Kaira OS: Jab We Met

Kartik Goenka, a wealthy industrialist faces many problems in business and personal life. He seems really depressed and is going through a lot in his life . After attending his girlfriend’s wedding with someone else, he leaves his mobile, car and identities behind and walks away. He boards a departing train. He is not even aware where the train is headed to and just boards it. It is there where he bumps into Naira Singhania, an energetic, talkative, cute girl. He is so lost in his thoughts that he tries to jump off of the train but Naira reaches there on time and stops him from doing so.

N: Are u mad? Have u losted your senses? U were about to die!!!
K: It is better to die then living this hell like like. Btw why am I telling u? Who r u.
N: I am Naira, Naira Singhania. And instead of thanking me that I saved your life u r shouting.
K: Shut up and leave me!
He finds her irritating and shouts but eventually ends up offending her a little but she continues her chatter after he apologizes.

Kartik gets off the train and Naira follows him making her miss the train. Kartik reluctantly agrees to help Naira by driving a taxi at a stupendously fast speed to the next train station where the train was to stop next. However, Naira misses the train again and Kaira rent a room but is later raided by the police.

Kartik starts to feel good about life again and starts to have fun with Naira and also takes him to her home where her family is very thankful to Kartik. When Natik sees them both together, he thinks that they are a couple and that they are in love with each other. But no one seems to believe him. Kartik has fallen in love with Naira but is aware that Naira does not love him and instead loves Aditya. Naira decides to elope with Aditya as she was sure that her family wouldn’t agree for their marriage as their religions are different. When she escapes from her house along with Kartik, her family thinks that they both eloped. They go to Manali, where Aditya resides. Naira requests Kartik to come with her and meet Aditya, but he says that their journey together is over and bids her farewell, and the two part ways.
Nine months later, Kartik’s company announces the name of a new caller card as Naira on television which Naira’s family see. When Naira’s brother Naksh angrily meets Kartik he says Naira is not with him but somehow knows that she is fine but actually he does not know naira’s condition as he thought Naira would be happy with Aditya. He goes to meet Aditya and discovers that he had rejected Naira.

Kartik then goes to Manali where he is shocked to see Naira as a depressed and quiet schoolteacher, having lost her bubbly and energetic character. She was completely changed. She told Kartik how Aditya rejected her. He brings her back home to her relatives as promised to her uncle. He takes Aditya there too as his friend. Natik again says that they are a couple which is true as Kaira love each other but Naira thinks she loves Aditya. All the rituals are performed with kartik when they should be done with Aditya but the family does not know about Aditya.
Kartik chooses to leave as he still thinks Naira loves Aditya. After Kartik leaves the field where he, Naira and Aditya were, Aditya tells Naira that she needs to tell her family that she loves him. Upon hearing this, Naira realizes that she was unable to tell her mother about Aditya despite having an opportunity and cannot do so because she realises that she loves Kartik. She runs away from the field only to find Kartik with a kid of her family and kisses him showing that she has finally admitted that she loves Kartik. They get married with family’s agreement and have a daughter named as Kaira.

Hello guys…how was it? Hope so u liked it! I am sorry but no chapter today as I am posting OS. So plz comment and tell it is good or not as I have no experience of OS writing and tried it for the first time in my life. So plz tell. N yes don’t forget to watch SPA tonight at 8 pm. I am so excited for Star Parivaar Awards.
Kepp Smiling! Keep Reading! Keep Watching Yrkkh! KEEP WATCHING SPA!!! 

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Nice is it was just like jab we met but anyways pls post the next chapter soon eagerly waiting for it your story is really interesting

    1. Kairalover

      hi…thanks… i told u before that it is very much similar to Jab we met as i liked its plot and Kaira came in my mind so wrote it… n BTW i will post next chapter late night or tomorrow…. n yes i am sorry but i am not able to reply the comments on ff… because i try my best to post a chapter, so i am sorry, but yes i read all of them and they r very valuable… Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Fenil

    Give more OS

    1. Kairalover

      thanks alot… will try to write more… again thanks for reading 🙂

    2. Kairalover

      thanks a lot… will try to write more… again thanks for reading :)… also keep reading my ff KAIRA Yrkkh

  3. It is same like jab we met ..

    1. Kairalover

      thanks for ready… i already old at end of chapter of my ff that it will be same as the movies plot… BTW thanks once again and plz read my ff KAIRA yrkkh aswell and comment…:)

  4. Vedanshidwivedi

    Amazing soooooo good

    1. Kairalover

      thanks alot… n yes i am sorry but i am not able to reply the comments on ff… because i try my best to post a chapter, so i am sorry, but yes i read all of them and they r very valuable… Thanks for reading ?

  5. It is almost similar to jab we met but anyways i love kaira

  6. Vinni05

    NYC one

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