation covered her skin.

He walked towards her carrying a document in his hand.

“You know what this is ?!!”He asked.

Naira gulped hard, her eyes brimming up a little looking at the paper.

“This is a piece of paper in which your father signed you off to me.”He continued in that terrible tone.

Naira staggered a little. A lone tear escaped her eyes at his sharp stinging of words, but nothing of her pride hurt her, as it was already tarnished by her father. She walked around him and ripped the paper from his hand, and tore it into pieces.

His eyes narrowed at that and looked into her eyes in a cool sharpness.

“I’m not going to be a part of this. I already had made it clear. You’re the one playing around this piece of paper and taunting it in my face time and again.”She said fiercely.

She tore the paper into more of the pieces.

Naira looked up, narrowed her swimming red eyes and rearranged her burning features into a wall of unhurt and threw the pieces into his arrogant face.

“I hope this will silence all your doubts about me wanting your attention and taking this marraige seriously.” She flung the words in the same tone of the disgust as he used at her, and turned around to leave.

Before she could turn around completely, he whipped her around and pushed her against the wall, grabbing and locking both of her hands beside her head.

His face looked angry. Naira’s breath stuttered. His vanilla breath fell on her lips as he whispered out more sharp words.

“What did I tell you, babe.That you aren’t the one holding the wires of control here but me. You are already my possession.”He smiled a little, and Naira struggled more to free herself.

“Do you want me to call your father right away and say that you’re here to break his agreement.I could explain your situation.” Karthik went on again playing at her emotions.

Naira’s heart failed at that and her features twisted into an extreme fright.

Instantly the broken and beaten body of her mother came into her mind. No !! Dad would kill her. He would pour out all the anger and god knows what he’ll do if such a thing happens.

“No !! No !! Please don’t do that. You don’t know what will happen if you do that !!”She cried out loudly in panic.

Karthik’s back went erect,his form froze and he turned around with face all curious, catching the pain and fear in her tone.

“What will happen ?!!”He asked in an abrupt tone of softness.

Naira just stared back into his dark brown enquiring eyes and questioned herself. Would he be an extreme heartless to do that to her ?!! What about when he let down his guard and turned his actual self to her ?!! Was it all a play ?!! Play to make good with her ?!!

How did she ever fall into his play ?!! Naira cursed herself for that,and now he must be laughing at her, thinking that how did she ever saw herself as his equal. Naira felt so small now.

“You don’t deserve an answer to that. You are nothing to me.”She tilted her chin up in the air, and said the words as coldly as possible.

He just stared back at her, trying to see through into her words.

“What is it that will happen ?!!” He asked softy, yet cautiously again.

His left hand slid down and moved around her waist pulling her closer.She moved back, but he held her still in his arms.

“As I said before, you don’t deserve an answer to that.”She said looking down at the floor.

His body seem to turn stone at her reluctance.

“Fine. Be that way,”He said in an impatient tone and pushed her away.

She staggered a little but held her ground firm in only a second of steadying herself.

Naira walked across to the chair and got her purse, all the while keeping her eyes away from his, but she got out the tiffin from her bag and walked towards him.

“Enjoy your victory with this, but know this,I’m never going to let go of my dreams just like that. You can use your fury or hell or hath, nothing could unsteady my will.”She flung the words chastely and threw the tiffin at his chest.

He held the box in his right hand and leaned his body back on the table.

“Just remember one thing, I protect what is mine.”He said shortly and very casually, but the words did not fail to provide it’s profound effect.

Naira stared as her heart skipped a beat at his deep burning tone.

“I’m not yours.”She said flatly.

“You became mine the first time I saw you.”He declared, even more calmly than before.

Naira’s face coloured up and her temper knew no bounds now. She was equally frustrated as well.

“I hate you.” Naira said.

“And I’m glad that we are on the same page.” Karthik said flatly.

Precap : The misunderstanding !!
I know many of you would not be happy with the way things are turning out to be. But, its necessary for the story.

Spoiler : Wedding coming up in 27th Chapter.

Also thank you for all your comment. They really brought a smile on my face. I was discharged from hospital yesterday evening and now I am home. But would be on bed rest for about a week. So lots more fast and long updates coming your way only if all of you keep on commenting.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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