Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 16 )

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Chapter 16
The night stay.

He moved back after muttering those scandalous words into her ears,and sauntered away. Dazed, Naira set the Saree right taking in a minute, and trailed after him. He again slid on the Sofa chair, and pointed his eyes for her to take a seat opposite to him.

She ignored the look with a shrug.

“I’m going home.” She declared in the silence.

He leaned front, took hold of the newspaper and leaned back.

“Your parents aren’t home.”He stated,his voice all practical now.

Naira blinked, how did he know that ?!!

He folded the newspaper. His eyes still on it rather than on her.

“You stay here for the night.”He decided in a drawly tone.

What ?!! Come again ?!! Since when did he take over her decisions. She gaped now at his too cool attitude.

“You must be crazy.”She whispered, shaking her head a little.

His head jerked up and his eyes narrowed at her tone, but he stayed silent and went back to his newspaper.

Naira folded her hands under her chest. So, it was like that. He would order around and expect her to agree in meek silence. That wasn’t going to happen. If he was expecting her to live like that ?!! Well, then he was in for a whole lot of a painful ride in this so called marriage journey.

“I’m leaving.”She declared more firmly than before now.

“Feel free.”He muttered.

I will, Naira thought, tilting her chin in the air, and turned around. She walked all the way out of the hall, and reached to the front door. She turned the gleaming steel handle, but it didn’t budge. Naira jerked it hard with both of her hands now.Still it didn’t turn. She frowned. Was it locked from outside ?!! But how ?!!

Her frowning eyes, strayed to the side and her forehead cleared. A rectangular security code box of an electronic device was carved in the wall. Naira moved towards it. Now what ?!!

Well, it doesn’t hurt to try, she thought. Her fingers moved over the numbers. After a while of thinking, she shook off the uncertain thoughts from her mind and punched in a random four number on the red lit keys. It started buzzing.

“Wrong Code number.”A robotic tone of a male voice made her jump.

Two more tries, it showed on the narrow screen.

She moved her fingers over it and punched in a number again. The same thing happened. Naira scowled at the rejecting robotic tone. If Karthik was a robot, then he would be this idiot of a box.

She determined her will and tried again. This time the robotic voice didn’t sat anything but a loud siren started ringing. The noise almost deafened Naira’s ears. It rang for almost 2 mins and then there was complete silence.

Naira heard lazy heard foot step sound coming from the hallway. She turned. He was standing there, his hands in the track pant pockets, he moved forward.

“Help me with the code.”She ordered, rather than pleaded.

“Sure.”He whispered.

Naira stared at him slack jawed. He would help her ?!! That easily ?!! No catch and nothing ?!! Her eyes searched his face and eyes, but except an empty stare all around her face, she got nothing.

He moved past her and Naira followed finally relieved.

His hand reached the wall, and stayed up in the air unmoving. Naira blinked confused and her eyes travelled to his.

His eyes locked in on hers. The brown around his pupils swirled, shining playfully. His raised hand pulled back and moved closer to her. Naira stepped back. He got into her space, his head dipped down.

“I would help.But suddenly I don’t remember the password.”He whispered, his voice low ,as his breath hit her lips.

The sides of his lips quirked up. His body moved more closer and Naira’s back hit the wall. She flinched when the wall’s hard surface touched her skin.

His hands on either side of the wall, beside to her head slackened, and fell on her shoulders. Her back straightened, due to the warm touch.

Her breath stuttered,as his lips hovered lightly in a whisper on hers. Her body betrayed and started remembering there earlier kiss. His eyes gleamed now in understanding and anticipation. Naira’s head leaned back, as he loomed over her and locked up her body with his toned muscles.

Just as she thought he would kiss her, he moved away abruptly and her body reeled forward in a stagger. She blinked and her mind bewildered, on how much she had been leaning on him. Her eyes strained and stared at the empty space.

A frown appeared on her face looking at his disappearing back. The devil, he was playing with her again.

She moved her feet reluctantly.

He was again back in the chair. His lanky body in a lean back posture. What’s with the damn newspaper, she wondered. Was the newspaper more important than her ?!!

She marched forward and opened her mouth, but stopped and frowned when he raised the coffee cup and offered it to her.

“No thanks.”She said.

“Warm it up.”He said, his eyes still on the newspaper.

Her mouth opened a little. He wasn’t offering it to her ?!!

“What ?!!”She asked.

He sighed and looked up.

“Left corner of the hall, turn to the right. You’ll find the kitchen. Take this cup, empty the coffee in a container and put it on the burner.”He explained on in a slow drawl of words, as if explaining to a child.

Naira’s face burned bright red.

“I know how to warm up a coffee.”She intervened.

He stared at her with a deadpan expression, as he raised the cup towards her hand. Naira stared dumbfound, and she took hold of the cup a second later.

His head snapped back to paper. Naira waited, but he seem to dismiss her presence altogether.

She turned around and walked towards the direction of the said kitchen in rising frustrated anger.

Precap : The dinner and some fun.
Sorry for making you all wait for the whole day but then I just got free from my college.

So they would be spending the night together at his house. The next Chapter would be a fun one. Let’s see if Naira gives into his orders or she tries to do what she wants. What do you think, will the sherni stay back or do something to get out of the house ?!!

Have nothing more to say but will post another Chapter tonight or most probably tomorrow morning.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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