Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 20 )

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Chapter 20
He has abondened her..

It was not the shock of the accident that rattled Naira’s nerves, it was Karthik’s behaviour after it that made the cold spread to her core.

Fifteen minutes after walking,the woods cleared and the main road appeared. Naira’s pace slowed down.Just then, His car came rushing and stopped right where they stood. Thank god.

Karthik got into the back of it, without even looking around at her, Naira moved fast. Her hand clamped on the car handle and she moved it to get in, but it didn’t budge. She frowned and pulled a little, because it seemed like it got stuck.

She blinked hard and moved back a little, her breath getting stuck in the back of her throat, a little of understanding crept into her skin. She hesitated and her eyes reluctantly went to the glass.

He sat in the middle of the cushioned seat in a cut out manner. His left hand lay sprawled on the back of it, as he leaned back. He was staring back at her. Really looking back at her. Her blood froze when he pierced her with one look.


The car jerked to a start.

Naira kept her gaze still stuck to his blanked out eyes, unable to believe that he wasn’t letting her in still. The car moved slowly and she panicked like hell now. No no, he wouldn’t leave her here now, would he ?!!

But as his face disappeared along with the zoom of the car, Naira kept staring at the empty space. A heavy breath escaped her lips in disbilief. She saw the car ripping on the road in a speeding charge leaving only dust in its wake. Her left hand went up over her mouth staring after it.

What ?!! Her hand from her mouth went over her forehead and she moved around in a circle still in a trance.

He left her all alone and cold in the unsafest of place just like that ?!! What happened just now ?!!

Stupid fool that she was, she shouldn’t have taken his car out of the garage and drove it off the mansion, and this all wouldn’t have happened. The rustling of leaves jerked her around. She peered into the black woods in fear.

Naira determined her will. He wouldn’t leave her here like that. He will come back to get her. She kept her eyes glued to the road, waiting and waiting. She shivered feeling the extreme cold of the night.

Still he didn’t come. Nothing but empty concrete flat surface stretched. Not any other vehicle came to her rescue. At least, she thought she could get a lift.

Shivering attacked her body and the cold permeated into her bones. She sat down on a large stone beside the road wrapping the thin Sari end around herself more.

Finally a long black shiny car moved along towards her. He came, her mind cried out and rush of joy spread all over her and warmed a little of her body as she stood up hurriedly and stumbled.

It came and abruptly halted right before her. Naira, through the dim light of the car looked in the back of the seat and the slow smile from her lips wiped away looking at only emptiness.

She looked at the front seat and saw a tall and broad black suited man have his hands on the steering wheel.

Naira stood staring unsurely.

“Get in, mam.” The man said.

“Where is he ?!!” She asked in a very small voice.

She already knew the answer of it, but still there was hope that the man would say otherwise.

Naira only got silence. She stared at herself in the car window. She was surprised to see her face controted in extreme pain.

“It’s getting colder. You need to get in.” The man said again.

Naira nodded her head and got in.

Immediately she sagged down on the seat in relief as her legs gave out on her. A clear warmth surrounded now as the car heated up inside.

“He doesn’t know you came here, does he ?!! He didn’t send you ?!!” She asked again.

A complete silence surronded for a while, but she finally got the answer.

“No.” The man said.

Naira felt a deep rush of warmth hit her eyes. A hot lone tear escaped her left eye and travelled down her cool cheeks.

He abandoned her. Gave up on her. He gave her a look filled with such blistering ice that Naira felt like looking at her own father, that scared the day lights out of her.

Half an hour later,the car stopped at her house. Naira got out. She hesitated and bent down to the car window.

“What is your name ?!!” She asked the man behind the wheel.

“Swayam.” He replied.

Naira smiled a little.

“Thank you,Swayam, very much.” She said very softly.

“I’m not going to say anything about this, you know.” She reassured him, understanding already that Swayam went against his boss’s order. If she said anything about it, he for sure would lose his job.

A thankful look came into Swayam’s eyes.

He turned to the front and started the car. A second later it zapped away on the road and disappeared into the night.

Precap : She calls him….
Ohkay, so I know this was a short one. But then I could only manage this much sitting in the depressed atmosphere of hospital.

I have read all your comments on the previous Chapter but couldn’t reply due to less time span. Will surely reply when I get free from all this mess. Thank your for your comments, love and good wishes. Love you all a lott.

Spoiler : Wedding coming real soon. In the next 3-4 Chapters.

Also Karthik is behaving this way as he belives that Naira was hurt because of him. He thinks that if he loves her and gets close to her she would die just like his mom and dad.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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